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All Over Again by Lily_Ginny_Mione
Chapter 2 : Hazards to Society
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Clem’s boyfriend Rich is such a sweetheart.

“Hey, honey,” he greets her with a kiss on the cheek and pushes his dark blond hair out of his eyes.

“Hi, Rich,” Clem says with a shy smile.

“Hey, Jennie, hey, Rosie,” he nods at us both.

“Hello,” Jennie and I say in unison.

Rich is a Ravenclaw, he’s tall and has a rugged look about him. He plays Keeper for the Quidditch team and has been dating Clem for two years.

“So it’s the Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin match tomorrow –” Rich starts and I groan.

“Ah, no!” I wail and they all look at me. “Sorry. Nothing. Carry on, Rich,” I mumble, embarrassed.

I hate watching Quidditch games when Slytherin is playing: Scorpius is such a devil on the pitch: diving, missing bludgers by a millimetre and the likes. Every time he ends up the Hospital Wing I worry.

“Rosie? Earth to Rose Weasley,” Jennie waves a hand in front of my face and I realise that I haven’t been listening to a single word that my friends have been saying.

“Sorry, I was miles away,” I apologise.

“We were just asking you if you were going to watch the match,” Clem says and I nod.

“Yeah, I am,” I say with a sigh.

We’re all sat on tables in some empty Transfiguration room waiting for the bell to go for our last lesson, which for me, Clem and Jennie is Potions. I can’t wait to get today over with – I’ve got a splitting headache and if it doesn’t go off soon, I’m going to take something for it.

Jennie is swinging her legs, Clem is sat leaning against Rich and I’ve got my legs crossed.

“So what time is the match tomorrow, Rich?” I ask and Rich looks at me with his washed out green eyes.

“Uh, I think it starts at about 2?”

I nod.

“I’ll see you in Potions, you guys,” I say and jump down lightly off the table, making my way to the door. I catch sight of my promise ring and smile, feeling my heart fill up.

I see his blond hair from behind and creep up behind him.

“Hey, you,” I say and he jumps slightly.

“God, Rose, are you trying to kill me?” Scorpius says with a smile and I fall into step next to him.

“Well it would be an added bonus,” I tease and he acts hurt.

“You’re nice,” he says sarcastically.

“You didn’t tell me you had a Quidditch match on tomorrow!” I say and frown slightly.

“Ah, sorry, slipped my mind,”

“I hate watching you play. You’re such a show off!” I complain.

“Well don’t watch me then,”

I give his arm a fond slap with the back of my hand. “Smart arse.”


“If you weren’t such a show off, I wouldn’t have to worry!” I argue. Scorpius just rolls his eyes. I don’t press the issue. I reach into my bag and hand him a piece of rolled up parchment. “Your essay,” I say.

“Thank you, Rosie!” Scorpius says gratefully and I get a kiss on the cheek.

“Next time you’re doing your own essay!” I say firmly.

Scorpius turns on his charm. “Aw, come on, Rosie, you know I’m not as clever as you,”

“Then ask me for help!” I say.

“Y’know, I think my grades were better before you became immune to my charm,” Scorpius mutters and I put my arms around his middle.

“Still love you,” I laugh into his chest.

“Yeah, yeah,” but his arms fold around me anyway.

The bells rings and I sigh. “Potions now. See you later!”

“Same time, same place?”


“Later, Weasley,” Scorpius says with a wink.

“Later, Malfoy,” I say back and with a wave, I make my way down to the dungeons.


“Detention?! For dropping three tubes of Flobberworm Mucus?!” Clem shrieks as soon as we are in the Entrance Hall. She throws her hands in the air in frustration. “Why, God, do we have to have such a bitch as a teacher?!” Clem is furious.

“Shut up, Clem, people are looking,” Jennie mutters.

“I don’t care!” She yells. When Clem goes off on one, all you can do is just not intervene and let it pass. When you’re watching from the sidelines, it’s actually quite entertaining.

“It’s not my fault if I am such a hazard to society! Maybe she should just kick me off the course! Like I would care!”

Is she still going on about this?

Jennie stuffs a Chocolate Frog in Clem’s open mouth and the rest off her yells are subsided, giving us all peace of mind.

“That’s better,” Jennie says and pats Clem’s head.

“Er – where were you hiding those?” I say accusingly, pointing at the Chocolate Frog in Clem’s mouth, and the other one in Jennie’s hand.

“Oh, want one?” Jennie reaches into the folds of her robes and pulls out another Chocolate Frog and hands it to me.

“Ta,” I say and prepare tuck in. They are, after all, my favourites.

“For me? Oh you shouldn’t have,”

Like a flash of lightening, Albus reaches over my shoulder and swipes the Frog out of my hand. It leaps out of his own hand and I watch it hop down the corridor and round the corner.

“Oh good one,” I say loudly and Al just looks slightly dumbstruck.

“They’ve never run away from me before!” He says in his own defence.

“Loser,” I mutter darkly. “I was looking forward to that,”

“It’s your own fault for letting me take it!”

“Oh excuse me for not having eyes in that back of my head!” I retort and just as Al opens his mouth to argue back, a pale hand is clamed over his face and my boyfriend steps into view.

“Put a sock in it, Al,” Scorpius says and grins at me. “Hey, Rose,”

“Hey,” I say, still glaring at my cousin.

Al bites Scorpius’ hand, and said boyfriend lets go with a yell. “JESUS, Al, you animal!”

“Oh man up,” Al says, wiping his mouth. He looks at me. “D’you really want to go out with a guy who can’t take a simple bite to the hand, Rose?”

I give him a look. “Al. You don’t have teeth, you have fangs,” Al bares his teeth at me. “Anyway, why are you even here?”

“Don’t sound so enthusiastic to see me,” Al grumbles. I ignore him. “No reason really. Just wanted a Chocolate Frog. Oh, and Lover Boy over here –” Al jabs his thumb behind him to where Scorpius is stood with his arms casually folded. “- wanted to see you,”

“How mature,” I throw at him and give Scorpius a quick kiss.

“Jennie, why is Clem looking murderous?” Al says with a perplexed look. When I follow his gaze, I see that, for once, Al is right about something.

“She got detention for breaking things in Potions,” Jennie says in a hushed voice. Unfortunately for us, Clem has ears like a freaking bat.

It wasn’t my fault!”

“I know, Clem, I know. In fact, I think the whole of Hogwarts knows it. Wanna yell a bit louder? I think there might be someone in Hogsmeade who might not have quite caught the last bit,” Jennie says dryly.

Sassy,” Clem hisses. Jennie and I roll our eyes in unison.

It was going to be a long afternoon.


I tiptoe out of the Gryffindor common room silently, being extra careful not to walk into anything or knock anything over. I open the portrait door and close it softly, trying not to wake up the Fat Lady. I’ve no sooner gotten about halfway down the seventh floor corridor, then I remember: damn, I’d forgotten slippers again.

I heave a sigh and consider my options. Freeze, or get caught. Nah, I’ll definitely freeze. Wait: changed my mind. Boyfriend can wait, I’m getting my slippers: I’m not catching hyperthermia on the stone floor.

Sneaking back up to the Fat Lady I see that she’s gone. I briefly close my eyes in frustration. Awesome: no slippers for me.

Turning back into the direction I need to be heading for, I am on my guard, watching for fifth year prefects who would love nothing more than to turn me in.

The way up to the Astronomy tower is clear and I enter the drafty tower quietly. Scorpius is sat gazing up at the stars. He checks his watch.

I close the door with a click and he starts. Scorpius turns and grins when he sees me. 

“Hey, Weasley, how’s it going?”

“Hey yourself, Malfoy,” I tease. “It’s alright. And you?”

“I want to ask you something,”

Oh no, not again.

“Ah, go on,” I sigh. I sit down next to him and he puts a warm arm around my chilly shoulders.

“I want you to meet my parents,” he says tentatively.

There we go.

You know what? I give up. He’s worn me down so much.


“Yeah, OK,” I say and close my eyes. I am pretty tired.

“Wait what?” Scorpius says – I’ve caught him out: he was expecting me to refuse like I usually do.

“I will meet your parents,”


I roll my eyes behind my lids. My boyfriend can be so stupid.

“No, I’m lying,” I say sarcastically. He gives me a poke. “Of course I’m being serious, idiot,”

“Thank you!” He gushes and kisses the top of my head. “I’m glad you agreed. They’ve already booked the table,”

My eyes fly open and find his in annoyance. “Scorp!”

He holds his hands up. “Hey, don’t shoot the messenger! They did it, not me,”

I sigh and lean back against him.

“When do you want me?”


“Behave,” I say with a smile.

“Well they’ve booked it for next Saturday,”

“Ah, good. If you lose the match against Ravenclaw tomorrow, you’ll have a whole week to get over it,”


“Right, I’m off to bed now. Night, Scorp,” I kiss him and I reluctantly stand up. He catches my hand and brushes his thumb over the ring.
“You’re still wearing it,” he says softly.

“Well I wasn’t exactly going to throw it away was I?” I give him a look. “I’m never going to take it off,” I say and look into his eyes.

“Good night, Rosie. Sleep well. I love you,”

“I love you back,”


“Aw, come on!” I complain at the portrait. The Fat Lady has her arms folded and is refusing to open up. “You can’t just leave me here!”

“Actually, I can. If you can’t keep to your curfew like a sixth year should be able to, then you will have to pay the price,”

I gape at her. “You are joking,”

“I most certainly am not!” The Fat Lady looks offended.

“Please!” I whine and beg.

“Fine. I’ll let you in: but don’t think you will be getting away with this every night, Weasley. You’re parents were always out after hours,” she reluctantly swings open.

“Thank you,” I say quickly and basically throw myself through the portrait hole before she changes her mind.

I warm my frozen toes in front of the almost dead fire and make my way back up to my dorm with my eyes as heavy as lead.

Lying in bed with my eyes closed, I can’t stop thinking about tomorrow’s Quidditch match: it’s stupid for me to worry. I know it is – it’s not like anything bad is going to happen. Madam Pomfrey would sort out any broken bones in a heartbeat. I heave a sigh; the thought of Hogwarts’ most dedicated matron comforts me. I twist the ring on my second finger and smile into the darkness. I will always love you. Having this ring is like having a bit of Scorpius with me all the time. I hear his voice in my head when I read those engraved words.

I roll onto my side and forget about my worries: nothing will happen tomorrow. What’s the worst that could happen? Broken bones? Falling off his broom? He’ll be fine. He always is.

Shut up now, Rose.

Will do.

I think I’m losing my head.

First sign of madness? Answering back to yourself.

OK, really going to sleep now.


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