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Sometimes Things Are Meant to Be by WotcherWeasley
Chapter 7 : And They're Off
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Today was the day. She and Ron were going to Australia to find her Mum and Dad. She was overwhelmed, she was excited, nervous, anxious, scared, confident, happy, and worried all at the same time. The thoughts were racing through her head. What if I can’t find them? Will they be mad at me? What if I can’t restore their memories? What will they say about me and Ron? Will they approve of him? Wait, I’m of age, I don’t need their approval. Hermione was thankful when Mrs.Weasley’s mother shouts echoed across the gardens of the Burrow. “RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY! THERE YOU ARE! LAST MINUTE, AS USUAL. ITS NEARLY TIME FOR THE BLASTED PORT KEY TO LEAVE AND YOU ARE JUST NOW COMING OUT OF THE DOOR!”

Hermione looked towards the house. He was, indeed, running down the hill only moments before their port key, which was an old horse shoe, to leave. His suitcase was flopping behind him like a fish out of water. The young, chocolate eyed witch made a mental note to herself to never let him pack for himself again. While she was attempting to pack his things two days before, he pleaded with her to let him do so himself. She gave in, he started packing forty-five minutes before they were supposed to leave. And for Merlin’s sake, he hadn’t even shrunken his luggage like she told him to!

As he reached the take-off location, he panted “Sorry.” But a heavy breathed apology was not good enough for his mother. No, not at all.

“Ronald, what in the name of Merlin were you thinking? Packing last minute like so? And did you pack clean underwear?” the older woman questioned. That last question earned snorts from the twins.

“Ron,” Hermione said quietly, “you haven’t shrunk you’re suitcase.” She pulled her wand out of the back pocket of her jeans and muttered “Reducio.” His bag shrunk in his hand and he shoved it into his front pocket. Much to her boyfriend’s dismay, his mother started fussing over him again.

Hermione decided to take the last few minutes they had left to thank Mr.Weasley. Seeing as he had connections in the ministry, he was able to have the port key arranged for the young couple, minus the long application process. “Thank you, Mr. Weasley,” she said to the man, “I cannot thank you enough for doing this. Merlin knows how long it would have taken if I would have applied for one.”

Arthur Weasley beamed. “Anything for you, Hermione dear. After all, you are an honorary Weasley.”

He then looked at his watch. “Ah! Only about thirty seconds left!” he nodded towards the horse shoe as it started glowing blue. Both Ron and Hermione grabbed the rusty horse shoe. Their last seconds on the little piece of land just outside of Ottery St. Catchpole were filled with many good byes, good lucks, see you soons, and one “Don’t make any babies while you’re gone!” which both Hermione and Ron assumed was from either Fred or George. Then, there was the familiar feeling of being tugged behind the naval.



There was a soft thud as the couple hit the ground in Australia, they had arranged to land in a hidden location. Hermione looked at her surroundings and recognized the city of Sydney from pictures she had seen as a little girl. “Ron!” she exclaimed, “We’re here! We’re really here!” She was holding on to his arms, jumping up and down. “We’re here, we’re here, we’re here,” she continued, placing quick kisses all over his face.

“I know, ‘Mione, calm down. Shall we pitch the tent?” he couldn’t help but grin at his girlfriends excited state.

“Oh, yes,” she said, digging into her pockets until she felt the burlap like square. She pulled the minute tent out of her pocket and placed it on the ground. “Engorio!” she said excitedly. The tent returned back to its normal size.

From the outside, Ron though it looked just like the one they stayed in during the Quidditch World Cup. However, he was amazed when he entered their temporary home. It was much larger than he thought. In fact, the tent was of gigantic proportions. There were three bedrooms, one for Hermione, one for Ron, and one for her parents. There was a larger kitchen , a nice sized bathroom, and a cozy sitting room.

Hermione’s voice broke into Ron’s amazement. “Ron, I think I’m going to unpack. Would you like to get your things put away as well?” she asked, heading towards what Ron assumed she had chosen as her bedroom.

“Oh, sure. I think we should eat something before we go looking as well,” he answered before making his way to the second room. Hermione couldn’t help but grin and shake her head at her love’s large appetite.

Hermione was quite impressed with the tent she had purchased. The bedrooms were fairly large, and hers had a large, king sized bed with a canopy over it. She smiled, pleased with herself. She set her now size-restored suitcase on her bed and opened it, preparing to put her clothes in the wardrobe. But she had to suppress a scream when she saw what was lying on top off the rest of her clothes. Lacy, black, practically see-through lingerie. One word, one name came to her mind: Ginny. She heard a soft knock at her door. “One minute!” she said, waving her wand, sending her belongings into their proper places and hiding the things Ginny had hidden in her bag. “Come in.”

“I’m starving, ‘Mione,” Ron whined as he entered her bedroom. “This is nice,” he commented.

“Thank you. And would you like to go get something to eat or eat in?”

“Let’s go get something, I’m sure you aren’t up to cooking right now. Who knows, we may even see your Mum and Dad while we’re out,” he answered.



Hermione and Ron made their way down the streets of Sydney hand in hand. At last, they came to a little diner called Steve’s. They decided to eat their because of the aroma coming out of the place. I was mouthwatering.

They waked in and seated themselves at the bar. Not to long afterwards, a young girl named Shelley came to take their order. “What can I get for you, dears?”

“I’ll have water and the barbie chicken, please,” said Hermione as she folded her menu and handed it to the waitress.

“And I’ll have water and the barbie shrimp,” said Ron, doing the same.

“All right, I’ll have it to you in just a few,” Shelley smiled. She returned a few minutes later with their drinks and told them their food would be ready soon.

The young couple chatted animatedly as they were waiting on their food. Ron noticed that Hermione had changed into shorts. He was mentally thanking Merlin, he didn’t know it was possible for a girl to have such nice legs. “Here you are!” they heard Shelley say.

They both started eating. Hermione loved chicken, it was one of her favourites. She looked over to Ron, who was looking at her while chewing on a bite of shrimp. “Want a bite?” he asked, holding up a piece of the seafood.

“No thanks, Ron, I hate seafood. Makes me sick to my stomach most of time,” she said before taking another bite of her chicken, then grabbing a chip or two.

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” he said, carrying on the conversation.

“That’s what you get for being a toerag for the past seven years or so,” she grinned.

“I know, I should have said something about SPEW earlier, “ he grinned back.

They continued to tease each other about their past crushes until they had finished their dinner. They paid their bill, left a tip, then headed back to the tent. As the were walking back, Hermione could feel Ron looking at her. “Yes?” she looked at him.

“Don’t you want to look for your parents?” he asked.

“Yes, I do, but we can start tomorrow,” she said. She wrapped her arm around his for the rest of their walk.

When they arrived back at the tent, Hermione noticed a note had been left on the table, addresses to Hermione. The both recognized Ginny’s handwriting. Curious, Hermione quickly opened the envelope and read it.


Like your surprise? I saw it in Hogsmede and figured you could use it during your little trip. I’m certain Ickle Ronniekins would love to see you in it! Just remember the spell!

Good luck finding your parents,


Hermione laughed at the note the fiery red head had sent her. She has no intentions what so ever to use the “surprise” Ginny had put in her luggage. She looked over to see Ron had taken his shirt off and was lying on the sofa reading the Prophet, which had also been delivered. Merlin’s beard, if he keeps taking his shirt off, I may have to use that provocative clothing Ginny sent with me.
“’Mione,” Ron said, “did you see this? Slughorn has been appointed headmaster of Hogwarts.”

“No, I didn’t good for him. He should be a good headmaster, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, he deserves it.”

“I look forward to having him as a headmaster this year,” she said. There was a long pause.

“You’re…you’re going back?” Ron asked, with an upset expression on his face.


Hey guys! Sorry it has been so long. I had to put my dog down. It wasn't easy. I hope you enjoyed! Review if you wish :)





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Sometimes Things Are Meant to Be: And They're Off


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