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Sam Potter by Byuflutist
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5: Comfort and Notes
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Chapter 5



         As Molly Weasely stepped out of the fireplace and into Sam’s loft, she expected to see the familiar auburn hair curled up on the couch, or hear a greeting coming from the living room, but nothing greeted her. She looked around the neat room and saw the pile of crumpled up decorations sitting in the corner. She looked around again for Sam and when she didn’t see her she decided that Sam must have left for a bit and Mrs. Weasely would try again later, but as Mrs. Weasely was looking for her floo powder she heard a sound coming from the bedroom.



          Mrs. Weasely walked slowly towards the closed door and cautiously put her ear to the door to hear better. Someone was crying. Being the mother of so many children, Molly let her maternal instincts take over and she knocked softly before entering the dark room.



          The room was tidy. There was a large bed that dominated the middle of the room with a soft red and gold cover on it. One wall was made entirely of glass and the other was covered in pictures, both muggle and magical, of Sam with her brother, her friends, and so many of Fred that Mrs. Weasely wondered when they had taken all of them. There was a large shelf that housed so many books that it looked like the shelves were going to collapse in upon itself.



The room was extremely dark with the blinds pulled shut and the lights off. It took a moment for Mrs. Weasely’s eyes to adjust to the darkness but she didn’t need her sight, she merely followed the sound of crying that she now knew was coming from Sam.


Sam was curled into a tight ball and holding onto the only picture that showed only herself and Fred. It was a wizard picture. He had his arm around her shoulders and her arm was wrapped around his waist. The picture was taken in front of the Burrow just before Sam had started her sixth year at Hogwarts. Every now and then Fred’s picture-self would pull Sam to his chest and kiss her. Whenever this would happen, fresh tears would appear on the real Sam’s cheeks and Mrs. Weasely’s heart would break just a little more at the loss that the young girl had already endured.




“Sam?” Mrs. Weasely said quietly not wanting to scare the poor girl.



Sam made no move to acknowledge Mrs. Weasely whisper, so Mrs. Weasely walked around the bed and looked into the young woman’s tearstained face.




"Samantha? What’s wrong my dear? Why are you crying? You know, you can’t let Ron get to you-“




"It wasn’t Ron…Draco kissed me.” She said it all in a rush, like she had wanted to say it forever and only just now let it out.



Mrs. Weasely was dumbfounded. She knew that Draco had moved into the loft with Sam and that the two had become very close friends but she was unaware that there were any feelings more than friendship between them.



“S-Sam, what happened? Why did he kiss you? D-did you want him to, or-“



“No! No, it was nothing like that. I-I was confused and upset and he was helping me, and I just wanted… Oh, Mummy Weasely! What do I do?! He’s been so wonderful to me; he has become such a great friend to me. He-he…” but Sam couldn’t go on because the tears were once again cascading down her face and she had thrown herself into the arms of the woman who had become the closest thing to a mother as anyone else had been her entire life.



Having raised six boys and a rather tough daughter, Mrs. Weasely was nearly at a loss of what to do when Sam threw herself into her arms. She held Sam close and brushed her hair away from her face, murmuring quietly in her ear to try to calm her down.




After a few moments of uncontrollable sobbing, Sam sat back and slowly looked up into the kind green eyes of Mrs. Weasely,        



“How did you know I needed you?” Sam asked, the thought entering her mind suddenly,




“Ron came barging into my kitchen a few hours ago with Harry and the girls following a few minutes later and then they sat around the table and didn’t say a word. When Ronald didn’t ask for something to eat immediately, I knew something was wrong,” Mrs. Weasely replied, trying to lighten the mood.



Sam chuckled despite herself. It was true that Ron Weasely was usually more concerned with his stomach than he was with anything else.



“There’s that beautiful smile,” Mrs. Weasely said, knowing that the hard part was over.



Sam slowly sat up straight and attempted to dry her eyes on the back of her hand. She hated crying and to cry in front of someone else was completely against her nature, but she knew that she could trust Mummy Weasely. Hadn’t she spent months crying in her kitchen after Fred’s death? Wasn’t that when Sam had dubbed Mrs. Weasely “Mummy Weasely”?




“Now, why don’t you tell me what happened after the others left your apartment a few hours ago?” Mrs. Weasely asked, knowing that Sam needed to tell someone about it.



Sam launched into explanation about what had happened. When she got to the part of her story where Draco kissed her, she hesitated and even considered lying but couldn’t bring herself to say the lie. She explained how she had wanted him to kiss her, that she felt like she may have feelings for him that went beyond friendship. The tears were falling freely by now and it took all the will that Sam had not to give into her sadness.




Sam continued, telling Mrs. Weasely what Draco had done after he had kissed her, how he had apologized and left without a backward glance. Sam explained how much this had hurt, and concluded with telling Mrs. Weasely that she thought she may be falling in love with Draco, but was afraid of the retribution she’d get from her friends.



Mrs. Weasely sat for a moment in complete silence before she wrapped her arms around Sam.



“I know you still love Fred and I know that you miss him dearly. I want you to be happy and I know that he would want you live your life to the fullest. I’ll support you and any decision you make. If Draco Malfoy is the man that makes you happy, then I say go for it. The others will come around. I already believe that Harry is well on his way to accepting Draco and Hermione and Ginny are right behind him.”



Sam didn’t miss that Mrs. Weasely had deliberately left out Ron.



“And what about Ron? Do you think he’ll ever accept Draco?”



Molly thought for a moment before slowly shaking her head.



“He misses Fred and I don’t think that he will ever understand your friendship. Draco was his enemy for so long that I don’t think Ron could ever see him as anything beyond an acquaintance. I think, if you give him time, that Ron will at least try to understand how you became friends with him. As for this business of falling in love with him, that’s all on you. I wouldn’t do anything tonight or even tomorrow, but eventually, you will have to talk to him about that kiss.”



All of a sudden the two women heard the front door open and close and they listened in silence as the person walked carefully through the loft, as if he was trying to make the least amount of sound possible. Sam let out the breath she hadn’t been aware she was holding when she heard the door to Draco’s bedroom close and the sound of the never-used lock grinding into place.



Mrs. Weasely turned back to Sam and smiled as she moved to get off the bed.



“I need to head home, my husband will be wanting supper soon enough. Will I see you tomorrow for brunch?”



“Actually, I thought I’d skip it. Harry…sort of…uninvited me, and I really don’t want to press my luck with his patience. Plus, I think Ron would explode if I showed up right now.”




Molly made a mental note to talk to Ronald about his temper at some point in the next week.



“Alright then dear. We’ll miss you tomorrow though. Come visit me sometime this week if you need someone to talk to,” Mrs. Weasely said as she walked into the living room to the large fireplace. A sudden thought crossed her mind and she quickly opened her purse, grabbed a quill and a piece of spare parchment and wrote a short note and slid it under the door of the locked door across the hall from Sam’s. Then she threw a pinch of floo powder into the fire and walked into her seemingly empty kitchen.



“Thank you, Molly,” said a dark-haired man who was sitting at the table.

                Molly let out a gasp and whispered, “Sirius?”




                Harrry Potter had a headache. He had gone over the encounter with his sister over a dozen times. He knows that he should have tried harder to keep his temper in check at his sister’s, but he was still trying to wrap his head around why she would turn to Malfoy.



He and Sam had always done everything together, and he was starting to wonder if it had been because she felt she had to or if was because she genuinely wanted to be there. He and Sam had only had one secret from each other and that was her relationship with Fred.



The two had shared a cupboard under the stairs for ten years and then a room that barely fit their two beds. They were in the same House together at Hogwarts, they had always done everything together and he was sure that after fourth year she would never hide anything from him again.



“So why didn’t she tell me about Malfoy?” he thought to himself yet again.




He was pacing in his room at Grimmauld Place. He had promised Mr. Weasely that he would not do anything with Ginny until after their wedding and for the first time since making that promise, Harry was happy to have made it. Ginny was not allowed to enter Harry’s room and so he knew that she couldn’t walk in to talk to him which is what he knew she wanted to do from the moment he had made her leave Sam’s apartment.



Harry had hardly noticed his sister’s depression over the past year, but as he thought back to all of the Burrow Brunches he realized that she had hardly talked to anyone unless directly asked a question and that she barley looked up at anyone, she was just there because it was what was expected of her.



Harry knew how much Sam had loved Fred and could only guess at how his death affected her. Harry had watched as Sam had written day after day while they were camping in that notebook that Fred had given to her for her 17th birthday.



Harry sat down heavily on his bed and put his head in his hands. He had defended Sam at the Burrow, but that was because he felt it was unfair to attack someone when they weren’t even in the room to defend themselves.



“Draco Malfoy, why did she have to turn to Draco Malfoy of all people?”




Harry thought back to that night when Dumbledore died, and how one movement, one instant in time could change so much of the future.




          He and Sam were supporting most of Dumbledore’s weight between them while they tried to stay upright after apparating. They were tired and stressed and only wanted to get their headmaster to his office before he was completely unable to stay upright.



          Then Madame Rosemertta showed up and ruined it all, the Dark Mark was hovering over Hogwarts!



          Harry and Sam were both accomplished flyers having been on the Quidditch team for the past six years. Surprisingly, Dumbledore also seemed rather comfortable on a broom but Harry and Sam made sure to stay very close to him in case his strength gave way.




          Just as the two were going to go down the stairs to find Professor Snape, Malfoy showed up and pointed his wand at Dumbledore and explained what he had been going through the entire year, his mission.



          Harry remembered watching Draco’s wand lower minutely as Dumbledore continued to question him. Then Bellatrix showed up…



          Harry woke up to the sound of an impatient tapping on his window. He hadn’t realized that he had fallen asleep, still thinking of Sam and Draco. He looked over to the alarm clock sitting on his nightstand. Harry groaned as he read the bright green numbers that told him it was nearly 5 in the morning.



          He walked over to the window and let in an unfamiliar dark brown owl hawk. The owl flew into the room and dropped the envelope onto Harry’s bed before swooping back out the still open window not waiting for a response to its letter.



          Harry had no idea who would be writing him at such an ungodly hour as this but didn’t hesitate as he walked back over to his bed and picked up note.




          He didn’t recognize the neat handwriting but he tore open the letter anyway.








Meet me at six this evening at the café next to Weasely’s Wizard Wheezes. I’ll answer all of your questions then.






          Harry stared at the letter for another ten minutes before he realized that he really had no choice but to meet the boy who had been such a thorn in Harry’s side since they had met all those years ago in Madame Malkin’s robe shop. Harry lay back down on his bed and tried to get a little more sleep before having to get up and get ready to go to the Burrow.




          Draco hadn’t slept at all that night. He had stayed up all night listening to the sounds coming from the room across the hall from his own. He had listened to her cry for what felt like hours until finally she had cried herself to sleep. It had taken all of the self restraint he had not to ignore Fred’s warning and go into her room to comfort her.



        Twice he walked to his door and had his hand on the door knob before he remembered that she was probably crying over what he had done. He would sigh then turn around and sit on his bed for another half hour listening,



          The third time this happened, Draco found the note written by Mrs. Weasely.


Come see Arthur and me on Monday night at the Burrow. You have some explaining to do and no one will be at the house. Stop by anytime.





         Draco knew that he had no choice but to go and he also knew that they deserved an explanation. They alone knew that Sam had a roommate for over a year now and they also were well aware that he was a former Death Eater but had gone good before the fall of Tom Riddle.



          At three in the morning, Draco had the idea that Harry should know the story, as well, that he of all people, needed to understand. So Draco had penned a short note and calling his owl hawk Hades down from his perch on Draco’s desk Draco sent the note to Harry.



          Once the letter had been sent, he realized that he could do nothing more until he met with Fred later that morning.



          Draco began to let his mind wander to what exactly Fred would be teaching him about Sam. Would it be her favorite things? What to do when she was angry? What was important to her?



Draco couldn’t help but smile at the idea of dating and possibly someday marrying Sam. She was brilliant, beautiful, confident, resilient, and selfless, she challenged Draco, and above all she didn’t need a boyfriend to define who she was. She was capable of taking care of herself. What wasn’t there to like?



          Draco spent the rest of the morning thinking about what life would have been like if he and Sam had dated during their tenure at Hogwarts and what it would be like now if they were married.



          The last thing he thought of before his eyes closed in exhaustion was Sam’s lips and the way she had looked at him yesterday before and after he had kissed her.



AN:I know I said I wasn't going to do this like every chapter and I promise that I won't do it again for awhile, but I just wanted to know how yall are liking the story so far. I want to know what you'd like to see happen., what you like so far, and even what you don't like. I'm all for crititism...



Anyway, quick explanation. Fred and Sirius are still dead. I hated that JKR killed them off, i cried when I read those parts but I think that they loved Sam dearly and would do anything to help her. She will never see or talk to either of them, they are help her but only from the sidelines.



I mentioned in the first chapter that Sam was through all of Harry's adventures and she was. She fought the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, she was with him throughout the Triwizard Tournament, she even shared the bond with Voldemort that Harry had. However, I can't think of a good way to explain how without changing JKR's writing and that's just wrong, so I'm letting my reader's come up with their own ways for Sam to be there.



Sam does have a scar but it's not on her forehead, it's wrapped around her hand. She was holding Harry's hand when Voldemort attacked them as babies. Harry's scar is obviously more noticable and that is why Harry is always acknowledged first.




Oh,and I own nothing it's JKR's.

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