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This is My Story. by DobbysSock
Chapter 3 : Time for Class
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Author's Note : Hey everybody :) First off, the amazing Mintleaf beta'd this chapter again :) Gotta love her, she takes my chapters, and makes them amazing. Also, thanks to the also amzing !nkblot@TDA for a beautiful chapter image :)Thanks to everyone who has been reading and reviewing my stories. Your reviews mean so much to me and make my day :) I'll let you all read now.


 I opened my eyes groggily. I could feel my whole body being shook around. I looked up to see Alice, shaking me awake, smiling almost maniacally. I rubbed my eyes and sat up, upset that I couldn’t sleep longer.


“Wha’ time is it?” I mumbled, still half asleep. I slowly sat up, stretching my arms as far as I could above my head as I let out a long yawn.


“It’s nearly seven now, come on and wake up. You don’t want to be late on your first day of classes now, do you?” Alice asked in a chipper voice before bouncing back to her bed to start brushing her hair. I groaned softly, how could I forget about the first day of classes. I moved over to my trunk, pulling out the uniform I had packed on top, and then walked over to the bathroom connected to our dormitory.


Most people would think that sharing a bathroom with five other girls would be absolutely awful, but it's actually not that bad, at least not when the bathroom is the size of the common room. One wall had five sinks on it, each complete with its own mirror and counter space, while the other had five individual bathroom stalls, complete with a shower. It wasn’t half bad if you asked me; especially when you think about the bathrooms in Muggle public schools.


I quickly hopped into the shower, brushing the tangles out of my hair at the same time. Feeling as if I was pressed for time, I rushed the shower, which, mind you, was something I never did. I used a simple quick dry spell for my hair, deciding to just leave it down with a simple black headband in it, then quickly got dressed and rushed out the bathroom, hoping Alice and Lily didn’t leave without me.


Thankfully they were waiting for me just outside the portrait hole and once I joined them, we all made our way down to the Great Hall, wondering what our schedule had in store for us. Alice entwined her arm with mine as we walked down, I looked over to her, her black hair hanging straight around her face, part of it clipped back in a little barrette. She was dressed in her uniform and hadn’t really done anything with her hair, but she looked beautiful. Both of my friends did. A twang of jealousy stabbed at my heart as I pictured myself in my mind's eye, drab and boring compared to them. Finally we arrived in the Great Hall, which was particularly rowdy today. Students must have been anxious to get to their first class of the day.


The Heads of Houses were moving along each table, passing out the schedules and trying to point confused first years in the right direction. The three of us strategically took a seat at the end of the table, so we would have time to eat a quick breakfast before Professor McGonagall reached us.


“I hope we have Herbology today,” Alice said, the hope clearly evident in her voice. She always excelled in Herbology though unfortunately struggled in Potions. Though Slughorn was a fairly easy teacher, she simply couldn’t mix a solution to save her life. Lily and I both knew that it would be just the two of us in Potions class this year.


Professor McGonagall eventually made her way to the three of us and handed us our schedules. I quickly scanned mine and saw that the last class of the day was double Potions. Not many students had the grades to get into N.E.W.T.s Potions , so all four houses had class together. I didn’t mind though, I loved Potions and it never really bothered me. As long as I had Lily in class with me, I would be fine.


Alice had History of Magic for her first class of the day and I felt awful for her. That class was by far the most mind numbingly dull class at Hogwarts. The ghostly Professor Binns (no literally, he was a ghost) had clearly never been informed of his horrendous monotone, and so just droned on and on, sending every student into a comatose state. It was the worst during the summer, when the class was about a hundred degrees, which combined with his voice induced the feeling of dying a slow, fiery yet boring death. Well except for Lily, she never fell asleep during class.


My classes that day passed by fairly quickly, the professors wasting no time and jumping right into the lessons. Before I knew it, I was walking through the dungeons with Lily by my side, entering the Potions classroom and taking a seat at the front.


While the rest of the class filed in, I took out my Potions book and laid it in front of me, ready for Slughorn to dive right into the lesson like all the classes had beforehand. He made his entrance from a door off to the side of the classroom. He waddled in, making his way to the front of the class. Slughorn was a short man, very wide around the middle and with a head full of thick, dark brown hair. He had taken a shine to Lily the instant he had met her; he found her charming and bright, and was always invited her to the parties for the club he put together of all his favourites. It was called the Slug Club, though it wasn’t really a club, rather a get together once a month so he could talk about all the important and influential people he knew, according to Lily.


Contrary to what I though, instead of diving into the lesson, he started talking about N.E.W.T.s and what we should be expecting. I never really was one to pay much attention to lectures like this. I always did much better with hands on things, so I zoned out, letting my mind wander. Usually when this happened, I liked to look around at my classmates and watch them. That makes me sound like a creep, I know, so, let me clarify. I don’t watch them in a sort of stalker way, my eyes just tend to fall on them and then I zone out and think about other things.


Unfortunately, Lily loved sitting in the front of the class, so here I was, zoning out with nobody to look at other than Professor Slughorn. At least he thinks I’m listening to him. A sharp pain shot through my leg out of nowhere, and I turned to Lily to see her pointing at Slughorn. He had his back towards the class as he waved his wand at the board, instructions appearing.


“Now I want everyone to pair up in groups of two. For the next couple of weeks you will be working with a partner. You will choose an advanced potion to brew and then write an essay about the process for me. It will be due in two weeks time!” Slughorn said, bouncing from the heel of his foot to his toes.


Once he finished saying this, everyone in class moved closer to whoever they were sitting with, quickly making sure they were partnered up with a friend, but Slughorn wasn't finished talking.


“I will be picking your groups though so don’t get too excited! Mr Lupin with Miss Evans; Mr Pettigrew with Miss Lestrange; Mr Potter with Mr Snape; Mr Black with Miss Carlson…” Slughorn kept naming the groups but I'd already tuned out.


He had paired Lily with Remus and now I was to be paired up with Sirius Black. Are you kidding me? I wanted to get up and just leave the class right then and there. I didn’t want to work in a group with him, I’d much rather work with Lily. I didn't want to have to deal with social awkwardness when I was trying to do work.


He finished naming the groups and everyone had to get up and move to their new partner. Lily flashed me a sympathetic look as I picked up my book and searched the room for Sirius. I quickly spotted him towards the back of the class and I made my way over, taking a seat next to him.


I looked to him expectantly. After a few moments it dawned on me that he was fast asleep; the nerve! I sat there for about ten minutes as other groups started looking through the book and picking all the good potions, waiting for my partner to finally wake up. Angrily, I kicked his chair with a lot more force than I had anticipated and I ended up knocking the chair over, taking Sirius with it.


The sound of the crash was enough to capture the attention from the entire class. I felt my cheeks turning a startling red and quickly hid my face in my book. I don’t know why I was the one embarrassed, he was the one on the floor.

“Whatcha do that for?” He growled at me as he picked his chair back up, wide awake.

“You were sleeping through class,” I answered shortly, hoping this would suffice as a decent explanation.


I opened my book and started flipping through the pages, searching for an interesting looking potion.

“You’ve come to keep me company back here then?” he asked, a mischievous smile playing at his lips; I guess he was already over falling over in front of the whole class.

“Actually, while you were busy sleeping, Slughorn assigned us a project and it seems that you and I are partners. Now help me find an interesting potion!” I demanded, flipping through a couple more pages before noticing he didn’t even have a book with him.

“We’re partners?” He asked.


I nodded quickly, looking at him like he was crazy, “I’m pretty sure I just said that. Didn’t you hear me?”


He didn’t answer, but just smiled and turned to face me, giving me his utmost attention.


I shifted uncomfortably before turning back to my book.

“So what will we be working on together?” He quizzed, sliding the book away from me and bringing it to him, riffling through the pages.

“We have to pick a potion, brew it and write two rolls of parchment on its history and the process of making it,” I slid the book back towards me.

“So what potion should we pick?” Pushing his black hair out of his grey eyes, he slid the book back to him, playfully.

“I don’t know, I’ve just started looking, obviously,” Slowly becoming annoyed with all of this, I pulled the book back towards me, with an air of finality.


If he had just been awake for class, I wouldn’t have to answer these dumb questions. He must have sensed my annoyance because he smiled at me before scooting closer, pointing out the occasional potion here or there that sounded interesting. We ended up picking the Draught of Peace. After class ended I waited for Lily by the door, wanting to walk up to dinner together.

“I’m so happy with who Slughorn assigned me! Remus is brilliant and definitely knows his way around a cauldron. We’re going to do great on this project. How’s your partner? You pushed him out of his seat, don’t even try denying it, I saw!” She was beaming joyously at the events that took place in potion.

“I didn’t push him, it was more of a slight kick. I really didn’t mean to though. Honest!” I testified, truly meaning it. I had just wanted him to wake up.

“Well I bet you’ve got his attention now. Not many people would actually kick him out of his chair other than another Marauder,” She chuckled as we climbed the steps back up to the Great Hall.

“I don’t want his attention,” I sighed to myself as we both walked over to the Gryffindor table, taking a seat and piling some food onto our plates.


Shortly after, Alice and Frank made their way over, sitting across from us. We were all talking about how our classes had been when Lily groaned softly next to me, staring at the entrance to the Great Hall. The Marauders had just walked in and it looked like they were headed over this way.

“I don’t want him to sit here,” Lily whispered, giving all her attention to the food on her plate.


Luckily for her, they ended up walking right past us, taking a seat a little ways down.


“Thank Merlin,” She sighed, before picking up the conversation where we had left it. I watched the four boys talking, all huddled close together. Whatever they were saying, they certainly didn’t want to be overheard.


Just then, Sirius looked up at me, noticing I was watching, and scooted closer to the others in response, positioning himself in front of the others so they were blocked from view. Embarrassed for being caught staring, I looked away, focusing on refilling my goblet.

The rest of the evening passed by in a blur. Lily had gone off to patrol the corridors with Remus, while Alice was fast asleep in the dormitory.


I sat underneath the window in the empty common room that overlooked the black lake, trying my best to master the Bubble Head charm for class tomorrow. If I didn’t get this down, I would be assigned extra homework, which wasn’t my cup of tea. I sighed angrily, glancing down at my watch and noticing it was almost eleven already. If I didn’t go to bed soon, I’d be a wreck for the first class of the day, which I believe was Transfiguration. Muttering the incantation wrong for the billionth time, I threw my book across the room angrily, cursing the subject along with the charm.

“Watch where you’re throwing things!” A voice yelled from the couch, making me jump.

“I thought I was alone,” I apologized, getting up to go get my book. Before I could get there, Sirius got up, book in hand and walked over to me.

“Need any help with the charm?” He asked, handing me my book.


I sighed angrily, turning around and taking a seat back underneath the window.

“I’ll get this spell on my own,” I muttered angrily, trying once more and failing. I slammed my wand down on the ground angrily, red sparks erupting from the end. “I hate charms!”

“Calm down there, I’d rather not have you catching the rug on fire now,” He joked, taking a seat next to me, “It took me a couple tries to get that charm down too. You sure you don’t want my help now?” He implored, a sincere look on his face.

“Positive!” I grumbled.


There was no reason for me to be rude to him; I just wasn't very good at failing to be able to perform a spell. I saw him shrug his shoulders out of the corner of my eye before he got back up and walked back to the couch. I sat there, trying to get the charm down for another half hour or so before Lily and Remus returned. They both walked in laughing, before going their separate ways. She walked towards me, her red hair bouncing up and down in her ponytail with each step.

“Bubble-Head charm?” She asked looking down at me. I probably looked like a mess, my hair falling out of my ponytail, mascara darkening my eyes from when I started rubbing them due to exhaustion. I looked up at her, a defeated look on my face, and nodded slowly. She laughed softly, taking a seat next to me. “It’s all about the incantation. It’s the pronunciation of the ‘u’ that gets almost everyone stuck,” She said knowledgably.


Remus and Sirius walked past us just then, headed up to the boys dormitory. Halfway up the spiral staircase, Sirius turned around and looked at me before saying one simple word.

“Ebublio,” He stated, pronouncing the spell correctly, before turning around and following Remus through the doorway.


I sat there a little longer, staring at the empty staircase before turning back to Lily and my wand.

“Ebublio.” I said softly, finally getting the spell right. A small bubble appeared around my nose and didn’t end until about under my chin. I had successfully cast the damn charm after way too many hours of practice. I waved my wand once, vanishing the small bubble, before looking at Lily in defeat.


“He offered to help me about a half hour ago.”

“Why didn’t you take his help? You could have gone to bed earlier. You look bloody terrible!” She looked at me sympathetically, picking up my charms book and pulling me to my feet.

“I wanted to do it by myself,” I responded, following her up to the girl’s dormitory. She dropped my charms book onto my bed as I headed to the bathroom to take a shower before I slept.


I let the steam fill up the whole room before I stepped in. I let the hot water work out the kinks through my body that I got from sitting on the floor hunched over my Charms book all night. I stood there for a good half hour before remembering I needed to be sleeping. I hurried out and quickly threw on my pajamas before hopping contentedly into bed.

Dozing off before my head even hit the pillow, my dreams were full of a handsome boy with dark, shaggy hair and startling grey eyes.


Author's Note : Hello everyone :) What did you think about this chapter? Do you think Haley can be a little over dramatic or can you relate to her? Thank you for reading and please please pretty please review. It would mean the world to me, honest :)

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