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Safehouse,Horses,Music by slyth_girl_456
Chapter 4 : Mothers and The Past
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Later that month at dinner they had a guest. Draco’s mother had gotten time to stop by for a little bit. Hermione don’t think she had ever seen Draco so happy. He didn’t’ seem like the Draco from school. But Hermione guessed it was where he was under his father’s wishes. Draco‘s mother was kind and warm hearted. This makes her wonder why she ever got with Draco’s father.

“Mother, are you sure you have a safe place to stay?’ he would keep asking her.

“Dear I’ve told you I’m staying in Paris. Your father hated it there.” She told him over and over.

“Mommy that lady is pretty.” She whispered during dinner pointing at Draco’s mother.

“Well thank you little girl. And what is your name?” she asked.

“My name is Ronnie.”

“Well isn’t that a pretty name for such a pretty girl.”

Ronnie smiled and giggled. She went to put some pasta in her mouth and got in all over her mouth. Hermione laughed and wiped her daughter’s mouth clean.
After dinner Draco said bye to his mother and walked her outside.

“Draco dear, what’s wrong?” his mother asked.

“I’m just worried about you mother. Father will come after you. We both know this fact. And you know if you don’t give him what he wants to know he will kill you.”

“Draco no needs to worry about me. Your father is no threat to me. But I will see you as soon as I can. I must be off.” She said and disappeared.
Draco walked in and stormed up the stairs up to the attic. Hermione heard the door to their room slam making her jump.
“Mommy, is Dracy mad?” Ronnie asked.
“No baby Draco is just a little sad. But let’s get you in the tub and get to bed.”
Ronnie walked up the stairs and into the bathroom.

Later that night after Ronnie was tucked in bed when Hermione walked in the room in the attic she excepted to find Draco asleep but he was sitting on his bed with a guitar in his hands.

“I didn’t know you played.” She said.
Draco jerked back and dropped his guitar. Hermione giggled and walked over to his bed and sat down.

“Do you play?” he asked.

“No I wanted to learn just no time I guess.” She said.

“Well you know. Um I could teach you if you want right now.” He said almost to the point where Hermione couldn’t hear him.
She looked at him shocked and nodded slowly.
“Um okay. If you want to.”
Draco moved back so that he could sit behind her. Hermione felt a spark when her back touched his crest. He placed the guitar in her lap and placed his hands over her’s. He placed her fingers over the strings and played a “g”. Hermione looked back at Draco and smiled. The next think Hermione knew their lips were connected. The guitar slid onto the floor with a thump and Hermione put her hand on Draco’s neck. Draco’s hand slid to her back and pulled her on top of him. She granted him more access to her mouth and he ran his tongue over her’s. She rolled them so that he was on top and he pulled away.
“Herm…Granger.” He said shocked.
“Draco. I have to tell you something.” She said.
She pushed him up and sat up. Draco looked at her and started kissing her neck. She giggled and arched her neck to the left. Her mind went back to what she was going to say. She pulled him back.

“It was me.” She said.
Draco gave her a funny look.

“I’m the one of the muggle borns you saved.” She said.

“Oh how did you get captured? I would have thought you went with Potter and Weasley.”

“I stayed back to watch Ronnie.”

“Ronnie come on baby.” Hermione said.
Ronnie took her mother’s hand and they went up to Hermione’s room. They sat on Ronnie’s bed. Hermione grabbed her wand off her dresser and walked over to her closet. She muttered something under her breath and tapped her closet door.

“Ronnie look at mommy. Whenever I tell you to hide bad people are coming I want you to grab mommy’s toy stick here and get in the closet.” She said kneeing beside Ronnie.
Ronnie nodded and Hermione hugged Ronnie tears coming to her eyes. She pulled away and kissed her forehead. Then all of a sudden there was a crash downstairs and Hermione heard her mom yell. Hermione jerked her head towards the door.

“Ronnie bad people hide.” She said.
Ronnie grabbed the wand from Hermione and went over to the closet and walked in. As soon as the door shut two death eaters busted the door to Hermione’s room open.
~End Flashback~

Hermione had tears in her eyes. Draco’s arm was around her and started rubbing her arm.

“Ronnie had just got back home from going into hiding with my parents.”

“Granger, I’m so sorry.” Draco said.

“It’s okay. I did it to keep my little girl safe. She was two at that time.” Hermione said wiping her tears away. “Um I’m going to go check on Ronnie.”
Hermione got up and hurried down stairs. Leaving Draco alone and confused.

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