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Two Mad Hatters and an Invisible Lover by LoopyLemon
Chapter 1 : The One and Only Chapter
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The air glistened, betraying the beauty it liked to keep hidden. The recent rainfall had washed the dust from the cracks in the ground and made the withered grass pick itself back up again. The sky was a vibrant blue, bright and energetic, a stark difference from the tired air of yesterday. The trees had been shaken up, the recent exercise giving them new life. No longer intimidating, the sunrise made the forbidden forest seem almost inviting. Birdsong penetrated the air as the birds relished the new abundance of water. Sunshine poured from the sun in the glorious glow of a new day. Most of the castle was still slumbering yesterday away, only a few students were awake. The new day stunned anyone outside speechless.
There were two boys who seemed oblivious to all the beauty though, they were identical in every way, from the bright shock of orange hair down to the way their legs folded on themselves as they sat on the grass. The only difference between them was, in fact, their names. And as you could never tell them apart, this fact was useless. You see, these two boys knew just how similar they were and so liked to swap their names regularly. Sometimes, one had to wonder whether these two even knew themselves separately.

"Forge!" A voice called out. The speaker was a pretty young thing, brown hair and wide blue eyes. She was very close to the twins and had developed her own solution to the problem of telling the two apart. Instead of calling them separately, she merged their names and the twins could choose for themselves who should answer.

The twin's heads had snapped up at the sound of their collective name. Their heads turned, to face the young lady walking towards them, identical grins glued on each face. "Why hello young lady-" one began

"How lovely to see you." The other finished.

A smile graced the lady's face. "What are you boys planning now?"

"Who says we are planning anything?"

"Yes, why does the beautiful lady always assume we are up to no good?"

Now a tinkling laugh fell from her mouth. "Because I know you and because I am not your best friend for nothing."

"Alas, Fred, why did we choose such a smart young lady as our comrade?"

"Oh cut it out." Her voice betrayed her words as the harshness gave way to more of that enchanting laugh.

George's laugh joined in with hers as Fred spoke. "Ok, we think Umbridge is getting a bit big for her boots if you know what I mean."

"So you want to bring her down a notch?"

"Exactly. But we have the problem of creating something sufficiently exciting that will leave a mark yet cannot be traced back to us."

"And we wouldn't mind advertising our products along the way."

"Do you want help in this?" her voice was a tease, saying more than she wanted to.

"No I don't believe we do. I think we have a very smart plan ourselves."

"Good, because I wasn't planning to help. You two can cause quite enough trouble on your own. Remember Filch’s face after that prank last year?" At this her brewing laugh spilled over again.

“Ah, yes.” The twin’s laughter joined in with hers, and again the beauty of the morning was complete.

"So are you going to tell me what the ingenious plan is?" Her voice held the question in the air.

"No, I don't believe we are."

"I think you can find out when the rest of the school does."

"Yes I thought that would be the case." Her head nodded while her eyes danced. "Well if you can't tell me that, then can you at least tell when and where, so I can be prepared." Her mouth lingered over the last word.

"Ah but that would give away the surprise."

"And it truly is a surprise."

"As we, ourselves, don't even know those details yet."

"But we will be sure to notify you in due time."

"We wouldn't want you to miss out on our brilliance now, would we?"

"No, No. I sure wouldn't want to miss that. As long as it's another product demonstration, you know I love them."

"It sure will be."

A smile graced her face. A comfortable silence fell on the group as the twins turned back to their plans.

One of the two began to rise. The other followed. "Anyway, we better be going."

"Yes, people to see, mayhem to cause..."

Her laugh tinkled again, "Ok, you two have fun."

"We sure will."

"So anyway, young lady,"


"Jewel of our eyes,"

"Oh shut up."

"We must be going."

"Ta ta."

"Hope you enjoy yourself."

"Just leave already."



The twins turned, the morning light illuminating their backs. The girl sighed and occupied the space the twins had just left. The beauty of the morning was far from lost to her eyes though, as they opened to drink in the world around her. Those beautiful sapphire eyes, sparkling in the sun, so complemented by those lips, full and pink. Her brown hair was far from boring as slight blonde and ginger streaks were illuminated by the rising sun. It fell down her back and waved slightly, as if the hair wanted to curl but didn’t quite have the energy. She lifted her head and her long neck lengthened, showing off her pale, fragile skin. Her chest rose as she took a deep breath and her shapeless robes tightened to show off her gorgeous curves. The air escaped from her chest in a sigh, releasing like music into the air around her. She turned and spoke, those perfect lips forming the words into more wonderful music.



"You're staring at me."

I felt a blush creep up my cheeks, "I guess I am."

She leant over to me and brushed her lips against my forehead. "You know, you're beautiful when you blush."

I lifted my eyes up to meet hers. The beautiful blue depths drew me in. Without thinking, I brushed my lips against hers. Smiling, she shuffled closer to me and kissed me again, harder.

Sitting up, I placed my hands around her shoulders and pulled her closer again, my tongue searching for an entrance into her mouth. She opened her lips and her tongue darted out to dance with mine, an elaborate waltz of happiness. Soon she pulled her lips away and traced her tongue down my cheek, stopping to suck and nip until she found a spot that made me groan in pleasure. Placing my hands round her cheeks I lifted her head up to capture her lips with mine again and this time she groaned as she dropped her head back to allow me greater access. My hands started to scrabble at her robes, I wanted her closer.


"Hmm." I already missed the feel of those lips on mine.

"Maybe we should take this somewhere more private."

"I like that idea." I jumped to my feet and grabbed her hand, relishing the softness.

The beauty of the morning was forgotten as we walked back to the castle. My hand snaked around her back and she sighed and pressed closer. I smiled at the sight. My lovely girlfriend here, with me, my life is bliss. All I could hope was that Fred and George didn't get it into their heads to spoil our fun.


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