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Another Full Moon by Skippy_Black
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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A werewolf bite! Honestly! Anything else he could deal with, but a werewolf bite!?


He had come to terms with his illness but he would never wish this curse upon someone else.


Dumbledore had seen too, he turned to Remus, “well Mr. Lupin, this has just gotten a bit more interesting.”

“What?” he couldn’t possibly think that Remus had done this to her? Could he? “Sir, you don’t think that I did this too her! I would never; I mean it just wouldn’t be possible; I’ve been locked up in the Shrieking Shack! I can’t have go—“

“Of course I know it wasn’t you Remus. I meant to say that an unknown young lady suddenly appearing on the grounds who was also attacked by a werewolf is very strange.” Dumbledore explained himself calmly.


“Oh. Of course, sir. I apologize for jumping to conclusions.”

“It’s quite alright Remus. Go down to dinner, Madame Pomfrey will take care of our unknown guest.”

“Yes sir.” Remus left reluctantly

At least now he knew why he was so drawn to this girl, it was the werewolf side of him. It knew at once, it could tell. It was like an instinct or something.


Hermione was having a wonderful dream about a boy with shaggy black hair and beautiful emerald eyes. He wore glasses and had a lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

There was another boy with him; he had flaming red hair with brilliant blue eyes. This boy was considerably taller.

She felt as if she knew these two boys so well, as if she had known them her whole life.


They seemed to be speaking to her but she was too busy trying to remember who they were. She felt so comfortable with them but could not figure out why.

“Hey look she’s waking up!”

She sighed, “Harry.” Where had that name come from?

“Who’s Harry? Sirius you know anyone named Harry?”

“Beats me mate.”

“Shut up the both of you!” her eyes were open at this point, she could see four boys standing over her, “you feeling alright?” it was Remus who spoke.

“Where am I?” she was so confused. Everything seemed so familiar but at the same time it was so foreign.

“You’re at Hogwarts, love. You gave me and James here,” he pointed to James, “quite a scare. I’m Sirius by the way.” He held out his hand for her to shake before moving on, “what exactly happened to you, and how did you end up by the lake?”


She was completely confused. Hogwarts? She knew it was a school, but for what? She sure couldn’t remember.

She felt dizzy; she looked between the four boys, her gaze finally settling on James. She gasped; this was the boy from her dream! But wait, there was something different? His eyes, she thought, they’re not the right color.

“What?” James questioned wildly, “there something on my face!?”

“No, sorry. You just looked familiar is all.” She answered.

“Right,” he said uncertainly, “well this is Remus,” he gestured to the boy closest to her,

“Peter.” He pointed to a small round boy with blond hair and watery eyes, “and I’m James.”

“It’s very nice to meet you all; my name is Hermione Granger…I think. I don’t exactly remember everything.”

“So you don’t know what happened to you?” Sirius asked.

“I was hoping one of you did,” she mused.

As Hermione stared at these four boys she couldn’t help but feel she knew Remus and Sirius. She looked between the two boys and tried to figure out what it was about them that felt so familiar.

Remus held most of her interest, there was something about him that made her want to squirm. Maybe it was how intense his gaze was. His honey eyes bored into her chocolate ones as if he knew something about her.

She tried to sit up but the pain in her side was unbearable.

Remus hurried over to her side and gently pushed her back down. “Sorry Hermione but Madame Pomfrey said you have to stay her.”

She felt a current of electricity run through her arm when he touched it.

At that moment Dumbledore walked in, “Mr. Potter, Pettigrew, and Black would you kindly wait outside? I need a few words with Mr. Lupin and our guest.”

“Yes sir,” they all mumbled. The three left the hospital wing reluctantly and waited outside the door.

“Now young lady what is your name?” Dumbledore implored politely.

“Er, I think it’s Hermione Granger, but I’m not sure. I don’t remember much.”

“Well Ms. Granger, I have some terrible news for you,” he paused trying to think of how to word the news to come, “you seem to have been bitten by a werewolf. Do you have any memory of this?”

She gasped. A werewolf? And how could she not remember something like that? “No sir. All I know is that I woke up on the grounds and here I am.”

“Hmm…well it seems that we have another werewolf on the grounds. We have a system set up already so you won’t have to worry about the full moon. I will talk more with you later, Ms. Granger. I will leave you here with Remus to get acquainted.


As Dumbledore left thoughts swirled around his head. Where did Hermione come from? How did she get here? Why was she already in Gryffindor robes if no one had ever seen her before? He knew there was a simple answer to all of those questions: time travel.

A/N: So I know this chapter isn't the greatest but it'll get better. Trust me :) Please tell me if there's anything I need to work on! I'll appreciate the feedback!

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