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Cupid's arrow never misses the target by caryl
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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 Disclaimer: The HP series is not mine. The plot and some of the characters are what I can only declare as mine. 

                I opened the doors to the Great Hall with a smirk. Ah! It was quite a sight to see all tables containing representatives from the four houses of Hogwarts. Inter-house unity really seemed to be achievable nowadays and the knowledge that I, Rose Weasley, had somehow helped in making that happen was truly smirk-worthy. I walked towards my house table and squished myself between Vanessa Bones, James Potter’s Hufflepuff main squeeze, and Cynthia Thomas, a fifth-year Ravenclaw who is also Albus Potter’s girlfriend.

                “So, to whom do we owe the pleasure of you sitting here with the bold and the brave, dear cousin?” I asked Al who was about to tickle Cynthia.

                “Oh, well, I just thought that I would like to sit with you lot for a change since I am already getting tired of sitting beside my gloomy best friend.” he said, referring to the Ice King- Scorpius Malfoy.

                  I am not kidding when I said he’s an Ice King for he certainly deserved the title. With his platinum blonde hair that constantly fell over his molten silver eyes and his buff (or so I heard, not that I spend my time ogling him) body, he is one of the most coveted guys here in Hogwarts for the past two years. But since Jamesy here is making lovey-dovey with Vanessa and Albie is currently snogging Cynthia, I can truly say that Scorpy (I think I could get away with calling him such as this is just a private thought for really, I just cannot imagine what he would do to me if ever I voice it out loud) just whizzed to the top slot of the “most coveted guy in Hogwarts” list that is posted on all of the girls’ loos even Moaning Myrtle’s (how it got there, I do not know for I really cannot imagine anyone using that forsaken loo). Though quite popular with girls, Scorpius never seemed to have the time for them. Frankly, I have never heard of him dating anyone. He just hang out with Al usually but I guess now that Al had gotten himself a girlfriend, he might start thinking of getting one himself.

                 “Or maybe not.” I whispered to myself as I saw Scorpius chucking away a box of what seemed to be Honeydukes’ best chocolate which he apparently received from the morning post. I saw a Hufflepuff girl burst in tears. I guess she was the one who sent it.

                    I eyed Scorpius warily who had proceeded to chucking away whatever treats he received from the post which does not look to be from his family. His fellow Slytherins could be seen tucking away whatever they wanted from the growing discarded pile behind Scorpius’ back. I sat on my seat thoughtfully, not minding the Weasley-Potter food fight that started when Fred accidentally (though no one believed that it was indeed an accident) sent his mash potatoes flying to Hugo’s hair. Finally, Scorpius finished sorting through his posts and four things happened subsequently. One, he looked up and saw me staring at him. Two, he stared back with his brows knitted. Three, an idea sprouted in my head. Four, the gravy boat slammed to my forehead.

                “You are definitely my next target. Cupid Rose is back in action.” I said, much to the bewilderment of my family, before I passed out.

A.N: This is actually my first try in writing a fanfic. I just got this idea last night when I am trying my best to fall asleep. Hope you like the first installment. I realized that it is quite short but it is just a prologue. I promise to write longer chapters. Review and make my day! J

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