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Break It To Me Gently by ykai
Chapter 6 : Return: Nice to Meet You
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A/N: I do not own Harry Potter, nor it's characters. I don't even own the songs I use in the summaries. Just the plot and the characters you're meeting for the first time.

August 18, 1998; 11:50 AM
Diagon Alley

We apparated in the dark alleyway just beside the Leaky Cauldron. She took hold of the arm I offered as we walked inside the tavern. We received quite a number of stares, mostly men ogling to the beautiful witch beside me. Callie ignored this though. I figured that she’s used to it anyway. Living alone in Italy for most of her life had given her a backbone. I, needless to say, was proud of her.

“Couldn’t we at least have eaten lunch before we left?” she complained.

I said nothing, nodded to Tom as we passed and tapped the bricks on the wall. We entered the passageway and exited into a very busy street. It was lunch hour after all. I kept walking, almost dragging her along, until we neared a quaint coffee shop wedged between two buildings. If I didn’t know what I was looking for, I would’ve missed it. I led her inside, asking the maitre d’ for a table near the door.

A perky young boy who looked to be around my age appeared beside the table holding a pair of menus. “Hello! My name is William and I’ll be your server for today.” He was facing the table but clearly had eyes for only Callie. “Appetizers while you order?”

“Draco, I don’t really know what to get.”

I nodded, looking down at the laminated sheet. I rattled off a few things before dismissing the waiter with a wave of my hand. I was about to speak when tinkering laugh reached my ears. I turned to the doorway as a couple entered the premises. I looked closely at the woman. Something about her made me slightly uncomfortable. What it was, I was not certain. I turned my attention back to my date, who had been watching the couple as well.

“Oh, I thought I recognized him,” she said, more to herself than me, “Kyle!” She called over to them, surprising me in the process.

“You know those two?” I asked her, not taking my eyes of the pair. They spotted us but didn’t come over right away.

“Of course I do. Well, the guy at least. He’s a schoolmate of mine, but two years my senior. I don’t know the girl, though. But she looks oddly familiar.”

We both watched as the girl turned to her companion. We couldn’t hear their conversation but I was pretty sure it was about us, me in particular. I didn’t miss the occasional glance in our direction. He simply nodded to her, brow creased in confusion, or was it worry? She patted his arm lightly and kissed him on the cheek before leaving the café. He, on the other hand, made his way to our table.

“Well if it isn’t little Calliope,” the guy teased, kissing her lightly on the cheek. “What are you doing in London?”

“Little?” She smacked him playfully on the arm. “If you must know, I’m visiting. And you? I thought you were going to France this summer?”
I snorted at her subtle attempts at flirting. I winced in slight pain when her foot collided with my shin under the table.

“And sit down. I’m sure Draco doesn’t mind.” I shot her a glare that said otherwise but she wasn’t looking at me.

“I wanted you to meet a very close friend of mine but she had sudden business to attend to.” he faced Callie apologetically. “Rixon is due to arrive from Paris in an hour.”

She blushed when she heard the name. It didn’t escape my notice. I made a mental note to myself to look up more information on this Rixon fellow.

“She looked really familiar,” she voiced her musings. “It’s like I know her.”

“She’s Ben’s younger sister, Isabelle.”

“Isabelle? Is this the same Isabelle I’ve been hearing about for the past, oh say 5 years?” she teased. “Wait, Rixon? What’s he doing here?”

“The one and only.” He grinned widely. “Didn’t Rix tell you?”

“Tell me what? He didn’t mention anything in his last letter.”
There was a slight pink tinge on her normally pale cheeks at this small admission. I’m going to make a guess that the note from earlier this morning must have been from aforementioned bloke.

“Since most of the school was destroyed in the war, the Board of Directors had no choice but to close it for the meantime. So, we’re transferring to Hogwarts for our final year. Aren’t you?”

“Really?! I mean, I know about the school being closed and all. That’s why I sent my transfer papers to Beauxbatons. But somehow a similar letter was sent to Hogwarts and I was accepted there instead. Probably explains why Beauxbatons never wrote me back. Oh well. Wait, we? You mean you, Rix and Isabelle?”

“No, only the two of us. Isabelle- Well, let’s just say she has other arrangements.”

“Oh,” her face fell a little, “It would’ve been nice to have someone there I could talk to. Assuming she’d like me as a friend, that is.”

“Hey, are you forgetting about me?” he nudged her shoulder, “Or Rix for that matter?”

“Shut up, you guys don’t count. And neither do you, D.”

“Finally you decide to acknowledge my presence,” I said, a bit colder than I intended.

“Oops, sorry. Draco, as I mentioned earlier, this is Kyle DeVito. He’s a friend from school despite being a few years older. And this Kyle,” she gestured to me, “is Draco, my-”

“Ah yes, Draco Malfoy,” he said extending his hand to me, “Callie speaks highly about you.”

I accepted the handshake he offered, smirking slightly in Callie’s direction. She spoke highly of me, did she? Now that was something for the books.

“Oh, shut it D. You’re not all that.” she grumbled, inflating my ego even more.

Our ‘small talk’ was interrupted by the waiter bringing in our orders as well as taking extras from the new occupant of the table. Lunch, dessert, and a lot more conversations later (mostly between Callie and Kyle), the three of us knew it was about time to part ways. Kyle and I argued about who got to pay the bill while Callie looked on amused. In the end, she made us agree to split it in half seeing neither was willing to back down.

“Well, nice to meet you mate.” Kyle extended to me once more. “Enjoy the rest of your summer. We might be able to see you on the station come September.” He leaned closer give Callie a quick peck on the cheek despite the evident frown on my face. “I’m willing to bet Iz would love you once you’ve properly met. And you’ll probably be seeing a lot of her than you realize.”

I saw the mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he spoke. I shrugged it off, but vowed to keep a closer eye on him when term begins. I watched Kyle leave the building with one thought on my mind. Well, a person to be more exact. One who’s name kept coming up during the conversation between Callie and Kyle. Isabelle, Isabelle. Why do I feel like I’ve met you before?

A/N: Back from hiatus but gonna take it a bit slow. A big thank you to everyone who read this and liked it. Specially to the following who were faithful patrons to my world of rambling: Dark_Whisper, Padfoot_Prongs, LunaLuver and of course the new readers and reviewers!

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Break It To Me Gently: Return: Nice to Meet You


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