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All Over Again by Lily_Ginny_Mione
Chapter 1 : Sweet Promises
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Arms, strong, warm and blissfully familiar encircle me from behind. I can’t stop the smile that creeps to my lips as I lean against him.
“Hello, Rosie,”

“Hey, Scorp,” I reply and turn my head to kiss him.

“Guys, get a room!” My cousin, Al, possibly the most annoying person on the Earth, but also my best friend is pretending to be sick.

 “Oh grow up, Albus,” I say with a roll of my eyes and wrap my own arms around Scorpius’. “When’s the last time you got a date?” This earns some jeers from my friends around me and Al sticks his tongue out at me. I do it back at him: this is how mature my cousin and I are.

 “Shut it, Al, they’re adorable!” Albus’ little sister, Lily – my other best friend says to her brother and my other friends, Clem and Jennie nod in agreement. I am lucky to have Scorpius – all the girls in Hogwarts love him. But he’s mine – he’s my other half and I love him with every inch of my being.

“How are you, my love?” Scorpius asks me and rests his forehead against my temple.

“I think I’m coming down with something actually,” I say and sniff to prove a point. Scorpius lets go of me and steps away looking disgusted. “Hey!” I whine and give him a look. With a laugh, he wraps me back up in his arms.
“Joking,” he laughs and Clem prods me in the back.

“Rose – me and Jennie are going to the Library to finish this essay. Shall we see you later?”

“No – I’m coming,” I say and smile at my girls. “Scorp.” I say but my boyfriend refuses to release his iron hold on me. “Scorp, let me go, or I won’t do your Charms essay in time for this afternoon’s lesson,”

This makes him drop me like a hot potato.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” I laugh. “See you later, Scorp,” I say and he leans in to kiss me.

“Later, Rosie,” he says softly and I link arms with Clem and Lily who links her arm with Jennie. And then we walk off in a line of four like the über cool girls we really are.

“Lily,” I start and then pause. Lily turns her head and looks at me questioningly.


“I feel like I’ve forgotten something really important …”

“Your brain?” Clem offers. I give her a soft nudge in the ribs.

Clem has been my best friend since first year when she threw water all down my by accident – she had tripped over Jennie, but we didn’t become friends with her until halfway through our second year. Clem is tall and blonde with brown eyes and a heart shaped face: she’s possibly the sweetest girl I know after Lily. Jennie is of average height with long dark hair and almond shaped green eyes. She’s strong minded, but also extremely soft hearted.

And then there’s me: 5 foot 5 at the age of 16, wild curly red hair: the colour from my father, and the body from my mother, and big brown eyes. I’m slender, I guess. But that’s only because I spent my childhood running around rural fields with my many cousins and playing Quidditch before I was actually allowed. I eat like a man.

I inherited the best of my parents’ traits: my mum’s mind and thirst for knowledge and my dad’s humour and love of the outdoors.

I give a content sigh and Clem steals a glance at me sideways.
“Rose Weasley, you’ve got a smile that could light up the world.” Clem smiles herself. “And dammit, it’s infectious,”
I give a tinkling laugh. “I’m happy,” I say with a light shrug.

“You’re always happy, Rosie!” Jennie grins. “You’re the one we all go to when we’re feeling morbid,”

I don’t tell them that Scorpius makes my whole day just by looking at me and smiling. I wouldn’t ditch them for him at all – ‘girls before guys’ is the moral I live by, but Scorpius and I just fit together so perfectly.

“I’m not always happy,” I say defiantly.

“You have been ever since you started dating Scorpius,” Clem teases me I give her fake evils.

“Yeah, you were such a barrel of laughs before then,” Lily inputs with heavy sarcasm.

“Leave me alone, you lot!” I say in my own defence and shake my head in despair.

I look up and see a familiar mop of red hair which is not unlike my own.

“Hey, Hugh, what’s happening?” I greet my little brother Hugo who looks slightly worried by the fact that its 10 o’clock and I am grinning like an idiot.

“I was just going to ask you if Mum had sent you a letter.”

I think back. “Not since last week – why?” I ask and Hugo smirks.

“I just wondered whether or not she had found out about my detention with McGonagall for bewitching the suits of armour on the third floor,”

I give a laugh. “Silly boy,” I mutter. “Uncle George would be proud of you,”

“Ah, totally,” Hugo grins and draws himself up proudly. “See you later Rosie,” and with that he waves us goodbye.

“So what are you and Scorpius going to go when we leave school?” Clem asks and I consider this with a frown.
“We’re going to take it slow and see how everything fits in. He’s going to do what he wants, and I’m going to do what I want and then we’ll meet somewhere in the middle hopefully,” I reply.

“Hide me,” Jennie says, her cheeks suddenly draining from colour and ducks behind me. I follow her agonised gaze to see Drew, the boy who stood her up and broke her heart. I can feel the famous Weasley temper rising in my chest.

“Right.” I say. I shake back my hair, draw myself up to my full height and storm up to him. He’s with a bunch of his mates and they’re all messing around, pushing each other and jeering at Drew as I come closer.

Drew Simons is in our year, a Ravenclaw, a beater and about six inches taller than me. That’s a lot when you’re my height.

“You,” I snap in his face and put my hands on my hips in fury. I narrow my eyes into slits.

“What’s up, Ginger?” He smirks and I narrow my eyes. He just made fun of my hair. Big mistake.

“What’s up with Jennie now?” Drew says in a bored tone. He just dissed my best friend. Even bigger mistake.

“Before I rip your shiny blond hair out clump at a time,” I say sweetly. “I just want you to know that if you come even 2 metres close to Jennie, ever again, I will get my boyfriend and his other friends to personally beat you up and make sure you never get to play Quidditch again,”

Drew looks at me like he can’t tell whether I’m joking or not.

“Want to find out and see?” I say and Drew realises that I mean ever word I say.

“Leave me alone, Weasley,” Drew mumbles and slouches off. I give a secret triumphant smile and go back to where Jennie is looking depressed. Lily has disappeared off to the library most probably and Clem is muttering reassuring things to Jennie.

“Sorted. He won’t ever bother you again,” I say but Jennie remains solemn.

“Why do I attract the losers? You two both have great boyfriends: Rose, you and Scorpius are practically married,”

“God, don’t let my dad hear you say that,” I mutter.

“And Clem, you and Rich are so made for each other,” Jennie finishes.

“Jen, you’re gorgeous. If I were a boy, I’d date you in a heartbeat,” Clem says and Jennie just about manages to crack a smile. She really is one of the most gorgeous girls in Hogwarts, but there is no guy in Hogwarts who deserves her. They all just mess her around and break her heart. It’s not fair.

The bell rings somewhere in the distance and everyone jumps to life.


“Hey hey,” I whisper as I slip into the empty seat next to Scorpius in Transfiguration.

“I thought you’d never come,” he whispers back.

“Sorry – I had to get even with Drew Simons,”
“What did you do now,”

“Ah, nothing. He broke Jennie’s heart and then mocked my hair. I just threatened him,” I pull out some parchment, ink and a quill.


The lesson drags by and when the bell rings for lunch time, Scorpius takes my hand and we walk out into the busy corridor together.

“Will you have lunch with me today?” Scorpius asks me, raising his voice above the racket and I nod. I entwine my fingers with his long pale ones and rest my head against the top of his arm as we wander along the stone corridor.

“So you scared off Drew Simons, huh?” Scorpius asks, amused.

“Yep. I don’t think he’ll ever be coming near me again,”

“Oi, Weasley!”

I spin around to see one of Drew’s friends walking towards me. “Uh oh,” I mutter and I feel Scorpius tense up beside me.

“This is for being such a jumped-up weasel,”

The guy draws his hand back and I brace myself for the hit.

“If you lay one finger on my girlfriend, Hammond, I will break every bone in your body,” Scorpius growls and the guy sucks in his cheeks and puts his fist down. With one last hateful look at Scorpius, he skulks off.

I reach up on tiptoe and give Scorpius a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, darling, but I can fight my own battles,”

“Yeah looks like it. What was your plan? Let him punch you and walk off with your head held high?”

“Something like that,” I admit.

Scorpius rolls his eyes and pulls on my hand. “Come on, you,”

“Can I ask a stupid question?” I say thoughtfully.

“Go ahead,”

“Where are we going?”

“Lunch,” Scorpius says mysteriously.

“Where?” I ask and tug on Scorpius’ sleeve.

“I have a plan, don’t worry!”

I simply accept the workings of his thought process and blindly follow Scorpius down to the portrait of the fruit. He tickles the pear and a handle appears. We enter the warmth of the kitchens.

“Wait here,” he orders me and I linger around the portrait, watching Scorpius talk to a small house elf that hurries off and appears with a bulging canvas bag. He comes back over to me with a smile on his face. I don’t question him, but let him lead me back through the portrait and eventually we come to a halt in a small, secluded courtyard.

Scorpius and I sit down on a small stone bench and he pulls out a small ring box. My breath catches in my throat and I feel my heart thumping.

Scorpius pushes back his platinum hair and opens the box. It’s a small, simple silver ring. I take it out of its box and Scorpius shows me the inside of the band; engraved in light italic handwriting reads: I will always love you.

“It’s a promise ring,” he says softly and slips it onto the second finger of my left hand. “A promise that I will love you forever,”

I am speechless and for I moment I sit there in silence.

“Rose Weasley speechless: well this is a sight I thought I’d never see,”

This simple jibe is enough to bring me back. I smack him lovingly on the arm and the glint of silver in the sunlight reminds me.

“Thank you. I love you,” I say and look deep into his sapphire blue eyes.

“That’s all I needed to hear,”

And then he kisses me.

“Right, let’s eat,” I say. “I’m starving,”

“Of course you are. Here: I got you pasta,” Scorpius hands me a bowl of cold pasta – my favourite.

“Thank you, Scorp,” I say gratefully. I wrestle a fork off him and start to eat. I am so happy, and every time I catch a glimpse of my promise ring, I smile.

Nothing can take this boy away from me.

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