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The Next Generation, like Never--I Mean, Always Expected by VioletBlade
Chapter 2 : The Complicated Time Travel Chapter
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Disclaimer: VioletBlade & Co. are not responsible for any vomiting, dying, crying, or general insanity caused by the story below. That means, no lawsuits :)

Dear Validator who has to read this: I apologize profusely. Don't hate me.

Oh and everything belongs to the great JKR except stuff you don't recognize... not that I'd want to take credit for any of this...


"Scorpius, I’ve found this conveniently placed Time-Turner in which we can go back to the Marauder Era time and get confused about whom we’re supposed to love and then there ends up being a vicious plot in which everyone is somehow involved and nobody will know what to do!” Rose exclaims happily.

“That’s wonderful, darling!” Scorpius says, clearly still smitten with Rose.

“Come darling,” Rose says. “We should go meet at the daily Weasley get-together so we can show them what I’ve found. Perhaps they will even want to join us on an adventure! Wouldn’t that be awesome, Scorp-o? Can you imagine what it would be like for all sixteen of us to go back to our grandparents’ age?!” She claps her hands, jumping up and down, but then grips her stomach after she realizes she is in pain.

“Ouch, I almost forgot I was pregnant for a sec!” Rose says.

“Yeah, I know how you feel,” Scorpius says, not even realizing that as a male he in fact, cannot get pregnant nor feel any of the symptoms of being pregnant.

“Right, then, let’s go!” Rose says, pulling Scorpius along behind her.

Once they had made it downstairs to the Great Hall which had been reserved for their large gathering, Rose walks up a conveniently placed podium and begins to tell the others what she had found.

“Now,” she says, “I have a signup sheet.” She waves her wand and with another whoosh, a clipboard with sixteen lines appeared. She passed it to Scorpius and he passed it around.

“Oi! Red,” James says. Rose wrinkles her nose very cutely at this, never actually being not cute. She hates being called ‘Red’ with a fiery passion. “What can’t my hordes of girls come who worship at my feet daily? There aren’t any lines for them.”

Rose rolls her eyes in irritation. She can’t even keep track of the current girl James has made his ‘official’ girlfriend. Or was that one girl who challenged his long time girlfriend Cassiopeia and won James’ love back in Sixth Year? Rose still doesn’t know her name, because the girl is, in fact, very much, nameless.

“I thought you were keeping to that one bird now, eh James?” Rose says smugly.

“Oh please, my soul mate without a name knows that I am like a lion… I cannot be tamed!” James says with a huge grin.

“Whatever, Jamsie-poo! That will someday blow up in your face, but not in this story, unless in the Marauder era you decide to snog someone who would clearly be about seventy or older in our time,” Rose says.

They all sign up, one by one to go on the Time-Turner field trip and once they do, they form a huge circle in the middle of the Great Hall, all holding hands, and they close their eyes, waiting the Time-Turner to work its magic.


Each of the next generation kids open their eyes simultaneously and their jaws drop. They have landed in their grandparents’ era but everything seems unchanged within the Hogwarts walls except the god-awful hairstyles they had in the sixties.

Of course, however, Dominique and Victoire both set about changing that, taking each girl aside and giving them each advice about doing their hair much, much better. This will consume these two for the rest of the adventure, so we need not worry about them, never mind that they know that if they go into the past, they aren’t supposed to change it or they might wind up nonexistent.

James, Albus and Fred automatically pair up with the three Marauders (Peter doesn’t count) and they all go off to play a huge prank on the rest of Hogwarts. Teddy goes with them to spend some quality time with his father, whom he has never known because he died in the Second Wizarding World. (If I might interject here, as the author, that was probably one of the saddest moments in the entire HP series… except of course when Fred died, and when Harry and Ginny broke up. They were just such a destined couple! (Again, never mind that they had to have gotten back together or else Albus and James would not be around))
Rose immediately seeks out Lily Evans because of all the stories about her and drags Lily (II) whom she must now call Lily (II) to avoid confusion when interacting with the first Lily.

When they find her, Rose marches right up to her and says, “Lily Evans? Like OMG I have been a big fan of yours since like, I was born and could understand things my parents, like, told me! Tell me all about you!”

Lily Evans knows something is up with the appearance of this new girl. Hogwarts never gets transfer students, except for drop dead, super mega foxy OC’s who pop in from America or Beuxbaxons to date Sirius for a while until they realize he is just too much of a tortured soul to spend the rest of their lives with. However, this girl standing in front of her now would not steal Sirius, he didn’t go for redheads. No, James was the one who liked… finally, something clicked on in Lily’s brain.

“You’re here to steal James away from me!” Lily cries, barely avoiding smacking the doe-eyed Rose. “Well, it won’t work, he’s in love with me, and I, well, I HATE him, and nothing could ever come between that, you hear that you little hussy?”

“No no no no no no no no no! You misunderstand me, Lils! I’m not here to steal James… that’s gross, he’s like, my uncle’s dad… or whatever. I’m here to get tips from you, like, how you are such an amazing person when you save Uncle Harry from Voldemort!” Rose says, and then claps a hand over her mouth. She dances a little, eyes wide. “I wasn’t supposed to tell you that was I? Oh, please, please just forget I said anything, Lils!”

“Lalalalala, oh, are you finished dear?” Lily asks, and Rose looks at her.

“Did you hear anything I just said?” Rose asks, asking whatever deities that existed that she hadn’t.

“No, I was too busy tuning you out because I’m a bitch, and plotting your death because you’re trying to steal James from me… I mean, ahem, not that I care…” Lily says, scratching the back of her head guiltily.

“Eww! I’m, like, in love with Scorpius, my boyfriend. I’m, like, pregnant right now, and like, we’re going to get married soon after I have this baby,” Rose says. When she turns around however, she cannot find Scorpius anywhere. “OH. MY. GOD. Dominique, I am going to kill you with my bare hands if that’s what it takes. DO NOT fuck with a pregnant woman’s boyfriend!”

“By the way,” she whispers to Lily from the side, “Dominique’s my cousin. She’s been trying to steal Scorpius from me ever since I stole him from her and got pregnant with his baby. Oh, and she’s pregnant with his baby too, but Scorpius chose me.”

“Ohhhh,”Lily whispers back. “Gawd I hate home wreckers so much! You can see why I was so hostile towards you before, back when I thought you were trying to steal James from me… not that I, you know, care or anything.”

“I know. And I totally forgive you. We can be bestest friends now even though some sort of calamity will force me to go back to my rightful time or else risk the fate of the world!” (Is that enough foreshadowing for you?)

They set off, arm in arm, to teach that little wench a lesson or two about stealing boyfriends.

Finally, Rose finds Scorpius again, and he is cowering in a small, little unused corner of a Hogwarts broom cupboard.

He was also crying, big, fat, wet drops of water, the tears running down his face, but his shining silvery orbs of light never casting their dimness upon anyone. It was really what Rose loves most about him.

“My sweet, my love, my one desire!” Rose exclaims upon seeing him. Her heart breaks when she sees him crying. She thinks it’s incredibly romantic when a guy will cry, but her male cousins and brother are all too man to do that. She’s never seen James, Albus, Fred, or Hugo cry. Louis has, because he’s… erm, more emotional than the other Next Generation guys.

“Tell me what ails you!” Rose says.

“Well, my love, I ran into my great aunt, grandfather, and all their friends whilst roaming about the castle searching for you,” he begins, “and I saw how truly evil my family is! It’s horrible! I deserve every horrible word your father and family members have ever said to me because it’s all true. Coming from such a bad line as that, I’ve got to be a bad egg! There’s no way to escape that darkness!”

“You are only a bad egg if you want to be a bad egg, Scorpius,” Rose says surprisingly soulfully.

“I am just so lucky to have you, my Red Briar Rose,” Scorpius says.

“Oi! What about the other girl you knocked up over here?” Dominique shouts, clearly annoyed with the lovey dovey kissing scene.

Rose and Scorpius continue to kiss anyway, whilst Lily sighs deeply in the corner, thinking about how much she wished she could be Rose, and have James on the opposite of her. Not that she would ever admit this to anyone though!

Dominique huffs again, and then leaves. Lily follows after her, leaving Rose and Scorpius in the dark.

Lily thinks to herself that it has been precisely half an hour since she has checked on Marauders and if she doesn’t check on them soon, the entire school of Hogwarts is likely to blow up because of some sort of prank they planned that will have gone wrong.

When Lily finds the Marauder gang, they are indeed about to pull off the greatest prank Hogwarts has ever seen. She looks at their plan that they’ve conveniently left on the ground and reads it. She knits her eyebrows and her face begins to turn purple.

“You sodding bloody idiots!” she screams at them, and all seven of the boys (minus Peter since he doesn’t count) jump at least six feet in the air at the sound of a royally pissed off redhead. James and Albus, because it reminds them of their own mum, and Sirius, James, and Remus because they were so used to hearing her angry voice. Fred just jumped because he’s so used to being busted at Hogwarts for all his pranks. Peter, though he doesn’t exist, turns into a squeaking mouse as soon as he heard the Head Girl come into the room.

“You do realize you will blow up the entire school, don’t you?” Lily asks, her face still a deep crimson.

“So?” Sirius asks. He was more of the handsome part of the trio (since Peter doesn’t count) and not the brains of the operation because everybody loves a brainless hot guy anyway more than one with smarts.

Except of course, if you’re a sucker for nerdy, tortured guys, then you’re probably a Remus shipper.

“So!” Lily exclaims. “You have to stop this right now or I’ll take… one hundred points from Gryffindor for each of you!”

“You wouldn’t!” James gasps.

“I would!” Lily counters.

“Well, it’s not like that’ll affect us in the future or anything, so Albus, James (II), and I will just keep going with the plan,” Fred says.

Just then, Albus Dumbledore steps around the corner, and interjects wisely, “Actually, future Fred Weasley the Second, whatever happens in the past to you will happen in the future as well.” After giving his sage advice, he continues on his journey to wherever he was going in the first place.

“That’s pure bollucks! I can’t believe that if they take a hundred points away from Gryffindor for each of us involved, it will affect us in the future as well!” Fred says.

“Ha!” Lily smirks. “So, call it off.”

The boys begrudgingly comply and set off on their way.

“James, wait!” Lily says suddenly.

“Yes, my beautiful sweet smelling flower buttercup lilykins?” James responds.

“I have decided…” she starts heavily. “To give you a chance.”

James’ grin spreads all the way across his face and he begins to bounce up and down, unable to contain his excitement that the love of his life has finally come around.

“Lily! Nooooooo!” a voice from around the corner cries. Everyone whips their heads towards the source and finds Snivellus on his knees, hands clasped. “You cannot do this! We were always meant for each other!”

“You could never marry a ‘Mudblood’ Severus, I think it is time you accept that,” Lily says coolly.

With a sweep of his cloak he is gone, but before he disappears (quite like a bat) a faint whisper of, “I shall never forget you, my Lily” can be heard.

Lily wonders for a second if she has made the right decision but then she realizes James is the man she is destined to be with.

“Come James! Let us depart from here,” Lily says, and tugs him along behind her. Suddenly there is a huge commotion as there is screaming from two girls, one with a fiery red mane of hair and one with a silver blonde mane of hair tangled in each other whilst a wide eyed Scorpius watches from the side.

“Girls!” Lily cries, “What is going on here?” She pulls them apart, each of them still scratching into thin air hoping to reach the others.

“LISTEN TO ME BECAUSE I AM THE HEAD GIRL!” Lily booms, and the two girls fall silent, looking at her finally. “Good, now tell what happened! I thought the little home wrecker hussy was backing off of your destined soul mate, Rose!”

“Hey!” Dominique squeals. “I had him first, and she stole him away from me!”

“Yes, but really, Dominique, let us just think about how Scorpius is destined to be with Rose, now, shall we?”

“I’ll fight for him until the end!” Dominique squeals again.

“If you do not back down, Miss Delacour-Weasley, when your baby is born, because you have interfered with fate, it will be evil, and eventually, your baby and Miss Granger-Weasley’s baby will be destined to be mortal enemies and will end with a showdown greater than that of Harry and Voldemort’s epic battle,” Professor McGonagall says. (Never mind she isn’t supposed to know about that yet.)

“Ahhhhhh,” Dominique and Rose both groan. “I think our babies are coming!”

So then we skip the gruesome details, and skip to the part where Albus Dumbledore comes back into the picture. “I am afraid I have some bad news… if either baby is born in the past, Voldemort will come in and steal both babies from their mothers, and raise them to be the greatest Seers-Dark-Arts-Masters-most-powerful-beings-ever-part-unicorn ever. Don’t ask me how that is possible, for I do not have all the answers. I do know, however, that we must get both of these mothers back to the future as soon as possible. My information is very reliable because it comes from Sybil Trelawney herself.”

“Isn’t she like… younger than us?” Lily asks, confused.

“Yes, and she is a very powerful Seer already, who will eventually predict many, many more things that will come true in the future,” Dumbledore says sagely.

“Guys, I hate to break this to you, but OWWW!” Rose exclaims. “It might already be too late! The baby is coming right now!”

“Then we must hurry. Send out a signal to all sixteen family members who came through the first time and gather them here. Then all the professors and I will use our strongest magic to create a portal in which you and Miss Dominique Weasley will need to enter through first, to ensure the safe arrival of the babies in your proper time.”

“Alright, the signal has been sent,” Professor McGonagall says. Nobody is surprised that she has done this so quickly.

“Quick! I sense Voldemort’s presence coming through Hogwarts right now.” Dumbledore and the teachers wave their wands together creating the portal. It emits sparks suddenly and Dumbledore knits his eyebrows. “I have no idea what’s happening,” he says gravely.
Suddenly, Voldemort bursts through the door. “I have tampered with it Dumbledore. Those babies will be mine!” He draws his wand and Dumbledore draws his own, entering the famous duel stance. They begin to duel furiously while McGonagall helps Rose and Dominique up from the beds and helps them through the portal. Before they disappear, Voldemort notices, and tries to enter the portal after them, but is knocked back by a spell from Dumbledore. He yells out a strangled, “Noooo!” and flees the castle, swearing his revenge on Dumbledore.

All the Next Generation children enter the portal, and it closes up behind them.

And all is well.

P.S. Rose names her child Chrysanthemum-Marigold-Dahlia-Lilac and then marries Scorpius to live forever more. Dominique names her child Jane (like how I did that? I countered the excessive name with a plain one, and the plain one goes to Dom’s baby since she’s less important. Obviously.) and finds a man herself. (I like happy endings too much to make her live alone for the rest of her life) Rose and Dominique’s babies grow up together and are the bestest of friends forever.

The End.



Oh gosh, how terrible was that? I just about died writing it. I am sorry, but the clause at the beginning of the story prevents any of you from suing me. I would however, like to hear your thoughts please? Much appreciated! :)


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