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More Than Friends by Spaz
Chapter 2 : Love and Friendship
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"Draco, stop doing that!" I said trying to keep a straight face. Draco was doing his usual routine of pushing second years around. It was even funnier than usual because it was raining really hard and the second kept slipping and falling.

Draco sighed dramatically and said "Fine!" We climbed into the carriages that pulled themselves. I sat down between him and Pansy, who was talking non stop about something or other with Draco's friend Blaise Zabini. I was focusing on not looking at Draco and thinking how sexy he is.

I closed my eyes, not realizing how tired I was until that moment. Suddenly I felt a hand on my knee. I was going to tell Blaise to knock it off, he was always trying to feel me up, but then I remembered Blaise was all the way across the carriage, there was no way he could reach me.

I opened one eye an inch and saw a hand with a silver ring on the middle finger rubbing my knee. I was shocked to realize it was Draco's hand. I fully opened my eyes and looked at him, he smirked at me and moved his hand up to my thigh. I then side glanced at Pansy, she was still talking to Blaise, so she didn't notice what was happening.

I didn't know what to do, I was torn between love and friendship, unfortunately chose love and didn't move his hand that was now sliding up my skirt towards my ass. I closed my eyes again, loving the feeling of his hands on me. His hands slid out of my skirt and his fingers intertwined with mine.

I looked down at our hands, confused about what was happening, did this mean Draco liked me as more than a friend? Or was that just wishful thinking? Would he ever actually leave Pansy to be with me? No! He wouldn't, he loves Pansy, not me! But then why was he touching me like this? Why did he almost kiss me?

"Could this take any longer?" I whispered to Draco, Pansy, and Blaise. The sorting of the first years was taking forever, and I was starving. "I bet it would go faster if we made out," Blaise suggested looking me up and down. "Fuck off, Blaise, I'm not in the mood!" I said glaring at him. "Ooh, not very nice, are we?" He rubbed my thigh. I grabbed his hand and dug my nails into his skin. "Shit!" He exclaimed pulling his hand away, "That hurt!" "Blaise, leave Jo alone!" Draco said angrily.

Blaise muttered something about me being mad, but sexy at the same time. I looked down at his hand, he was bleeding a bit I couldn't help but laugh a little. "You okay?" Draco whispered in my ear I could feel his warm breath on my neck, I could smell his cinnamon scent. "Yeah," I breathed. "Good," he said rubbing my thigh where Blaise had touched me. Again I glanced at Pansy, she was gossiping with some other Slytherin girls. Blaise on the other hand glared jealously at us, but said nothing.

Then Draco gently kissed my neck and whispered "You smell so good," my mind started racing, thinking of what I smelled like. Then I remembered I smelled like strawberries, Draco loved strawberries. "Thanks," I whispered lightly taking his hands off of me. I was feeling more guilty by the second, and I was scared Pansy would look over, too.

"What's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing, just…um, it feels kind of hot in here." I said. I know it was a lame excuse, but it was all I could think of at that moment. Draco relucltantly took his wonderful hands off of me. And lucky he did, because Pansy looked over at that moment and gave me a this-is-taking-forever look. I somehow gave her a "I know!" look. I felt so bad, I was being really selfish, letting Draco kiss and touch me when he was my bestfriend's boyfriend. No more of that! I scolded myself. I was going to be the best damn friend in the school! I looked at Draco, he was staring hard at me, a smile playing on his lips. It was looking as though being the best damn friend in the school was going to be hard…

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