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Of Darkness and Light. by shakaan
Chapter 5 : Chapter Four;The Biggest Shock of All
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Chapter Four-The biggest shock of all?




All hell broke loose as Hermione crumpled to the floor. Both the twins first thought was revenge, however the difference to every other fight being George led the attack while his twin shielded them all. The hooded stranger in the door nimbly avoided their curses and with a wave of his hand collected the four wands in the room. Walking passed a suitable stunned pair of Weaslys he headed straight towards Ron. The youngest male Weasly was still curled in a ball on the floor, his silent sobs shaking his frame. The hooded figure looked down in disgust. Having watched the fight from the hall he felt no pity for the youngster but he had to admitt a curiosity as to what Hermione had said to him to create such a broken man. The twins had recovered their senses, but something held them back from attacking this figure physically.


Fred stepped forward, shaking off his twin’s restraining hand “well,” he growled, “who the fuck are you.”



The hooded figure turned to face him, feeling the hatred, pain and anger rolling off the young man. He stepped back sharply raising his arm as if to ward off a blow. Ignoring his dicomfort Fred too another step forward glowering darkly at the man in front of him. George stepped forward flanking his twin, his emotions finally catching up with him. Papers rustled on the table, curtains swayed slightly, as the swirl of magic surrounding the three males increases. Small crackles of lightening stared around Fred’s fingers, and shadows drew themselves around George. The hooded stranger sighed, knowing that without their wands the twins were more powerful than him. He held out a restraining hand, with his other he slipped the wands into his belt. The magic in the room increased, and he knew he had to hurry if he wanted to get out of the house unscathed. Rushing through his spells, the hooded figure felt his glamours drop and staggered slightly with the effort. This show of weakness halted the twins more than his direct appeal had. Fred’s anger did not betray his training and he dropped slightly preparing for what ever the figure was planning next. A sigh passed the strangers lips, sounding strangely familiar to the twins. They had know way of knowing that their actions hurt the man in front of them. He liked the twins and respected them. He closed his eyes for a minute, before raising both hands and slowly lowering his hood.


He wasn’t expecting the fist to his jaw, nor being slammed against the wall. He opened his eyes and found himself face to face with a very pissed off Fred Weasly. The grey eyes in front of him flashed, their iris’ a swirling malstorm of grey and black. His vivid hair ruffled by the gale force wind blowing around them. His rosy complexion white, causing the scar on his cheek to stand out more than ever. His magic was pulsing but his true physical strength was showing as he held the man off the floor with one hand, and retrieved his wand with the other. As soon as his fingers closed on the smooth wooden handle the winds stopped.


“Who are you?” he hissed at the figure he had pinned to the wall. “Why would you pretend to be him? He’s dead! Everyone knows you are dead!” Fred’s outburst came to an abrupt halt as he realised the same could have been said for Hermione. Remembering why he was so angry he dropped the man, who landed heavily and raised a hand to his bruised throat. Ignoring this Fred hurried over to the prone figure of the young woman in the middle of the room, just as he knelt beside her, she raised a hand to her head letting out a pained groan. Her eyes opened slightly and she winced at the brightness of the room. Looking up she saw both Weasly twins leaning over her with pure unadulterated shock across their faces. She reached her free hand up and they both grabbed it. Relief now mixing in with the shock. As they bowed their heads she noticed the figure behind them and grinned up at him, raising a shapely eyebrow and pouting at him. With her free hand she prodded Fred in the side. Waiting for him to look up she the indicated that she wished to get off the floor. Meeting his eyes she grinned and was pleased to notice the spark of answering mischief in his eyes.


Once on her feet she walked towards the figure and to the surprise of everyone in the room -herself included- pulled him into a hug. Looking up into the almost black eyes she sighed, “I’m glad you came,” she fiddled with a button on his top, “ your late however.” she stepped back and looked at his wicked grin before sighing in resignition, “you were here the whole time weren’t you Padfoot?” When he nodded she slapped him, hard. Behind her Fred winced in sympathy. “Dammit and why that spell? Why not a stunner works the bleeding same” she grumbled. Noticing he was by himself she looked up sharply, “Where’s Sev?” she snapped. A second hooded figure stepped in from the hall.


“Right here,” the man smirked lowering his hood. Hermione whirled round as a thud echoed round the room. It appeared George could take no more and had fainted, whilst Fred was collapsed in a chair gapping at them. From the corner muffled sobs could still be heard. Glancing back at the two men behind her she noticed their identical looks of shock and the bruising around Sirius’ throat. She groaned. It was going to be a long night.




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