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What Even is a Squib? by music_love_fred
Chapter 7 : A Secret to Keep Under Any Circumstances
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AN: So I'll like really don't like this chapter. It's probably the least favoite of mine. I wote it to provide insight on Gemma's lover. You'll understand why when you read it. It's in third person.




"Don't," Drake says sternly for anyone looking. He pushes Gemma's hands off his shoulder. "Later," he says in such a low voice that only she can hear. Gemma sits back in her chair and starts reading again. She smiles to herself.

Gemma doesn't feel bad. Well, when she's with him she doesn't. But something about seeing Lily, just brings up a sense of guilt in Gemma's head. It makes her nauseous and light-headed. Her pulse quickens and she must think about something else.

Sometimes she feels as though Lily knows. We all know she doesn't.


The bell rings and Gemma starts to put away her stuff. Drake walks past her and drops a small piece of paper. Gemma playfully calls him a litterbug and picks it up. She reads the note. All it says is D7:20. She understands. Gemma tears it once and then throws it away. She meets Lily for choir.

They take the seats they usually sit in. When Drake comes in, Gemma winks once. Drake nods and sits next to Lily.

When school ends, Gemma puts on her coat and walks outside. She pulls her coat tight and braces herself for the cold late October air. She soon spots her Aunt. Gemma hurries over to her small car and climbs it.

"It's mighty cold out today," Aunt Em says. Gemma nods her head.

"Can I ask a question?" Gemma asks politely.

"You just did," Em says. "Yes, you can go over to Dawn's tonight. What time?"

"Seven twenty. I'll do all my homework before and be back to watch Wheels at 9. I promise," Gemma informs her.

"Sure, sweetie," her aunt says.

After Gemma helps her aunt and uncle clean up the plates from dinner, she goes into her room and reads. She reads a silly romance story where there is no cheating or hate. Gemma wishes that her life could be more like that. It's not like there's a lot of stuff wrong with it, she just wishes she had a real boyfriend. Someone she could be seen with in public and didn't have to hide.

When her mobile phone beeps, she gets up. Gemma puts on a Justin Bieber shirt and skinny jeans.

Justin Bieber is an old singer from around 2010. His popularity dropped in maybe 2015. He got married right around then to his sweetheart Selena Gomez and wanted some privacy. About a year or so later, a story came up that he was having an affair with a fan. Her name was Emily. Justin wrote a whole album about all this. It was his first rap album. It was titled: My Affair. One of the main songs was called: My Baby. It's about the baby he had with the woman, Emily. He got divorced from Selena. She's now married to Nick Jonas and Justin is married to Emily. After the success of his rap album, he formed a group called, Justin and the Geronimos. They realeased several rock albums. Gemma still thinks that he is amazing after all that.

After Gemma gets dressed, she tells her aunt she's leaving. Gemma goes into Dawn's house the back way. She doesn't even go to Dawn's room. She sees her in the basement, says hello, and continues upstairs.

When Gemma reaches the door she's going to, she knocks. "Come in." She opens the door and sees Drake lying shirtless on the bed. He's on his side with his head propped up by his arm. He raises his eyebrows and winks. Gemma starts to crack up. Drake also starts to laugh. He gets up and approaches her. He puts his hand on her mouth and she quiets. He kisses her gently and she can taste the aftertaste of mint toothpaste.

Drake closes the door behind her and locks it. He leads her over the bed. Gemma sits down and Drake puts his shirt back on.

"So, how's Lily?" Gemma asks jokingly.

Drake shoots her a warning look. "She's fine. Actually, she's pretty boring," Drake admits. He sits down and grabs Gemma. He puts lips against hers. Drake undoes the button of her jeans.

"Woah, Drake," Gemma says. "I thought we talked this."

"I don't know. I just want to have some fun," he says.

Gemma says"We can't do that. You're not dating me. You're dating Lily."

"Oh and that didn't stop all of this?" Drake gestures back and forth between them.

"Drake, this is not my fault," Gemma tries to reason with him.

"Oh really?" he asks. A slight tone of nastiness enters his voice. "You didn't come over looking for something to do that weekend? You weren't purposely wearing that low-cut shirt? You accidently told me that you've never been kissed?" Gemma's throat dries up and tears prick her eyes. "I'm not the one who started this... This abomination." Gemma stares deep into Drake's eys. And then, she starts to laugh. It's more of a simple giggle. Drake joins in, confused. "When did I make a joke?" he asks in a fake stern voice.

"I didn't know you knew such big words." Gemma falls onto the bed and lays her head on his pillow. Drake lays back next to her.

"I'm sorry," he whispers.

"Me too," Gemma says. She burries her head into his side and he puts his arm around her. "I don't really care," she says after a few minutes of listening to Drake breathe.

"Care about what?" he asks.

"Doing it with you," she says.

Drake says, "Really?

"Nope. We can do it whenever you want."

"Let's do it then. I don't want to carry this with me my whole life," Drake cries out. Gemma rolls onto Drake.

"Alright." Gemma starts to undress and so does Drake.


Nights like these and nights unlike these continue to happen well into November. Things between these two hidden lovers take a sudden halt one disastrous night. I'm not going to say that things will never be the same, because they will. It's not like Lily finds out or anything.


"So, I'll see you Friday night?" Gemma asks. Drake grabs his coat and tugs it on. He's about to leave for Lily's.

"Maybe, I might be going to see Lily that night," he says. Gemma feels a stab of jealousy at the mention of that red-head's name. Drake suddenly flings himself onto Gemma's bed once more.

"What are you doing?" Gemma asks while laughing.

"I don't want to leave," he says. He puts his face into her pillow and inhales. "You smell so good, so does your bed. Lily doesn't smell like this."

"Ohmygod, Drake. Go home, change, brush your teeth, and spray lots of cologne, and then go to Lily's!" Gemma grabs Drake and hauls him up. "Hurry, you're already late! Lily recognizes my perfume, so-" She's cut off by a surprise kiss from Drake.

"Just shut up for once," he says. "I love you. See you at school tomorrow." Drake leaves very quickly after saying that.

"Wait!" Gemma calls. He ignores her and leaves.

Did he just say he loves me?


The next day at school, Gemma hurries to get inside, for it is now November and bloody freezing balls outside. She sees Lily alone with Kiki. She knows better then to ask where Drake is, so she keeps quiet. All day long, she still can't see him.


Before choir, she gets the courage to ask Lily. She approaches her in the hallway.

"Last night, on the way to my house, he got in a car wreck."

"Holy Jesus. Is he okay?" Gemma asks. She fights back tears. She's afraid for the answer.

"He's got a lot of bruising and broken arm and hand. His brother, Dillon, has a broken leg and sprained wrist," Lily explains. Tears fall from her eyes. "Gemma, I'm so scared." She puts herself into Gemma's arms. She is thankful for this. This way, Lily can't see Gemma's own tears or the guilt flooding her body. If Gemma wasn't with Drake that night, maybe he wouldn't have crashed. Maybe, he wouldn't have been so late or... Who knows.

Lily pulls away from the hug before Gemma can wipe her tears. Lily cleans them off for her. "Well, I think we need some good news," Lily says. Gemma agrees. "My brother is coming home next month from his school. I can set you two up if you want..."

Gemma smiles and asks, "Is he hot?"

"How the hell am I supposed to know?" Lily asks. Both girls laugh.

"Lily?" Gemma asks. "I'm sorry."

"For what, hun?"

"Just know that I never mean to hurt you," she says.

"Gemma, you've become one of my best friends. I don't think I could ever be mad at you." Lily smiles and takes Gemma's hands.

Gemma breathes in and out. This is it, she thinks. I'm going to tell Lily. Then, she's going to kill me and I might have enough time left over to get to choir on time.
"Lily, I've been having-" The school bell interupts her.

"Save it, we've got to get to choir," Lily quickly says. She pulls Gemma up the stairs and to the choir room.

** ***

"Gemma guess what!" Lily practically screams into the phone.

"Holy crap, Lils. You almost deafoned me!" Gemma replis.

"Drake's leaving the hospital, today!" Lily informs her.

Gemma lets out a breath of relief she's been holding for weeks. "That's great. When's he coming back to school?"

"Tomorrow. Oh, God. I'm so excited!"

"Lily, I've got to go, my aunt's calling me. I'll talk to you at school. Bye." Gemma hangs up the phone before Lily can protest.

Gemma's hands shake. Her aunt says, "Gemma, dear, won't you get your trumpet? I'll play a little piano while you play your horn?"

"I'll go get it!" Gemma goes down the hall and puts her trumpet case on her bed. She pulls the trumpet out. Gemma puts the mouthpiece in. She plays a few scales to get warmed up. The books are in the living room in the piano bench. When she gets there, her aunt has a stand in front of Gemma's favorite chair. She sees music on it.

"One, two, three, four." Her aunt begins a slow ballad. Gemma enters on the trumpet, and her uncle nods his head and taps his foot to the rhythymic beauty coming from these two very talented musicians.


Another AN: So, what'd you think? It wasn't too bad, was it? Tell me how much you hate it, please. And give me ideas to fix this mistake?

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