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Let The Games Begin by OfficialBarbie
Chapter 6 : I may have misread the rules.
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The next morning, Tori stood in front of the mirror, finishing off her make-up while Lily slept off part of her hangover. The other girls were also getting ready around the two. Katy was deliberately being loud as she was trying to wake Lily up. She was angry at Lily for being with Diggory last night, as she’d claimed him.

“Shut up,” Jenny hissed at her. “Next time you’re hung-over, I’ll shout in your ear.”

Katy shrugged. The fact that Lily was a heavy sleeper and didn’t wake up had angered her even more. “I claimed him, Jenny!”

The other girls rolled their eyes.

“She was drunk,” Amelia sighed. “Cut her some slack, Katy.”

Katy just huffed and left.

“Go follow her,” Tori said coolly to Amelia. “Pat her head and tell her she can get any guy over Lily. Even though we all know Lily’s the clear winner in brains, looks, personality and class.”

“Shut up, Kingsley. Just because we’re not all slags.”

Tori smirked, “That’s rich.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

Tori just smirked again.

Amelia left in the same fashion as Katy, just glaring at Tori more.

“You know, you really shouldn’t piss her off.”

Tori rolled her eyes, “Whatever, goodie-two-shoes.”

Jenny looked hurt, “Why do you have to be such a bitch all the time?”

“Doesn’t any girl – apart from Lily – appreciate my quirky personality?”

“Guys don’t either,” Jenny said thoughtfully. “They just like you for obvious reasons.”

Tori just smirked again, pretending nothing affected her, and woke up Lily.

“Oi Evans, get your skinny ass up and in the shower!”

Lily opened one eye to look at Tori’s perfect face, groaned and rolled over.

Another few tries and Lily was out of bed and in the bathroom.

“She does not look good,” Tori giggled, more to herself than Jenny.

“You’re a great friend.” Oh, the sarcasm.

Tori rolled her eyes, “I’m so sorry if I’m truthful and won’t lie to her about something as petty as that. It’s not like she’s going to be upset that I said that. Gee, loosen up.”

Jenny chose to ignore this, “I’m going down to breakfast. Try not to insult Lily too much.” With that, she grabbed her bag and left.

“What was that?” Lily called from the bathroom.

“Nothing unusual,” Tori said as Lily walked out of the bathroom. “Just every girl hating on my honesty, good looks and ability to not care if I’m different.”

“I don’t hate on those cool things about you,” Lily chuckled. She was wearing her underwear and a vest top while searching through the drawers for her uniform. Her hair looked brown from the water and was dripping down her back.

Tori winked, “You look a lot better.”


A few minutes later and they were good to go.

“Why do you wear so much make-up?” Lily yawned.

Tori shrugged, “I don’t wear that much, y’know. I just wear more than you.”

“I don’t usually wear any. I’m just wearing that concealer to hide my bags.”

“I like to remind girls that they have another thing to hate me for,” Tori explained. “I’m beautiful.”

Lily didn’t know if Tori was joking or not. She sounded vain, but serious. And it wasn’t as if she was lying – she was beautiful. Lily wished she could be that confident about herself.

When they reached the Gryffindor table, Sirius came and sat next to them. “Hello my beauties.”

Your beauties?”

“Yes,” he said seriously. “That’s right. Feel the honour, it’s only natural. Do a happy dance, if you must.”

Lily laughed. “You’re delusional, Black.”

“And you’re hung-over,” he noted.

“Hey! I’m smiling and laughing and I don’t look that bad!”

“It’s okay, baby. I can be like your Gok Wan.”

“Who?” Tori asked, puzzled.

Lily laughed, “Since when do you watch Muggle TV?”

“Since, like, always.” Sirius sighed longingly, “I want his life.”

“You know he’s gay, right?”

He glared at her, “He’s straight! And he gets to see naked woman all the time.”

“Aw,” Tori pouted. “Hasn’t Black been getting any lately?”

He grinned cheekily. “And you’re asking about my sexual habits because?”

“Non-existing sexual habits,” Tori muttered as James, Peter and Remus joined them.

“Where were you last night, Peter?” Tori asked. The nicest Tori was to any boy was definitely Peter Pettigrew. She acted like his older sister and actually loved him like a brother, claiming he was “too cute”.

“Evans,” James smirked at Lily.

She blushed when she saw him. She was embarrassed about what happened last night. I’m stupid when I’m drunk, she thought to herself. She’d also kind of hoped that the way he acted towards her last night would stay, but she could tell from the playful light in his eyes that things were back to normal.

“I did go to the party,” Peter blushed at a memory. “But I left soon after.”


Remus chuckled, “Because he downed a fire whiskey and threw up.”

“Aw!” Lily said.

“Don’t be mean to my brother,” Tori glared.

Delusional, that girl is, Lily thought.

Peter stuck his tongue out at Remus.

“So about later –” Remus started.

“Not in front of the children,” Sirius nodded his head towards Peter.

Lily spat out her drink in laughter.

“Smooth, Evans,” Peter giggled, then realised what she found funny. “Hey! I’m in the same year as you!”

Lily wasn’t listening – she had spotted Ryan Dallas about to leave the Great Hall and stood up. “Got to run, see you first class!”

“What’s that about?” James asked as they all watched Lily catch up with Ryan and walk out of the hall together.

“Don’t be jealous.”

James opened his mouth, as if to speak, but closed it.

Tori sighed and put down her pumpkin juice, “You know what she said last night when she was drunk?”

The boys looked curiously at her.

“That you were actually nice to her. She hates you constantly asking her out and the mind games you play with her. It makes her resent you, Potter. If you want a chance, be a decent guy and treat her like a friend!”

As breakfast finished, James thought that over. Could he be nice to Lily? Could he treat her like a friend?

When he passed her in the hall, he opened his mouth to ask her out and stopped. Maybe he could be a friend. And what should he do to show her that he only wanted to be a friend?

The answer seemed so obvious to him then, he’d show her he was over her!

The lessons passed in a blur and before they knew it, they had all met Sirius outside the Gryffindor tower as planned. He directed them to the seventh floor corridor. They watched as he walked three times in front of a wall, then a door appeared.

When they walked inside, there were many comfy armchairs and sofas, cushions on the floor and bookshelves. It looked like a cosy hang out place for friends to just relax. It was also in red and blue – Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

Tori flopped onto one of the sofas immediately, “What is this place?”

“The Room of Requirement,” Sirius answered proudly. Quickly, he explained how the room worked. “We’ll meet here when I tell you that we have a meeting. Just think this hang out when you walk in front of it three times.”

The others nodded, taking in their surroundings.

“So give us the lists,” Dallas said.

“Ah, young grasshopper,” Sirius said, as if to someone much younger than him. “It doesn’t quite work like that.”

“What?” Lily blurted. She looked at James and Peter; they didn’t look as confused as everyone else. Sirius must have filled them in.

“You have two minutes to explain, Black. Or I’m ripping your pretty head off,” Tori literally growled. It was safe to say that she didn’t like being out of the know.

But Sirius just wiggled his eyebrows, “So you agree it’s pretty?”

“I’ll help her,” Lily put in.

“Alright, alright,” Sirius put his hands up. “I didn’t realise how it worked before because I may have misread the rules... But now I do! Basically, there’s a task but we either have to all complete it at the same time – or complete different parts of it.”

“Example?” Jordan put in.

“Like say we had to paint a picture, we’d all do a different colour to get the overall portrait,” James said.

Everyone was quiet for a moment, pondering this. Then Tori spoke up, “We don’t have to do a picture, right?”

“But baby, I do yours every night!”

“Shut up, Sirius.”

“Just because you’re crap at drawing, Tor,” Lily laughed.

Tori stuck her tongue out childishly as Sirius finally answered the question. “No, we don’t.”

“Right, I’ll tell you each thing at a time. We have to do ten things each.”

Everyone looked at him.

“Our first task is one we need to do together,” he carried on. “There’s a key. A Slytherin called Brian Fenton has it. Someone needs to get it to start with.”

“Ew! The really fat one?” Tori looked disgusted.

Sirius nodded.

“When we have this key, what do we do with it?” Jordan asked.

“This is another person’s job – in the Slytherin common room, there are these green armchairs. Underneath one of the cushions, has a key hole sticking out. Unlock it with the key, and get the box within it.”


“Once we have the box, there’s a piece of paper with a small riddle. None of us have a hope of figuring this riddle out – but a Hufflepuff can. Problem is: we don’t know which Hufflepuff it is. Someone needs to find out which one and get him or her to work it out. All without the Hufflepuff knowing what’s going on.”

The others were starting to look a bit scared right now. It was only the first task and it already sounded hard – what had they gotten themselves into?

“Now I don’t know what to do after them three – hey, don’t look at me like that! – the spell will only give away one task at a time. And when it’s an involved task – that’s what it’s called – like this, we only get the first three. Once we finish these, we’ll get the next three parts.”

“It’s pretty confusing,” Dallas admitted.

Lily considered, “Then someone needs to get the key off Brian Fenton.”

“Let’s pull straws,” James suggested.

The room conjured up seven straws, one of which was short. After a quick argument, it was decided that Lily would do it. She shuffled them behind her back, lined them up without looking at the end then offering them around.

It was Tori who pulled the short straw. With a groan, she looked at Sirius, “How do I do it?”

Sirius smirked, “That, my friend, is up to you.”

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