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Oranges on Friday by Bitterblue
Chapter 1 : Nickers
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AN: Hi!!! So I published this chapter a couple of months ago, under the title of Knicker in a Twist, but I ended up not liking it and took it off. Now I've done some MAJOR revamping, changing the characters, era, and plot so please enjoy! And review please!!!

    "Oh joy Malfoy," I scolded sarcastically at the blonde haired boy standing in front of me.

   "Amazing Weasley! You've made a rhyme, well done indeed," Scorpius Malfoy and his gang burst into applause. That little outburst is what did it. I strode casually towards Malfoy, seized him by the ear and slammed his head into the side of our compartment door.

   "You give me back my knickers now or I swear I will take your ear off from your body," I hissed.

   "Dominique help me! Your cousin’s a psychopath!" He cried, trying to slip from under my arm, but I remained a firm grip.

   "Children, play nicely now," Dom said lazily from her seat inside the compartment where she was flicking through a Witch Weekly magazine.

   Scorpius scoffed. "So you're not going to help your boyfriend escape from Rosie Weasley’s fiery wrath?"

   “My name’s Rose,” I roared in his ear.

   "I think you're getting on just fine on your own mate," Ablus laughed from the down the hall.

   "Give them back!" I said viciously.

   "Fine," He pouted as he dug through his pockets and pulled out four pairs of frilly undergarments.

   "Thank you very much," I said pompously, and slammed the door in his face.

   With a loud sigh, I settled down next to Dom and pulled out my copy of Witch Weekly.

   "He is so bloody annoying!" I exclaimed.

   "He is so bloody hot!" Dominique protested.

   I glared at my best friend. "Dom, are you dating him because you love him, or because he's hot and you like his skills of seduction?"

   "Isn't seduction a form of love or something?" Dom asked lazily.

   I rolled my eyes. "Far from it,"

   Seventh year was supposed to be a sort of a takeoff year for me since this is the year I'm technically aloud to start dating, but so far, it's been worse than I expected. Upon arriving on the Hogwarts express I learned that my best friend and cousin, Dominique Weasley, is dating the biggest prat in the entire world, Scorpius Malfoy. Dom had also informed me that Scorpius had broken into my trunk and stolen all of my knickers and threatened to hang them off the top of the Hogwarts Express. You'd think that Dom would be a little angry that Scorpius seemed to be more interested in my underwear than hers, but believe it or not, this situation is quite normal for me.

   Scorpius and I have been butting heads ever since first year when I pushed him off a moving staircase. We've blown eachother up, attempted poison, preformed illegal spells on eachother, probably every bad thing in the book. If the Ministry ever found out what I've done to him, I'd probably be chucked into Azkaban at the tender age of seventeen.

   Dom reached over and jerked the Witch Weekly magazine out of my hand and began to rifle through it.

   "There's an article in here about the new sleeky hair potion!" She said, rapidly trying to find the page. Just we she began to read about the product out loud, the train gave a giant lurch and Dom and I both went flying.

   My head slammed against the compartment door and I blinked dazedly.

   "What is sodding going on!" I stormed, standing up and poking my head out the door. Many other heads were also peeking out from their compartments, wondering what the commotion was.

   "The driver's drunk," A voice said close to me. I turned my head and once again came face to face with Scorpius.

   "What do you want?" I snarled.

   "Well you asked a question and I answered." He said simply. "The train driver's had one too many firewhiskys and he's totally wasted,"

   "Why are you here?" I demanded.

   "Dom," He said as if explaining something to a small child. "She's my girlfriend you see," He said slowly.

   I rolled my eyes and said, "She's inside," I then left just as they were starting to have a snogfest.

   I decided to go and find a smaller yeared student. I needed someone to scold.  A small Ravenclaw was the first unlucky victim to stroll into my path. Perfect.

   "Hello little girl," I said sweetly, coming down to knee level so she could see me eye to eye. "How are you today?"

   The girl looked taken aback but only for a minute, "G-Good," She answered. "How are you?"

   "I feel like bloody shit! That's ten points from Ravenclaw for reminding me what a horrible day I've had," I said harshly. Technically, I wasn't authorized to take points from Ravenclaw since I'm not a prefect, I don't even think there are any points in the Ravenclaw point system yet, but I felt powerful nonetheless.

   Just my luck, right when the girl started crying, Charlene Finnigan, whom ironically was a prefect came strolling down the bloody hall.

   "Hey Charlene!" I said cheerfully flicking my red hair over my shoulder. Charlene furrowed her eyebrows in suspicion. She and I have hated eachother since day one. Not only do we have the same hair color but she's always been the self conceited perfect daughter prat, where as I have always been the rebellious trouble maker who despised authority figures in every way shape or form.

   "Why is she crying?" Charlene interrogated, pointing to the poor girl.

   "I dunno, but I think she might have run into Potter and he said some nasty things," I said what would sound the most convincing.

   "Potter," Charlene snarled, sniffing the air as though she could smell his pratness.

   I faded into the background as Charlene began to turn into an attack dog and go on a rampage looking for Albus.

   The train eventually pulled up into Hogsmede station and I went back to my compartment to fetch my trunk and cat, Batman. Yes, his name is Batman. You’ve gotta problem with that, take it up with Robin my owl.

   Upon arriving, I found Scorpius and Dom still making out.

   "Are you quite finished yet?" I scowled.

   "Not quite," Malfoy said playfully and leaned once more into Dom and kissed her on the cheek.

   "Oh, very charming," I said sarcastically. "Now get out,"

   "As you wish your majesty," Scorpius said, taking a deep bow and exiting the compartment.

   "C'mon, let's go before we miss the carriages," Dom hoisted her trunk up and I grabbed Batman, Robin and my trunk and we soon exited the train.

   We vacated a carriage by ourselves and soon, the invisible horses began to carry us to where we would be spending the rest of the year. I rested my head on the window frame and gazed up at the castle which had been my favorite home since I was eleven. I closed my eyes and tasted the night air on my-

   "Rose…You're gonna want to look at this," Dom's nervous voice echoed in my head.

   "You're ruining my moment," I growled.

   "No Rose, you're really gonna want to see this,"

   I opened my eyes reluctantly. "What?"

   Dom said nothing but instead pointed out her window. I curiously stuck my head out the window, feeling the wind on my face. At first, I didn't know what she wanted me to see, but afterwards, I wondered how I missed it. Waving like a flag on the carriage in front of us was a pair of my bright purple polka-dotted knickers.

   Let the war begin.

AN: So how do you like my first attempt at a Rose/Scorpius? Please review and I will lurv you!!!

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