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shadow dancer by ericajen
Chapter 2 : irrational
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I guess you could say it all started when I began seeing Harvey behind Lysander’s back. I’d been with Lysander for three years at that point. I loved him very much… but when I met Harvey, he convinced me to be with him. I admit I had some feelings for Harvey that were wrong, but I never would’ve done it had he not manipulated me into thinking it was the right thing to do.

Harvey was one of my customers at the bookstore. He would always come up and ask me for help finding books. Novels, reference books, biographies, the trash Rita Skeeter writes. He read it all, or at least he pretended to. He seemed to read books in massive quantities. He’d come in to the store two or three times a week, always looking for something new. I always suspected he was only coming in to see me, but I didn’t give it much thought.

He seemed perfectly innocent. He was handsome and polite. Even a little shy at times. When I’d ask him how he managed to read so much, he would blush and look away. Eventually he asked me out. I told him about Lysander; told him I was already seeing somebody. I even told him that it was serious; not just a casual fling.

“That’s okay. I was just wondering if you wanted to get some lunch sometime. Just a friendly thing,” he said.

There was this pathetically hopeful expression on his face and it really was just lunch, so I told him we could get some over my break that day. We went to a café down the street and had a lovely meal. He was charming and kind. It was just a bit of harmless flirtation, or at least that’s how I saw it at the time.

I thought after the lunch that he wouldn’t come to see me in the store so often, but if anything, his visits increased. It seemed like not a day could pass without an appearance from him at some point. He didn’t buy many books after the lunch thing but he came in to chat instead. I’d be sitting at the register and he’d lean forward against it, resting his elbows on the table and looking into my face so intently it was like he was never going to look away.

He began to get impatient and restless; I could see it in his face, plain as day. He rarely mentioned his feelings on that front, but it was obvious. He wanted me to break up with Lysander in favor of being with him. But I loved Lysander and I hardly knew Harvey. I didn’t even know what he did for a living, though it seemed like all he did was visit me in the bookstore.

It would’ve been completely irrational to leave Lysander for this man whom I barely knew. So I ignored what I knew he desired and stayed away from the subject. He could sense how uncomfortable I was with it. I think he realized that we weren’t close enough for me to do something so ridiculous.

I suppose that’s why he kept coming back.



A/N: So you probably noticed the switch to first person in this chapter. In case there is any confusion over it, I shall explain. :) Basically, from this chapter on, the story is a first person narrative from Lucy's perspective. Being technical, this entire chapter is dialogue, because she is telling it to Pearson. I hope that clears up any confusion over that but feel free to ask me a question if it doesn't make sense.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who read, reviewed, and favorited the first chapter. It's much appreciated! :)

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