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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 1 : Money can't buy me happines
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Hello !


First of all, thank you for reading and reviewing (which I hope you do at the end of the chapter)! =)


This story is explained through the eyes of one of the main characters, Naomi Ivy, however; there will be times in which someone else will step in to enlighten us with their POV.


It is a Marauders story; it is supposed to be fun and easy to read. There will be some teenage drama, a little of gossip, a good amount of plotting and some tears to cry as well. I really hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!


-“I am so not going to Hogwarts”- I retorted. I was standing in the middle of a very modern looking office. My father’s workspace when we were on holiday. Like he ever took a holiday anyway. It was summer, middle of August, and we had been arguing about this for a month now. I raised my eyebrow to try to make my statement more serious. My father looked at me with a tired expression in his eyes.

-“Yes, you are Naomi”- he replied. I snorted. He looked frustrated. It was unusual, to have us fighting. We did get along pretty well. But I was not changing schools now. I was sixteen and had an amazing reputation at Beauxbatons for him to come and mess up my perfect life.



-“You do not seem to understand, dad. I will not leave the stylish fashionable Paris for cloudy depressing Scottish hills”- I turned around and moved closer to the window. The sun shone on the sky above our magnificent garden. I liked our manor back in London, but the summer house in the south of Spain was just perfect.


-“It is not safe anymore. Beauxbatons’ headmistress is too weak to protect you and at the rate things are going… I need to make sure you are as safe as you can possibly be”- he looked a little worried. Okay, so he was right. I knew that Beauxbatons was nothing compared to Hogwarts but I could not be bothered to just move out of my perfect little bubble. Besides, I wasn’t particularly coward so the possibility of someone attacking the school didn’t bother me much. I could always talk my way out of any situation – Death Eaters could not be much of a challenge and I highly doubted that Voldemort himself would want to show up in Beauxbatons.


-“Dad, can I remind you that the possibility that a preppy school full with shallow rich girls is attacked by Voldemort and his gang is very remote?”- I leaned on the window pane and looked back at the old man. He used to be so much more fun. Mom’s death had changed him. It had changed me, too.


-“I will not lose you, Naomi”- he said in his ‘I already lost your mother’ voice. I looked down, thinking. I hated it when he used my mom’s death against me, it always worked.


Hogwarts was a new school, I knew no one there – meaning no one knew me either. That was both, good and bad. On the one hand, I would have to build up my kingdom again and in record time. I would probably have to overthrow the current Queen Bee, all schools have one. It would take a little while for me to gather all information needed, get to know who was who and choose my army. On the other hand, new comers are always more interesting that the girls that have been there forever which was a huge advantage. Besides, it was a mixed school. Oh dear, that could be so much fun. It was a little tiresome to have to go out to Paris to find boys; I could do with all of them just walking down the school’s corridors. Furthermore, it was only for one year. My last year. Even if it all went completely wrong, I didn’t have to put up with it for too long. Not that things were ever wrong for me, anyway.


So there I was, sitting on the window pane staring at the dark wooden floor and trying to decide if giving in to my father’s wishes was a good idea. After all, I did not like giving in at all. Finally, I decided that it would do me no harm to make him feel better; things were pretty messed up out there and if he felt I was safer in Hogwarts, oh well, so be it.


-“Okay”- I muttered. He grinned and I felt happy. I adored my father. He was all I had and the only person I trusted in the entire world.


-“I am glad you came around”- he said, nodding. I chuckled and sat on the desk, in front of him.


-“If I do not like it there I am going to blame it on you”- I threatened. He laughed.


-“I’m sure you’ll love it. You always complaint that Beauxbatons had no boys”- he pointed out. I took the packet of cigarettes and lit one. He raised his eyebrow, waiting for my reply. We had a lot in common; many said that we had the exact same fierce determination, almost reckless bravery and the scary cold and calculating mind. We were a team; he was my father, mother and best friend. I had no siblings and the rest of my family lived in Santorini.


-“Yeah, I think that having boys around is going to be… interesting”- I murmured. He laughed.


I knew it was weird. Well, at least for most girls it would have been, talking to their father about boys with a cigarette between their lips. To me it wasn’t. My mother died when I was eleven. She was murdered. It haunted me, the memories of her limp body, and the redness of the blood and the heat of the flames eating the room. I had been severely injured; it took two months of intense care at St Mungo’s to bring me back to my senses. After that, it had been a full six months of doctors and therapies to heal me completely. My father thought I was not going to make it. Hence the day I came back home from hospital he swore he would not let anyone hurt me again. Dad and I had been so close ever since that he knew everything about me and I knew everything about him.

 I was what other people would call a spoiled daddy’s girl; there was nothing he wouldn’t give to me. I knew all he wanted was for me to be happy and move on, to forget about that dreadful night when my mother was slaughtered. He was a little over protective of me, but I could not blame him. If anything happened to me, he’d be alone in the world. Like I said, our relatives lived in Santorini but we did not go visit them anymore. Not after I almost died there last summer. Yes, I am a little prong to accident. He tried his best to keep me happy, to help me move on. However, it took more than expensive clothes and luxurious holidays.


The wound in my heart had been too great to heal, therefore; I had completely deleted any traces of the heart. It was easier that way. The only one who could get to me was my dad, but he didn’t really count. I did not do attachments. I had never, ever been too fond of anyone. Dating was for fun, I never really got the whole ‘in love’ thing. My friends were cool but I could walk away from them if they did something wrong. Cold, heartless, whatever you wanted to call me. I was the one with no strings attached and I liked it that way.   


-“I think I’m gonna go swimming for a while. Do you wanna come?”- I asked him, jumping to my feet gracefully. I could do ballet, play the piano, cook and sew. I had attended a preparatory school for young ladies for two years before Beauxbatons. Dad said it was good to know develop some artistic skills, thus the ballet and piano. I liked cooking, although no one knew about this. Sewing was compulsory. I hated it.


-“Nah, I’m having lunch with Mr Potter”- he replied. I turned to look at him, surprised. Did he just say he was having lunch with Mr Potter?


-“Excuse me! Since when are you friends with Mr Potter?”- I didn’t try to hide the disgust in my voice.


-“Since they officially refused to join Voldemort”- he replied. Oh, I had no idea about that. Okay, so the Potters are a very rich pure blood family in England and, as such, we expected them to join the Death Eaters. Just like the Malfoys, Carrows, Blacks and all the other bastards.


-“They refused?”- shock tainted my voice and dad smiled.


-“Yes. They have been added to the Blood Traitors list”- he explained. I smirked, this was interesting. I had heard that Mr Potter’s son was a good match, handsome and a great Quidditch player. Their family being added to the Blodd Traitors list made him absolutely perfect.


-“How old is his son?”- I asked. My dad smirked just like I had done a few seconds before. Yeah, we had that common feature. We smirked a lot.


-“He’ll be with you at Hogwarts. Seventh year”- now that was interesting news.


-“Mmm… I understand they are not into the whole arranged marriages thing, are they?”- honestly, I just did not understand why anyone would force their children into matrimony. It was just so old fashioned it gave me a headache.


-“No, they definitely are not”- dad’s eyebrow was almost lost in his hairline by now. He could read through my plotting so he knew what I was thinking.


-“What? I heard he’s hot, that’s all”- I said, chuckling. He gave me his half smile. The one that said ‘I know what you’re thinking, don’t try to fool me’


-“I see”- he took a cigarette from my pack and lit it. Then he smirked.


-“Oh, don’t”- I moaned. I could see him coming.


-“Come with me to lunch”- there he went. How predictable. If there was someone who loved scheming more than I did, that was my dad.


-“Dad, you’re getting old”- I retorted –“I am so not going. I’ll meet him at school”


-“Whatever you want”- he replied, laughing lightly.


-“See you in the evening” – I waved carelessly and walked out of the room.


Our summer house was pretty cool. It was a huge villa in Sotogrande, Spain. It was a two floor mansion built in the Arabic style. I walked across the living hall, feeling the cold marble against my bare foot. The silk of my light night gown whispered behind me as I moved. It was around eleven in the morning, meaning I could sun bathe for a couple hours and then join my friend Zara for lunch.


The day went by quite uneventfully, but that’s how I liked the summer. My school life was so complex that I needed to get out of scheming and bitching for a couple months during the vacation period or else I’d completely forget what being nice meant. Not that anyone remotely close to my social circles would ever find out that I actually knew how to be nice. You see, Zara was a muggle and a Spanish one so there’s no way on earth the news of me being friendly would ever escape the boundaries of this town. My reputation was safe.


 I hated mornings. I hate them, indeed. With a passion. Whoever invented the alarm clock was irrefutably evil. I groaned to the pillow as I dragged myself out of my California King Bed. I could not be late. Unlike Beauxbatons, where you could arrive any time you pleased during the ‘Welcome Back Day’, Hogwarts had this train that you had to be on. If you didn’t make it to the train you were in trouble. I wanted to miss it, of course, but dad had literally begged me not to be late. After an hour and a half I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed. It was time to put on the mask again. I took my makeup set and sat on the vanity. I did not need to put much of it on; Merlin had blessed me with ridiculously good looks. As I applied some mascara to my already thick and curly eyelashes I saw the ice covering my deep dark green eyes. It was a ritual I went through every year before going to school. I erased any warmth from my body and replaced every fiber of it with icy coldness. Hence my nickname at Beauxbatons: Glace - meaning something along the lines of deadly cold. I guess you could just say I was Ice Queen.


-“Naomi, we are leaving”- I heard dad shout from the bottom of the stairs. I sighed and picked my purse.


-“Coming!”- I shouted back. I took a last look at myself on the mirror and nodded approvingly. I had chosen a pair of Dolce and Gabbana skinny jeans, a black tight Guess top and my favorite pair of black Louboutin heels. With my Louis Vouitton shopping bag and my Prada sun glasses on my hand, I flew out of the house.


-“When did you get those jeans?”- dad asked as I got to the car.


-“Last day in Spain, I went shopping with Zara”- I replied. The chauffeur started the car and I felt it move smoothly away from my house. I didn’t bother looking back. Melancholy and homesickness were for the weak.


-“They are nice”- he said.


-“I know; that’s why I got them”- coldness applied to dad, too. I couldn’t let my guard down at any moment or else there could be epic catastrophe.


-“Oh, turned into Queen Bee mode, have we?”- he chuckled. I glared, smirking.


-“Do not forget that if this doesn’t work, you’ll be facing my fury”


-“You are the best thing that’s ever happened to that school. You’ll have them at your feet by the end of the week”- he was even better as scheming than I was. If he were a woman, he’d be the greatest bitch of all times. Thank God he was a man and could not be bothered to use his skills or else we would have been recruited by Voldemort long ago. That freak could smell talent from a mile away.


-“I need to overthrow their current excuse for a Queen first”- I pointed out. He smirked.


-“I don’t think it’ll be hard”- he said.


-“Do you know who she is?”- I asked, raising an eyebrow. It wouldn’t surprise the smallest bit if he knew.

-“Narcissa Black”- he replied.

-“Easy”- I made myself comfortable and enjoyed the rest of the ride. Narcissa Black was not a problem. I could bring her down in a week, or two.



I had to admit that Hogwarts’ Express was somewhat cute. I mean, it was a little too bright, with all the red and shinny paint, but it was one of those old trains with the smoke and all. I looked down the platform, trying to spot someone who I would want to talk to. It was full of people, but I couldn’t be bothered to mingle with them. The chauffeur had put my luggage in one of the empty carriages inside the train, but I was still standing outside with dad. He was also evaluating the fauna around us. Five minutes before the train had to leave; I finally turned and faced my father.


-“See you for Christmas” – I said. He nodded.


-“Enjoy your last year of school. Remember to owl me at least twice a week, I love to read how you’re doing”- he said, hugging me quickly. I jumped away almost instantly and he chuckled.

-“No PDA, please”- I snapped. He smirked and walked away with the Chauffeur. I sighed and got in the train.

Luckily for me, there was no one in the compartment I had chosen. I sat and took out the latest release of the Sparkling which was the magical equivalent to the Vogue. After an hour or so, when I was enjoying a particularly interesting article on nail strengthening spells, someone stormed in the quiet area I had claimed for myself. I looked up from the magazine and glared at the intruder with a raised eyebrow. He had his back on me and was obviously too occupied with hiding from someone or something outside to pay attention to anything else. Great. I was so not in the mood for this kind of things. Of course, it was the bad part about having boys at school. Pranks. I hated them and the prankers – which sounded remarkably similar to another word insulting enough for me to feel satisfied. No exceptions.


-“Excuse me”- I said. The boy turned around immediately and looked at me. God, he was hot. His hazel eyes widened behind his glasses and he ran a hand through an extremely untidy black hair. Clear signs of nervousness: typical reaction.


-“Sorry! I didn’t know you were in here”- I had to give it to him. Despite being intimidated, which was obvious to my well trained eye, he showed no sign of it when speaking to me. Cool boy.


-“Is there a good reason for you to be storming in my otherwise very quiet compartment?”- I asked. He smiled.


-“I needed a place to hide, that’s all”- he replied. I did not like the fact that he needed to hide as it probably meant that he’d done something wrong; I did not get in trouble if it wasn’t my own trouble.


-“Why exactly would you need to hide?”- I questioned him adding a good dose of irritation to my voice.


-“Hexed a couple of Slytherins… You’re not a Slytherin, are you?”- he eyed me suspiciously and drew out his wand. Oh, no. Wands were not allowed to point me unless required in a classroom or in real life battle. Last time I checked, I was in neither situation. This boy was in trouble.

-“Put the wand away”- I spat. He looked taken aback and, much to my surprise, he did as commanded. God, if everything was gonna be this easy I was bound to get bored out of my mind.

-“Sorry. You are not a Slytherin, I would know if you were... Actually, you are… who are you?”- he asked, clearly confused now.


-“I’m new”- another thing I disliked was having to state the obvious.

-“Yeah, I think I’d remember you if I’d seen you before”- of course you would. It was mortal sin to forget who I am once you’ve met me.

-“I’m sure you would”- I confirmed. He looked curiously at me through his glasses. He was very hot. Once I had all the “Queen Bee” thing sorted out, he was first on my list.

-“So, do you have a name?”- he asked sitting across from me. I rolled my eyes.


-“Naomi Ivy”- I replied lazily.


-“Nice to meet you, I’m James Potter”- he said, smiling. I tilted my head to the side as I studied him with new interest now. So this was Mr Potter’s son. The rumors were true as far as I could see. Sure, I still had to watch him play Quidditch, I’d heard he was amazing but the difference between rumors and truth was as huge as Lucius Malfoy’s ego and most of the times just as groundless.


-“Cool”- I replied. Although I was glad I’d met him straight away, Potter was not interesting enough to make me want to talk with him any longer for the moment, so I turned my attention back to the magazine hoping he’d leave.


-“I’m going to stay here for a while, until they’ve calmed down”- he informed. I didn’t bother looking at him as I kept reading. I felt him adjusting his position and making himself comfortable. Just as I was studying carefully this winter’s fashion trends, someone else opened the door. I heard a sweet female voice talking to us so I looked up.


-“Do you want anything from the trolley?”- she asked. The woman looked funny. I felt sorry for her almost immediately. She had no style at all.

-“Yes! Thank you, I am starving! Can I please have some chocolate frogs, three liquorices wands, a packet of Bertie Boots and… hmm… chocolate balls?”- I couldn’t help but to glare at Potter with a disgusted look. He could not possibly be planning on eating all that, right?

-“There you go, darling. Do you want anything sweetie?”- I recovered from shock and stared at the woman, puzzled. Did she really think I was going to eat any of the junk she carried in that trolley? I would probably get sick from all the sugar, or worse, fat.

-“No”- I said coldly. She smiled and left. Potter looked at me.


-“You know it’s a long ride. You’ll get hungry”- he said, opening a chocolate frog happily and catching it before it could jump anywhere near me. Thank you.


-“Not your problem, is it?”- I snapped. He chuckled and resumed his fest without further word. I went back to reading.


-“Prongs! Here you are, I’ve been looking for you for ages!”- the door banged loudly as another boy invaded my space. I sighed loudly before looking up for the third time in two hours. This train ride was testing my patience way too much.

-“I am reading, shut up or leave”- I said in a frosty tone. The boy was the handsomest man I had ever seen in my entire life. His impossibly beautiful grey eyes landed on me as I spoke and his jaw dropped slightly in surprise. He recovered almost immediately. These boys knew how to play cool, I could tell.

-“Who are you?”- he questioned looking at me and Potter alternatively. He looked a little too anxious, which I found odd. Potter’s eyes widened and he answered before I could open my lips.


-“She’s new. Seventh Year. I disturbed her oh so peaceful compartment to hide from Snivellius and the Carrows”- he explained. I raised an eyebrow. So the Carrows were in Hogwarts, too. Nice, I needed someone to practice my new curses on.


-“What’s your name?”- the ridiculously hot boy asked, half smirking. He looked vaguely familiar but I couldn’t really place him so I looked back to my magazine, pretending to be unimpressed. Yes, he was breathtaking but so was I. It took more than good looks to deserve my full attention.


-“Naomi Ivy”- I replied in a tone that showed utter boredom. He sat next to Potter. I didn’t even bother sighing; something told me they were not going to leave no matter what I said so I just ignored them.

-“I’m Sirius Black”- he said. That got my attention. I glared at him with pure revulsion and his smile turned to a puzzled expression in a matter of seconds.

-“Black”- I spat as if the name made me feel nauseated. Not far from the truth, anyway. He looked taken aback.

-“Yes, Black”- he replied. Then, as if realizing something very important, his eyes brightened and he spoke again –“Not like all other Blacks, though. I’m a Gryffindor”- that was unexpected. I smirked and looked back at my magazine.

-“Mom and Dad must be proud”- I snarled. Orion and Walbruga Black were two of the most despicable creatures in the world. I knew he could not be Bellatrix’s brother because I would have met him before if he was; thus, he was son to the other two.

-“Extremely”- he retorted. Oh, the boy has a sense of humor. I flipped the page of my magazine and he turned to talk to Potter.

-“So, have you seen Moony yet?”- he asked. Potter handed him a liquorice wand before answering.

-“No, he was first in patrolling. I’ll be taking over him in an hour or so”- I did not want to be listening to this absurd conversation, however; since they did not seem to be going any time soon, I could as well try to learn something interesting.

-“What about Wormtail?”- these people had no idea how to choose a nick name. And it seemed obvious that Hogwarts staff was not very good a choosing their prefects, either.

-“He’s with Hannah”- Potter replied. I heard Black chuckled. How mature.

-“Cool, so it’s just us for now”- he reached for a chocolate frog.

-“And the sweetie”- said Potter. I did not bother looking up from the magazine.

-“Say that again and you’ll tongue will be tied for the rest of the year. I adore hexing people, just so you know”- I said as a reply to their poor attempt at re gaining my attention.

-“That’s not very nice, is it?”- Black said. Potter took another chocolate frog and, instead of catching it, let it jump around the compartment when I did not reply to that, either. The frog annoyed me. More than that, it disgusted me. I shut my magazine and drew my wand out.

-“Diffindo!”- the frog exploded in the air and I glared at the boys –“If you want to stay in here you better make sure you do not annoy me”


-“Talk to us”- Potter said, smiling –“We’ll be nice”


-“I am not nice”- I replied, opening my magazine again to make my point clear.

-“You are cold”- Black said. Congratulations, I wouldn’t have noticed that.

-“Thanks”- was all he got as a response. He shrugged and Potter chuckled.


-“That one’s gonna give your cousin a hell of a lot of work”- I understood immediately. He was talking about Narcissa.

-“What house is she in?”- Black asked Potter. This was bothering me now, I wanted them to leave.

-“She didn’t tell me”- he replied. Oh, so they were talking about me now. Great, more questioning. Seriously, you would have thought they got the hint that I did not want to share any of my personal information with them by now.


-“Oi, sweetie!”- Black said. I felt the familiar sensation that there was something boiling in my veins but I kept it cool.


-“My threat to Potter applies to you, too”- I pointed out.


My voice sounded a little colder than intended but that was okay. I really wanted them to leave me alone. Truth is, if this was Beauxbatons I would have been way meaner towards them and I’d be completely in peace by now. No, that was a lie. If this was Beauxbatons they would have peed their pants upon realization that they’d stormed inside my compartment. However, I still did not know who played which role in this school’s social network so I had to be careful. Cold, yes – Bitchy, not yet.


-“Okay, whatever. At least you’ve not gone deaf, I was beginning to worry”- he retorted. I sighed lightly, not tearing my eyes from my magazine.

-“So, house?”- Potter asked. I thought about it for a second. I had no idea which house I would like to be in. I actually knew little about Hogwarts in general.

-“I’ve not been sorted”- I replied, bored.

-“It’s rude not to look at people when they’re talking to you”- Black highlighted. Did I mention I hate people stating the obvious?

-“So?”- I said. He sighed. I was still reading.

-“You cannot be reading, it’s impossible to concentrate and reply to us”- Potter opened the Bertie Boot packet making a really annoying noise in the process.

-“Women do not have the limitations of the male population of the species”- I replied. Black laughed. It reminded me of a dog’s bark, for some odd reason.

-“Well, which house do you want to be in then?”- he asked. Before I could reply, however; another intruder decided to join my already too packed compartment. Wonderful.

-“Hey guys, I was looking for you! Snivellius is freaking out; he cannot stop singing no matter what he tries!”- it was a female voice. I slowly looked up to check her out. She was tall and athletic. I immediately liked her hair, short and untidy. I could see that the dirty gold color was natural, which was a plus. She had nice thin pink lips and was wearing no makeup at all. Her eyes were bright blue. She was cute, not gorgeous but rather pretty. She could use some advice on style and fashion trends and definitely a couple beauty products, but there was something about her that got my eye.

-“Rhea! Where have you been? I lost you when we got here and couldn’t find you anywhere!”- Black asked. She smiled and sat on his lap. Then she noticed me.

-“Oh, hello. Who are you?”- she questioned, smiling.

-“Naomi Ivy”- I replied. She tilted her head to the side, slightly. There was a moment of silence before she spoke again.

-“I have never seen you before, are you new?”- Potter was busy with his Bertie Boot but Black was looking my way, waiting to see how I interacted with his… girlfriend? She was sitting on his lap but there was no sexual tension between them whatsoever. I figured she was just a very close friend.

-“Yes”- plain and flat.

-“Oh, nice! You look like a seventh year, right?”- she adjusted herself so that she was facing me more comfortably. Great. I realized it was going to be almost impossible for me to finish reading my Sparkling.

-“Yes”- I said again. Black frowned but the girl didn’t seem to be bothered by my lack of enthusiasm.

-“I am Rhea Sun”- she informed, smiling. Here’s another one who will have wrinkle issues in a couple of years.

-“Naomi was about to tell us which house she’d like to be in”- Potter muttered, still looking inside the packet and trying to decide whether to eat a particularly disgusting looking bean.

-“Oh, we are all Gryffindors!”- Rhea said happily. Oh, they are giving me a headache.

-“I don’t know which house I want to be in. Furthermore, I do not know why it matters so much which house you’re in. I don’t give a shit”- I replied. Black looked as if I’d just slapped him. Potter chocked.

-“Oh, that’s because you probably don’t know what house is for who”- Rhea said, as if my reply had been as sweet as her voice. The girl lived in La la land, I could tell –“Gryffindor is for the brave, loyal and adventurous people with good heart and extremely well trained ability to have fun. Ravenclaw is for ridiculously smart people who study a lot, Hufflepuff is for good hearted but a little too naïve people who tend to have difficulties when it comes to common sense and quick responses and then there’s Slytherin”

-“What’s with them?”- she was eager to explain and I needed information, I could as well just take advantage of the situation.

-“They are all idiotic evil bastards too concerned with blood status and family wealth”- she replied wearily. I raised an eyebrow. Well, at least there was something I knew now; I did not want to be a Slytherin. Or a Hufflepuff. Gryffindor or Ravenclaw didn’t make much of a difference, I guessed.

-“I don’t want to be a Slyhterin, then”- I said. Black smiled, Potter applauded. These boys were absolutely mental. Hot, yes but mental.

-“That’s good”- Rhea said. I turned my attention to the magazine again before she had a chance to ask anything else. I was done with talking.

-“So, where were you?”- Black asked her again. She then got caught up in a very detailed explanation of how she had hexed someone called Letty and how mad her friends had gotten.  

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