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Dobby's Door by Kon Weasley
Chapter 1 : I am your Master!
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Special thanks to rhains, Roldemort, Lermione, Kaco, Bethatrix, Bucius and Mobby. Also to Hobby/Hinky! This one's for you.

Please review so I can improve!!! This story was inspired by a real door!


It was another cold, dark afternoon in Malfoy Manor. The windows rattled with the almighty force of the wind, trees swayed and, for one reason or another, the floorboards seemed more creaky than usual. The many cars that they owned were covered in a thick layer of frost, the type you could write your name in and see it about two hours later. The main gates kept opening and slamming again and again, due to the treacherous wind.

Narcissa Malfoy had left with her son Draco to visit some muggle attractions, leaving Lucius alone in the enormous manor (over 50 rooms, all equipped with muggle capabilities e.g. sockets, TVs, radios etc.). Lucius wasn’t allowed to go because Cissy and Draco needed some “mummy and Drakey bonding time”. So, with many grumbles about it not being fair and being left alone with measly, unimportant house elves, Lucius finally agreed to let them leave without him. Draco and Narcissa then hurried out before he could change his mind.

Since he couldn’t be bothered to turn the heating on (which only required the flick of a wand), Lucius was sitting on the luxurious leather a sleeping bag. He was freezing, hence the sleeping bag. Lucius finally decided that the 30 minutes he had been wrapped up there was too much, he had endured enough of the minus temperatures for one day.

“Dobby come here now!” Lucius yelled from the lounge. Then came the sound of multiple scuffling noises, bangs, clunks and clatters, along with occasional yelps.

After a minute Dobby shuffled into the lounge, crumbs around his mouth and a tiny dribble of golden, sticky liquid hang from his mouth.

“What ith it mathter?” Dobby tried to say, but his teeth were stuck together with the golden sticky stuff. Lucius, still in the sleeping bag, was suspicious. He looked at Dobby, narrowed his eyes and said:

“Dobby.....was that the last of the Caramel Biscuits?”

Dobby looked around nervously as if looking for somewhere to hide. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other before finally answering in a very small meek, guilty voice.

“Maybe mathter.....yeth.” As his jaws were still stuck together with caramel, the words didn’t come out quite clearly, but it was enough for Lucius.

“Dobby! That’s MY biscuit. You little thief! I’m going to get you!” Lucius shouted, fumbling with the zip of the sleeping bag.

This was Dobby’s chance to run, and so he did! Being small was a disadvantage to him, and he knew better than to use any of his powers, not after what happened last time. Lucius was in a bad temper due to the freezing temperatures anyway, but that made him exceedingly angry.

Lucius suddenly decided that it was no use fumbling with the zip, so he hopped across the room, grabbed his wand and blasted the sleeping bag into shreds.

“Eeeeeeekkk!” shrieked Dobby as he hurried as fast as he could, but Lucius was right behind him (stumbling on the shreds that remained on the floor!).

Dobby could feel Lucius’ breath on his neck, so made a beeline for a small door with a black mark of the letter D on it. Dobby dived for the door. Lucius reached out to grab Dobby. Dobby slammed the brown door behind him… shutting Lucius’ hand in it in the process.


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Dobby's Door: I am your Master!


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