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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven
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Chapter Seven


A/N:  In this chapter, we bring back the ever depressing yet totally awesome Ero Morningstar!!

“You’re going to have a what? How is that possible?” I spluttered, as I slipped on one of Al’s shoes. “OW!” I cried out as my bum hit the floor.

“Same clumsy little Alli” Sam said, helping me up. “We found a Surrogate mother to carry our child” Sam explains, taking Jaden’s hand.

“We’re not telling anyone until it’s born. Can you keep it to yourself?” Jaden asks, as I drink some cold tea. Blech.

“Yeah, I can. Don’t worry J. I won’t tell anyone” I said, making the expecting parents, smile.

“Well, thanks Alli. We need to go now. We’re visiting Tyler and Berger. They got a girl  pregnant last year and have the cutest little girl. We’ll see you around” Jaden said, getting up. Huh.

“Bye guys, see you around” I said, closing the door after they left. My friends just got weirder and weirder every day. I can’t believe it. Jaden, a Daddy? Well, Mummy really Sam would be the Daddy. In any case, I went and took a much needed shower and got ready for my date with Al. We really didn’t have time to date what with Al being an Auror and us having to raise a six yearold girl.

At around seven thirty, I was dressed in a short black dress and not very comfortable shoes. I was actually wearing a bit of light makeup and my usually disheveled hair was behaving for once.

Now, I just had to wait for Al to pick me up. I was sitting on the couch for at least an hour when the door opened. “Sorry, I’m a little late. I’ve been swamped with paperwork, my boss is such a slavedriver. Then we ran into a little trouble at the office when someone accidentally set off a dung bomb. Set us back quite a bit,” he said, sitting down exhaustedly.

“Well, if you’re too tired to go to dinner, we can skip it and I’ll make something here?” I offered, awesome girlfriend that I was.

“No, just let me shower and get ready. Then we’ll be on our way. Nothing’s going to ruin our night,” he said, dropping his cloak on the floor. I keep telling him not to walk down the hall here in his Wizards robes but, he doesn’t listen. He never listens.

“Okay” I said, sitting back. Somehow, I felt that we weren’t going to have such a good night. Al seemed too tired, I guess being an Auror is just too hard on him. About twenty minutes later, Al walked out of my room, dressed in grey slacks and a black button down. His jet black hair was still its unruly mess. It made me smile when I looked at him, I saw Tamsin and when I look at her, I see him.

“Well, how do I look? Muggle enough for a night on the town?” he said, in an overly exaggerated American accent.

“Right, let’s go then. Let me get my coat” I said, grabbing an expensive black coat from the coat hanger. It was a gift from Dad. He’d said that if I had to dress like a Muggle, I was going to do it in style. So, I only used it when Al and I went out on special occasions.

As soon as we left the flat, we ran into Brian Piss Drunk and Blondie Graham. Fuck. “’Ey! It’s Allisha the girl from down the hall! Where’re you goin’ all dolled up?” Piss Drunk asked, not bothering to address Al at all.

“I’m going on a date with my fiancé, not that that’s your business” I said, grabbing Al’s arm and pulling him away. Bloody bastards. I could hear them laughing like a couple of hyenas and it burned me up.

“Who were those blokes?” Al asked, suspiciously.

“They’re Callum’s Muggle roommates. A couple of bleeding idiots if you ask me” I said as we turned down an alleyway and apparated to a modern village. They had a fancy restaurant in the vicinity and it was our favorite. We entered the restaurant and smiled at eachother. This is just what we needed, a night away from all of our responsibilities.
I’d also called Night earlier and asked if Tamsin could stay with them after she and Kiley got back from the pictures. So, Al and I were going to spend a kid free night.

“I see. No more talk of anymore blokes. Let’s just enjoy our time” Al said, as a Muggle waiter led us to our private table (Courtesy of Dad).

“Here are your menus, may I get you something to drink?” asked, the handsome young waiter. He looked to be our age. I looked around and sighed, once again, Al and I were the youngest couple here. Sometimes I hated having wealthy parents and a trust fund.

“Ehhh, just a bottle of wine, a good one” Al said, awkwardly.

“Right away sir” he said, walking off.

We were just looking at our menus when a familiar voice spoke up. “Al Potter and Alli Malfoy, strange meeting you here”.

I looked up and smiled uncomfortably. Fucking Ero Morningstar, Night’s unbelievably depressing and uncommonly rude cousin. His girlfriend Wynter Chang was with him and their young son too. He had long black hair, pale skin, and almond shaped grey eyes, him being, a quarter Asian and whatnot. Ero’s appearance had barely changed. He was still tall, thin and pale. Though the once blue ends in his midnight black hair were now blood red and he now had what Aludra affectionately referred to as a “Devil’s goatee”.

“Hey Ero, erm…would you guys like to join us?” Al asked. Well, there goes the rest of the night.

“Thank you, it’s so hard to get a table here” Wynter said, looking pretty as ever. She also had pale skin and straight black hair but, her eyes were a deep rich brown. They were all dressed in black. Though Wynter was dressed more properly for the place.

“No problem,” I said, smiling awkwardly again. So after we ordered, Al and Wynter were talking about James’s scores of the last Quidditch game and I was watching Ero’s son who happened to be reading a book called World War Z or something like that. I didn’t recognize the title.

“So, Night tells me you two are engaged now. Why do you want to get married?” Ero said, making me look up in shock.

“What? Why do you have to ask that?” I said, a tad on the rude-ish side.
“You didn’t answer my question. Why do you want to get married?” he asked again, smirking slightly. What a prick.

“I don’t know. Al asked me and I said yes..I do want to get married” I said, a little uncertainly. It was a good thing Al and Wynter were too immersed in their discussion to actually hear our exchange.

“You didn’t sound so sure. Also, you didn’t really answer the question. I think that you really don’t and you just said yes because you felt it was the right thing to do for your daughter. You shouldn’t get married, Allisha. At least, not until you are ready. Until you actually really want to, until it feels right…really right” he said, touching my hand with his black nailed and skull gloved one.

It was the first serious heart to heart I’d ever had with Ero, since the first day I met him. But he made me so angry. How dare he say those things! I do want to marry Al! Not just for Tamsin! Don’t I? I do love him but…do I really want to marry him? Almost everyone I know married young. Do I really want that to be me? Fuck! I’ll say this again, Fucking Ero Morningstar!

After Dinner, we stood outside with Ero, Wynter, and their son. He was giving me this kind of knowing gaze. He was smarter than I gave him credit for, just being five and all. “So why aren’t you two married?” Al asked Wynter.

“Oh, well Ero and I thought that this way, we won’t feel obligated in anyway and the love stays in the relationship. Besides, marriage ruins some perfectly fine families” she said, making my heart stop. God these two are so screwed up it’s not even funny.

“Goodnight Albus, Allisha. Good luck with the wedding and thank you for the invite. Say goodbye to Al and Alli, Spirit” Ero said, in an oddly formal voice.

“Goodbye” he said, in a low and ethereal tone. God the boy was seriously creeping me out. But, he was beautiful, I’d give them that. And with those words, a seriously fucked up family, left. They left us to think about the commitment we were both going to make.

Ero’s words were just haunting me with every step I took. I couldn’t shake anything he’d said to me. And, by the time we got back to my flat, Al and I were both so bothered that, we didn’t even shag, like I know we’d both planned to.

I said it twice and I’ll say it again: Fucking Ero Morningstar.

A/N: Okay, I know it took forever to update and I know it is extremely short but, this is mainly a filler and also presents the conflict of Al and Alli’s relationship. There you have it. I would also like to dedicate this Chapter to my amazing late friend, TJ because, Ero was his favorite character. More Ero in the next chapters.

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