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Hogsmeade in Autumn by lilywithnojames
Chapter 1 : Hogsmeade in Autumn
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Lily Evans looked wistfully out of the window in the Gryffindor common room. Autumn had always been her favourite time of year, and today the grounds did look especially beautiful: ruby, golden and amber leaves seemingly glinting at her in the morning sunshine. She sighed, wondering what Hogsmeade must look like at this time of year, feeling envious of those taking advantage of the Hogsmeade weekend, wanting to go too.


It was not that she was prohibited from going, just that she had no one to go with; Hogsmede was a lonely place to go alone. Most of her friends were in detention, and those who weren’t were in the hospital wing, and would no doubt be facing a spell in detention once they had recovered. It had all been a rather unfortunate incident- Lily herself had been in the hospital wing for some three weeks, having come down with a case of the wizarding measles, and had moped almost the whole time she was in there, feeling rather sorry for herself. Her friends had decided to cheer her up, and thus came up with what could be described as a magnificent stunt to cheer her up, though what staff and students referred to as “The Seventh Year Glitch”. Not the most inventive name, but the Muggle Studies teacher, a Professor Curtis, had been most insistent in calling it this, for some reason known only to him.


Lily was of course greatful for her friend’s attempts, she just wished that they had not allowed Rosie to be in charge of explosives- it baffled her that anybody could have thought that that would be a good idea- although nobody could deny that the fireworks were particularly stunning. She gazed around the common room, which was mostly empty (admittedly most of the seventh years were otherwise engaged) bar a few second years who were playing with gobstones in the far corner next to the portrait hole. She watched them in an absent-minded, bored sort of way until her attention was caught by the Fat Lady’s portrait swinging open, and fellow seventh year James Potter climbed through the hole. Lily waved at him to catch his eye.


 “Hi,” she said, as he headed over to her and sat in the opposite armchair, “I see you’re free!”


 “Yeah,” James smiled, “only a little burn, and funnily enough no one seemed to notice that they promised me a detention, so I just sneaked off when Madam Pomfrey was done with me.”


 “They were really lovely fireworks,” Lily said, “they did the trick of cheering me up-“


 “Until that first year,” James finished.


 “That poor, poor first year,” Lily said in agreement, “Still,” she added brightly, “he’ll recover soon enough!  Besides, he'll have learnt a valuable life lesson or two from the experience!”


                They caught each other’s eye and after trying to restrain themselves for a few seconds they both started to giggle, which in no time at all turned into raucous laughter, causing the second years in the corner to turn around curiously. It was the kind of laughter that they both knew was wrong, as they knew the situation wasn’t technically funny, but they carried on anyway, because to them in that moment, it was the funniest thing in the world. 


                Gradually, they fell into silence. “I thought you’d be in Hogsmeade today,” James said, “I know how much you love this time of year.”


                Lily blushed a bit, “There’s no one to go with,” she said, “I didn’t really fancy it. But, yes, I do love it.”


 “Well,” James said slowly, almost shyly, “I’m here, if you did want someone to go with? I mean,” he added quickly, “it’s just a sugges-“


 “No,” Lily cut him off, “No- I’d like to.”

  James grinned, “You sure?” he asked.


 “Yeah, I’ll just get my cloak.” Lily stood up, heading towards the staircase leading to the girl’s dormitories. She paused, her foot resting on the first step, “Hey, James?”




 “How did you know I love the Autumn?”


 “Oh, I, er-“ James said nervously, almost blushing, “You, um, you said it once, at dinner, in 5th year.”


                Lily gazed at him for a moment, a smile forming on her lips. “I’ll be two minutes”


A/N:  Hello!  So I know this is very, very short, but it's the first fanfic I've written in about a year, so bear with me!  Please review, let me know what you think, give me suggestions to lengthen/improve it, but most of all I hope you enjoyed it!

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Hogsmeade in Autumn: Hogsmeade in Autumn


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