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Lost Prophecy by muggleborn_parselmouth
Chapter 4 : The Homecoming
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Author’s note – This is not my creation, but that of J.K. Rowling.  I think after this chapter, there will be a lot of questions.  It is a very short chapter, so enjoy.


The darkness that was once the high of his life, now has disappeared from the face of Luscious Malfoy.  He is indeed now grateful that his family is safe.  Those months of torture by the dark lord had taken its toll on Luscious, but his family is safe, and once in his life, he seems happy.  No longer does he have to hide from fear, nor does he have an obligation to hide from what he was.  He was a death eater.  At one time, a proud thing, now just the talk of it could put you in Azkaban.  Luscious didn't want to go back. 

That place was a hell all in its own.  Thanks to his wife, Luscious is not in jail.  He was saved, because she saves the boy who he was taught to hate the most.  She saved Harry Potter from the forest, lying to Lord Voldemort that Potter was dead, when in fact he was faking the whole time. 

It still runs through his mind all the time.  How could a mere boy, who was just in school, defeat the world’s greatest wizard?  That fact alone still boggles his mind.  The ministry seemed to be lenient on Luscious, with the testimony he made.  He did not participate in the battle, and there for, with the testimony, he had immunity.  He had his old job back, and did it quite well.

His attitude had changed, and everyone could see it, even those who are in the order.  They knew he went through a lot, and they had pity on him.  As day goes by, his reputation as a Death Eater was slowly diminishing.  His reputation as a Pure Blood is as well.  He knew that he owed the wizarding world a lot of gratitude, none other than Harry Potter.

Draco thought for sure, that he'd end up expelled and thrown into Azkaban.  He was shocked when an owl came by and dropped off his Hogwarts Letter.  His mother and father seemed proud. However, Crabbe is dead and Goyle....well who knows if he's going.  He hasn't had an owl back from him so far this summer. 

With his father in prison, and the roles the played in the battle, he thought that he would be the only Slytherin there.  He had his chance to show everyone what he could have been, only to be shunned by the person known to him as scar-head.  And though that hatred had been boiling to a maximum, he knew himself, that his and Harry’s rivalry was over with.  


"You want me to do WHAT?” said a screaming voice to Emily. "There is no way in..."  Her first reaction was to look at her mother before she finished that sentence.

Emily looked at her daughter with a look of excuse me, but then played it off.  "All you have to do is get in the fireplace, throw the Floo Powder and say the word Grimmuald Place.  Just enunciate, and you'll be fine!  I promise."

Emily knew all too well that it wasn't going to be fun, but spending money to take a plane and traveling for 10 hours, especially with a witch would be frightening.  Emily hadn't traveled by Floo in a long time, but remembers it vividly.  But if she could be with Sirius again, then by all means, they were going to London.

After numerous times to tell Hailey to do it, she finally had to threaten her with grounding.  As all teenage girls do, then see right through the bluff most times, but decide it's better to not irritate their parents anymore than she had too.  Finally, Hailey had to courage to do it.  "Grimmuald Place", she said very clear.  And with a green flash, she comes walking out of the fireplace, to a place that she had never been before.  Then the green fire flared up and Emily comes walking out.

"See," she said.  "No problem." 

Hailey would have to agree until she see's her clothes!  "THESE WERE MY FAVORITE SHOES!"  And with that loud sound, many people come walking into the room they are at.

"Emily?" said a voice that Hailey recognizes as the old woman she saw in the fire at home.  "Minerva", said Emily. "It's been such a long time."

"Too long, my dear.", said McGonagall. "And this must be Hailey.  It is such a pleasure to meet you."

Hailey kind of gave a small curtsy, but straightened up and reached her hand out and gave McGonagall a hand shake.

"You're things just arrived before you did, and they are in your rooms.", she said. 

Emily nodded, as an unknown man comes up.  Hailey's mother starts to tear up, as the red haired man looked at her.  Arthur Weasley looked at the woman, as tears flowed through her eyes.  The man stretched out her arms, and all Hailey heard from her mom was “Daddy”!


Author note - Ok, so Emily is a Weasley.  I had issues with one reader before I went on the re-write this story, who stated that “I find it disturbing that this character is a Weasley, etc… and that Harry’s god mother in some sort is the single mother of his twin sister, which by the way he’s dating his sister’s mother’s sister.”  Trust me, it was a mouthful for me when I read the review.  So in a sense, she’s not a real Weasley, but don’t let Arthur and Molly hear you say that, or you’ll be cursed for sure! Hope you enjoyed this small chapter, and I will have more.  Also, I know that Arthur and Molly are a few years older than Harry’s parents, etc… In this point of view, they are at least 16 years older, just so this could easily make more sense.  Thank you and please review if you haven’t yet.



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Lost Prophecy: The Homecoming


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