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What Even is a Squib? by music_love_fred
Chapter 8 : A Reaturn
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Drake Arro walks into school with a broken arm. He walks past a group of girls who go, "Awww." and he waves. When he reaches his locker, a note falls to the floor. He looks back and forth before picking it up. It's small and folded. He knows who its from.

It reads as follows:

My Dearest,

A and U out for church. Come by at 6. To talk. Nothing else.


Drake stuffs the note into his pocket and goes to find Lily. She's with Gemma. Of course. When he sees Gemma he winks twice. Lily looks away and he holds up seven fingers. Gemma nods and smiles.

"I've missed you so so so much!" Lily kisses Drake and he kisses her back. Gemma feels so much jealousy, she can't stand it.

Gemma leaves the young couple and searches for Crissy, another friend she had made. She finds her almost in tears. "I gotta go guys. Gemma's crying again," Gemma hears this and tugs on her sleeve.

"Oh, Gemma. Don't be a baby," Crissy says this then takes Gemma's hand. She hugs her and Gemma cries on her shoulder. "Let's go to the music room and get ready. Okay?" Gemma nods her head and wipes her snot.

She follows Crissy to the music room and gets her trumpet, stand, and music together. Her eyes are red when the rest of the band comes in. They start playing when somebody comes into the room.

"Who's that?" Gemma points to the boy. He's fit and has deep chocolate skin. He has got thick lips and huge eyes. He smiles and waves to some guys.

"Ohh. That's Will. I heard he's single." Crissy elbows Gemma's arm and winks.

"How old is he?" Gemma watches him and almost misses her entrance into the song. She quickly plays the few measures and waits for Crissy's answer.

"He's two years older."

"How come I've never noticed him before?" Gemma asks. Mr. Bourke, their director, stops the band. He backs them up a few measures.

"He hurt his leg in sports a few month ago. He's been gone for a while and has lots of physical therapy. Sometimes during school." Crissy shrugs. "He's alright."

"Are you kidding?" exclaims Gemma. "He's fuckin' gorgeous! Look at that body."

"You should talk to him after band."

"Girls," Mr. Bourke warns.

"What do I say?" asks Gemma. She hides her mouth from the director.

They play some more measures and Crissy says, "It's simple. Just go up to him, and compliment him on his shirt. Ask him if he likes Heroe's War. That's the band."

"You are so smart." Gemma thanks her and starts playing again. Mr. Bourke tells the band to go ahead and put up. Gemma puts away her intrument and music. "Hands stop shaking!" Gemma says to herself.

"What?" that Will boy asks. Gemma realizes that she's walked right up to him.

"Oh, nothing. So, you like Heroe's War?" Gemma looks into his big root beer eyes.

Will smirks and says, "Yeah. Do you?"

"Oh, no. I've only heard of them," Gemma's so nervous she can hardly force the words out.

"They're quite good. Listen to the song, Apple's Eye." Will winks and swaggers away.

Gemma breathes out and watches him walk away. He looks back at her and laughs. She blushes and waves.

By that night, Crissy had pulled some strings and gotten Gemma Will's mobile phone number. She's been texting him since her gym class. Now that its seven, she doesn't know whether or not to stop or keep talking even though Drake is to be expected.

She picks to keep texting. Drake is just going over to talk, anyway.


"What do you want to talk about?" Drake asks as he settles himself in the chair at Gemma's desk.

"About us," Gemma says. "I can't do this anymore. It's too much to handle."

"Gemma. Don't do this. I'm back now. Things will be better," Drake tries. He gets up and strokes her cheek with his good hand.

"Drake. I can't."

"Yes you can, baby." He kisses her neck and Gemma pushes him away.

"No. Drake, I just said I want to stop." He attaches his lips to her neck once again.

Gemma calms down and says, "You can't give me a hicky."

"And why's that?"

Gemma sighs and tries again to get him to stop. "People will see."

"How about this? I give you one, you give me one," Drake smiles at his brillant idea.

"That won't work either. I've never given one before," Gemma says, shyly.

"Well, let me teach you." Drake sits Gemma down on her bed. He 'teaches' her how to give a hickey. She shoos him when he wants to go a step further.

After Drake left, Gemma looked in the mirror at her newly decorated neck. There's got to be, maybe, two. They're close together, so she can't tell if its two, or one huge one. They aren't dark, so that's good. She covers it with foundation before going out and talking with her Aunt and Uncle.

It's not until Gemma goes to sleep that night that she realizes she didn't accomplish her goal: Stop seeing Drake.



Gemma does figure out how to stop seeing him. It's going to be a slow process. At first she will just never go over to his house and she won't allow him at hers. It'll become hard for her. The day after she tried to stop him, there was a lot of specualtion about her neck.


"Gemma, you don't think we don't see your neck, right?" asks Kiki at lunch.

Gemma blushes and says, "I thought I was doing a good job at hiding it."

"Is it from that Peter guy?" asks the priss, Abby.

"God, no. Why does everybody think I'm with him?" she asks.

"He's been telling everybody that you two have been shacking up," Crissy tells Gemma.

"What? What the fuck?" I am not!" Gemma can't believe she's hearing this. Now, Will probably thinks of her as a whore. "Where's he at?"

The girls shrug. Gemma stands up and sees Peter sitting with Drake. She goes over to their table.

"May I speak to you?" Gemma asks.

"Sure," Peter says.

While at the same time, Drake says, "Okay."

"Why would you need to talk to her, Drake?" Peter smirks. He stands up.

"Nothing," he murmurs. Drake sinks down into his chair.

Gemma pulls Peter out into the hallway.

"Why are you telling people that I'm doing you?" Gemma asks.

Peter shrugs. "Just think of it this way: You're obviously shagging someone, I'm just helping out. And I'm guessing that you don't want people to know. I'm not that ugly, right?"

Gemma says, "I guess that is nice. Thanks."

"I think I deserve a present for helping you," Peter says. He puckers his lips.

"Ugh. Dream on." Gemma pushes him away.

"Okay, I'll just tell everybody how you've been shaking up Drakes bones."

Gemma stops walking. "What?"

"You heard me. I know all about it. The secret notes and messages. I've found some of the notes he's sent you," Peter threatens and grabs her arm.

"You are retarded. Those are not from Drake," Gemma lies.

"Oh? Well, who are they from?" Peter won't let go of her arm.

Gemma's phone buzzes and she gets an idea. "They're from Will."

"Will? You mean the big scary black guy?" Peter backs down. Gemma texts Will from her coat pocket. She makes sure no teachers see.

"Yup. He's the one. Now, what do I have to do to keep you quiet?" She smiles at the fact that she now has the upperhand.

"Umm. Just don't have Will beat me up? And maybe, a kiss?" Peter gulps.

Gemma nods. "I'll tell him. And about that kiss. I don't know. Only a peck." Gemma checks for teachers. She barely touches his lips before leaving and walking back to the cafeteria. The bell rings before she reaches the table.

Will goes over to her and says, "What?"

"Don't be mad, but to keep this kid quiet I had to tell him that you and I have been secretly dating" Gemma crosses her eyes. She's waiting for anger.

"Girl, you crazy," he says and laughs.

"So, you're not mad?"

"Baby, why would I be mad?" He slaps her butt before walking away.


"So, you're not with Peter?" asks Lily in choir. Drake listens in.

"Oh, haillll nah," Gemma says. "He's a douchebag."

"Who is it?" Lily persist.

"You know, Will?" Gemma asks.

"You're dating a back guy?" Lily sounds shocked.

Gemma eyes Drake. He smiles cooly. Gemma says, "What's wrong with dating a black guy? He's cool. But, you can't tell anybody."

"I won't."


AN: Well, pretty much nothing happens in this chapter. I do know for sure that the next chapter will be from Lily's point of view. It kind of calms down and might have a little humor to it. It'll be called, simply, The Sleepover. Lily and Gemma have a nice night at Lily's. There will be, tests, popcorn, and gossip. Also, please review!


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