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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 29 : Observing Part I
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    “Ah, Miss. McCabe. Take a seat please.” Goode said, gesturing to the chair in front of his desk. I couldn’t help but think of the last time I had been here, but under very different circumstances. “I’m assuming that nothing has changed?”

    He was talking about career choices. “No.” 

    “Brilliant, then we really have nothing to do here. You are aware that to get into London’s Healing School of Magic you’ll have to obtain an Outstanding in Potions and Transfiguration on your NEWT’s, correct?” I nodded and he continued, looking deeper into my file. “You received only an E on your Transfiguration OWL, so you’re going to need exceptional letters of recommendation, and an almost perfect score on your entry exam and essay.” 

    “I know.” 

    “If you’d like to get in for the Fall Trimester you’ll have to take the applications before August. It doesn’t end with graduation, it begins Miss. McCabe.” He gave me a quick smile before closing my file. I noticed that it was quite a bit larger than the others on the desk. “You’re free to go if you have no further questions.”

    “Alright.” I got up, and made my way to the door. 

    “Please Send Mr. Finnegan in next.” 

    When I shut the door behind me I sighed in, feeling a headache coming on. “Drew, you’re next.” 

    Drew gave a look of boredom and slouched into the classroom I’d just left. I turned to James and smiled. It had been one month since the whole make-up, and I was pleased to say that we hadn’t fought at all! Well—not much at least. 

    “He says with my grades I should take up the Quiddich offer.” James smirked as we started to walk away from what had been converted to a waiting room outside of Goode’s office. It was custom to meet with your head of house about career path once every year after fifth. “I think I might. What do you think?”

    I looked to his face to see that he was completely serious. I guess I hadn’t really realized how much Potter had been considering the whole Quiddich position. “But I thought you wanted to be an Auror more?” 

    He shook his head a bit. “I don’t think I do anymore. The only reason I would get in would be because of my Dad. I don’t want that.” 

    “Well I don’t know what I want anymore!” Dom whined from next to us. I hadn’t even realized that she was there. “I wanted to be a Healer with Keri, but then my grades sucked for that. Then I wanted to be an Auror, but that’s too hard!” 

    “Well what do you want then?” Potter asked her, his voice full of humor. 

    “I think I want out of this whole ‘career’ thing!”

    “You need a job, Dommy.” She sighed as I said it. 

    “But I don’t this year! I could take off for a year, travel the world, you know?” 

    “Well—what about money?”

    “Mummy and Daddy will pay.” 


    “Of course! They let Victoire do it, even if she just went two years ago…” 

    “Yeah, but Victoire had a job.”

    “Shut up!” 

    I decided to let this one go, it was just Dom and another idea. Nothing too serious. She was quiet for a moment before turning to me excited. “You should come with me!”

    I snorted. “No, I’ve got to get into Healing School.” 

    The three of us made our way into the fat lady. “Dandelions.” She let us in, and as soon as we were visible to the entire common room Halley practically ran me over. “Kiersten! Dom! I have your study schedules!” 

    Ever since April started Halley had been crazy with studying. She’s under the impression that if we don’t start two months before we take the NEWTs that we’ll all fail. The only reason I accepted her pink and orange color coded schedule was solely for the sake of her sanity. 

    Dom didn’t agree with my choice.

    “I will not study until two weeks before!” She bellowed for what felt like the hundredth time. 

    “You will FAIL!” 

    I walked away before I could hear any more. The entire common room had heard this conversation play out numerous times. It got old after a while. 

    “Dom and Halley going at it again?” Fred asked, doing his Muggle Studies homework. He had also pitied her and taken the stupid schedule. 

    “Of course.” I flopped down on the couch and Potter came next to me. “What else is new.”

    “Hey, Kiersten you’re half muggle aren’t you?” He asked, running an exasperated hand through his hair. 


    “Oh thank god! Can you tell me what the bloody purpose of the can opener is?” 

    “To open cans?”

    “Oh! That actually makes sense.”

    What smart friends I have.


    I woke up the next morning earlier than usual, normally I’m the last to leave the dorms, not the first. The last time I’d been up early was when Dom was smoking out the window. Thank god she gave that up—again. 

    The halls were silent in a good way, and it seemed as if the portraits were even in a good mood. This is hard to come by, trust me. Portraits usually just moan on about how wonderful they were during their life, or how dull it is now. 

    It was only seven, but the great hall already had people pouring into it. I was honestly surprised. Why would people get up this early on a normal basis? I sat next to Rose who was helping herself to porridge. 

    “Why’re you down this early? Get kicked out of your dormitory?” She asked, well good morning to you too. 

    “No!” I scoffed, following her track to the porridge. “I just woke up.”

    She rolled her eyes and ran a hand through her red hair as if I was too much for her to handle. 

    You’ve got to love Rose Weasley. 



    Molly’s friends, the Sanderson twins, chorused at different times. I hadn’t talked to these goons ever since the disastrous prank on Rose. Honestly they scare me a bit. I’m beginning to regret waking up early. It seems to be a thing for the socially awkward and the overachievers. 

    Oh, and I guess Scorpius Malfoy who is currently snogging the face off of Rose. 

    Good thing Dom’s not here. 

    “Oh, hey Kiersten.” He said breaking away from Rose and sitting down in between the two of us.

    “Don’t tell Dom that he sits here in the mornings.” Rose instructed me as she pulled out a large Ancient Runes textbook. “The reason we get up so bloody early is so my family won’t know. They don’t take the fact that I’m with a Slytherin well to begin with.”

    “I won’t.”

    I really don’t understand why she thought I would, I didn’t like an angry Dom any better than she did. I still have yet to work out why Dom hates Malfoy as much as she does. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the feeling between the two of them is completely mutual, but I don’t get why. It’s not like she listened to all those old war stories that Professor Binns taught us back in first through fifth year when we were forced to take his class, or I guess what all her parents taught her growing up too. 

    “You ready for the final match?” Scorpius smirked at me arrogantly. 

    I allowed myself to glare at him for a good minute or two before responding like any good sport would. “That game was effing rigged! The ref—he had it in for Potter!” 

    “Sure McCabe.” He put his hands back behind his bed in a pratlike way. Rose ignored the two of us and continued to stare at her stupid text book. Who the hell reads a text book in their spare time?

    Probably just her. 

    “Hello Kiersten!” Halley sat across from us beaming. “Why are you up so early?”

    “I don’t really know anymore.” I mumbled more to myself than her. Scorpius cleared his throat and quickly pecked Rose on the cheek before crossing the hall over to the Slytherin side. I shot Halley an inquiring look and she shrugged over in the direction of the door. 

    I saw Fred starting to walk towards the table with Aaron Doyle and understood. Suddenly I felt bad for Rose. I wouldn’t like to have to hide a relationship because my family. But then again, it would be nice to have a family like the Potters’ and the Weasleys’. 

    “Morning.” Fred said shortly, letting his eyes travel over to the Ravenclaw table and letting out a sigh of relief. I raised my eyes at him and he sighed, putting his hands in his head. “I have a dilemma.”

    “Oh?” I responded amused. 

    “Yes. It’s—it’s terrible Kiersten! How the hell does this girl not get it? I’ve given her bloody hints!”

    “Wait, are you talking about Alexia?” Halley asked, suddenly I became interested.

    He moaned, which I took as a yes before speaking again. “She was great at first, didn’t talk much, sweet. But then we—well—you know—she got all clingy! I’m not even sleeping anymore! Look at my eyes Kiersten! Look at my eyes!” I looked in his eyes. They were bloodshot. “I can’t take it anymore—I want out! But she isn’t taking the bloody hints. I don’t know what to do—what should I do?!”

    I looked to Halley, knowing that she would be the one to best handle this situation. She’s the one I would go to if I had this sort of a problem. “Well, Fred, what sorts of hints have you been giving her?” Her voice was cautious like it usually gets when she’s dealing with Dom or others with the maturity/patience level of a toddler. 

    “Not actively participating in conversations. Camping out in the frigging library to get away. Practicing ‘Quiddich’ all the time even though I’m not on the team because I suck. Taking the longest routs possible back to the—”

    “Okay!” Halley held up her hand to stop his rant. “You’ve got to tell her then. Obviously your hints aren’t clicking.”

    “Aww, Freddy! What do you have to tell someone? Is it a girl? Is it me? Who is it Freddy? Is it another Ravenclaw or is it a Gryffindor? Who is it Freddy?” 

    If you hadn’t guessed already, Alexia had made her way to Breakfast. I had to pretend that I choked on my orange juice in order to cover up my laughing—God, this was so hilarious. 

    Fred and Halley both shot me death glares before Fred turned back to Alexia, his eyes full of pure terror. “Er—I have to talk to Dom. About her snoring habit.”

    “Dom? As in Dominique Weasley? Why would you talk to her? Why would you talk to her about her snoring habits? How do you know she even has snoring habits?!”

    “Well…she is my cousin…”

    “I’m going to take a walk near the pond! Would you like to come?!” Her hands were currently shaking as she took four pieces of toast from the pile on the table. 

    “Oh—well I actually have to clean my pet Walrus.” With that he sprang up from the table and bounded through the doors to god only knows where. 

    I looked back to Alexia who stared after him. I didn’t know if she was about to cry or break out into manic laughter. Poor girl, she was so normal before Fred broke her heart. “He never told me he had a pet walrus!” She wondered aloud before putting the toast back down on the table. “Freddy! Wait! I want to see your Walrus! I’m good at—cleaning animals!” 

    All I have to say about this entire morning is that it was completely fucked up. I’m never getting up early again. 

    “He deserves it.” Halley said nonchalantly. I turned to her surprised. She and Fred had always gotten on really well. “What? You can’t deny that he does!”

    “Fred’s a good guy though!” I responded.

    “Well sure, he’s good to you—and to me—but he’s not good to everyone.” 

    “What are you on about?”

    “Forget I said anything Kiersten.” She began to rub her temples like my mother used to do when she was stressed. “It doesn’t matter.”

    I decided to let it go and just sigh dramatically. I don’t know why people never tell me anything. It’s not like I blab like most of the Hogwarts female population. 

    By the time Potter, Drew, Dom, and Caitlin had come down to the cafeteria it was just about time to go to class. I kissed Potter good morning and smiled at a happy Dom. Mornings the only time she’s ever happy. Once first class hits it disappears. 

    “Where’s Fred?” Dom asked, stuffing her face with toast. This made it come out more like ‘wfuers Fwede’. Thank god we all understand Dom language. 

    “Hiding probably.” Drew sighed, clapping his hand on her back as she began to choke on said toast. “It’s all he does really. And to think, he was giving me advice on relationships!” 

    After Dominique was done choking and back to stuffing she continued the conversation where it was left. “He’s avoiding Alexandra?”

    “Alexia.” Halley corrected. “And yes, he is.”

    “But why? I thought they were in love or something.” 

    Potter and I snorted at the same time. You’d never know that I just figured all this out in the past thirty minutes. “Definitely not.” James said once he was done laughing. 

    I looked to Caitlin, but she was staring down. Halley eyes were darting over to her every few seconds. 

    “But she was a sweet one! I really liked that Amelia.” 

    “Alexia.” Halley and I corrected her at the same time. She just waved it away. Caitlin kept staring at her plate before she grabbed her bag and was the first to get up.  

    “Oh Dommy,” Drew put his arm around her shoulders as we all got up and began to walk to class. “You’re so naive.”

    She just looked up in his eyes and swooned. I’m guessing she doesn’t know what naïve means. Honestly, I’m surprised that Drew did. I guess the nativity is the reason their relationship works. 

    “Your hair smells good.” Potter said, putting his head into it. I absentmindedly sniffed a strand myself. “It smells like vanilla.”

    “You want to skip Transfiguration?” I whispered into his ear. We were behind the group now. 

    He smiled and kissed my head. “Nope. If I don’t pass Transfiguration I don’t graduate.”

    “Potter! One class won’t kill you!”

    “I’m barely passing now though.” He muttered. “I’ve got to go, but believe me, I’d rather not.” I nodded a little before snorting. “What?”

    “Nothing—it’s just that you’re an animagus! And you’re failing Transfiguration! C’mon Potter—you’ve got to admit that’s hysterical!” 

    He shushed a little as we walked up the staircase. “I guess. But hey, don’t get on me! Drew’s almost failing too and he’s a ‘you know what’.” 

    “Whatever happened to the Werewolf?” I asked as we made our way into the room. His frame stiffened. “Sorry—just wondering.”

    “I don’t really know.” 

    But I knew he did. 


    We broke apart as I went to sit next to Dom and him Fred, who apparently had been hiding out in closets seeing as Alexia had memorized his schedule. 

    Steuber came in as soon as the bell rang, raising her voice over it. “Alright now seventh years! Settle down now!” She said the same thing back when we were first years. You’d think she’d eventually catch on to the fact that it doesn’t work. “Settle!”

    “What a wanker.” Dom muttered, transfiguring her paper to turn into an airplane and soar around the room. The class fell silent when her airplane exploded. 

    “Much better.” She said in her falsely sweet voice. “Now, where was I? Oh yes. Today’s lesson.”

    “Excuse me, professor?” Jenny talked as her hand shot up into the air. Because she was a lovely little Ravenclaw, Steuber just edged her go on. “But isn’t it about time for us to start reviewing for the NEWTs?”

    “Yes, actually professor, I was thinking the same thing.” Halley smiled slightly to Jenny. The two of them never really hated each other like the rest of us hated Jenny. Halley was also the only Gryffindor that Steuber really liked. 

    “Well, I was going to talk about Deoxyribonucleic transfiguration into magical DNA, but it’s not relevant to the finals I suppose…” She flipped through the pink plastic binder that was on her desk. “I suppose that we could start review today for about half the class. Would you all get into your groups from the previous projects please?” We all groaned, I do have to admit that I was one of the loudest. “Or would you like to learn?”

    “Alright! Groupy time!” Drew sprang up first as the rest of us followed his lead. I sat next to Jenny by choice—it was better than Liam Hilburn. 

    He had apologized after that night a couple of times, and I’d accepted, but that didn’t mean that I was going to be that nice to him anymore. He said he was drunk—I know that I was—but still, I don’t really think that he was that bad. He had control if you know what I mean. 

    “Hello Kiersten!” He boomed to me. 

    I shot him a short smile before looking to Jenny. “So, I don’t really feel like reviewing.”

    “Kiersten! NEWTs are soon! Do you not want to have a future after Hogwarts?” She sputtered out.

    “No, it’s just I’m not going to remember what we review today in two months or so.”

    “Well I’ve got to get ahead! I’m planning graduation and—”

    “You’re planning graduation?” I was actually interested. 

    “Wha—yes. The dance, the day, the ceremony—and I’ve got to study. I don’t know what I’m going to do! I’ve got to get someone to plan the after party too! For our last night here? I’m no good at that—it’s too much.”

    “I could do the after party.” 

    “You?” Liam was obviously trying to become involved in this conversation. Couldn’t he take a hint? Even Jenny wasn’t obsessed with him anymore. “No, let me. I’m good at that stuff.”

    “Everyone knows Gryffindors plan the best parties.” I said coldly. 

    “It’s true,” Jenny was opening her book and beginning to look at stuff she outlined about three years ago. “Gryffindors do the best.” She looked up to me. “Fine, it’s yours.”

    “Really?” I asked her excitedly. I hadn’t expected her to say yes. She’s into perfection and all that stuff. Gryffindors don’t really care about that. We just like a good time. 

    “No, I just made that up.” She commented sarcastically. “No shit really.” 

    I decided to shut up and just let her comment go with a roll of my eyes. It wasn’t worth arguing with an overstressed Ravenclaw when they’ve got a test in two months. Danger zone. 

    “Miss. McCabe?” Steuber’s voice traveled over to me. I snapped up and nodded. “Professor Goode is here—apparently to escort you to the headmistresses office.” 

    I threw my head back dramatically, groaning again. I allowed my eyes to travel over to Goode who stared back expressionless. “What the hell did I do?” I asked more myself than Jenny or Liam. I really have been good lately—or at least I hadn’t been getting caught. “Well all, I’d love to say it was a pleasure…”

    And with that I got up and sprung over to Goode happily. No matter what I did, I was getting away from Jenny and Hilburn and Steuber for hopefully a long time. I do wonder what I did though, the fact that McGonagall was apparently involved meant that it wasn’t something little. 

    Holy shit! I wonder if Hogwarts finally got cameras!

    Now that, my friend, would be a bad day. 

    “Hello Goode, what I do?” I asked him as we began to walk out of the classroom. Potter and Dom shot me questioning glances but I just shrugged my shoulders. 

    “I’ve been told not to speak to you about the subject until we reach the headmistresses office.” He said in all seriousness. 

    Oh my god, this was worse than I thought! “Goode, can you just tell me one thing?”


    “Did Hogwarts get cameras?! Because if it did then I’m going to argue for my self-rights and such!”

    He was silent for a few moments before looking to me and laughing. I smiled too, a little bit confused. I don’t know if I’d ever seen Goode laugh before like that. 

    “No Kiersten, there’s no cameras.” He said once he was done laughing. “Why, may I ask, would you think that?”

    “Oh…you know,” I quickly thought up an excuse. “Just stuff.”

    I know, an epic excuse. 

    “I see.”



    “Professor Goode.”

    “Goode, what did I do?”

    His expression turned darker again as we rounded the corner to McGonagall’s office. It’s kind of sad to say I knew where it was. Not many students have been inside before. “You’ll find out what is going on in a minute.”

    “Well shit, I must have really screwed up.”

    “Language Miss. McCabe.”

    I waved my hand the way Dom does when we all correct her. “Is she going to yell.”


    “Oh my god! You did get cameras!”

    “I assure you that we didn’t.”

    “But I haven't done anything then!”

    “Listen to me, Kiersten.” He stopped me right outside of the gargoyles. “You’re not about to get in trouble. Something—something else happened. I need you to stop asking questions now and please get ready to listen.”

    I just nodded, for the first time actually scared. 

    What the hell did my friends do? Was this about Potter and the Werewolf? Oh god, I hope not…

    We both stepped onto the spiraling ladder that led up to Headmistress McGonagall’s office. It took forever for it to get us up to the top, but when we actually did I didn’t really want to go in. I looked to Goode who wouldn’t meet my eyes. 

    “Maybe—I’ll go in first McCabe.” He muttered, stepping in front of me and opening the door. My vision was blocked for a moment, but then I too was stepping into the all too familiar office. I walked straight up to McGonagall and sat down in the chair to the right.

    At first, I began to breathe again, because McGonagall looked the same as she always did when I was in trouble. Tired. 

    But then I realized that we weren’t alone. Then, I looked to the Chair on the left.

    And all I could do was stare. 




I know, I gave you a cliffie! I'm sorry, but I really wanted to split this chapter into two parts. I think It'll just make more sense that way in the end. I hope that you like what it is so far, the beginning was all fluff, you know, to prove that they really go to classes in the school that they live in ;) And who do you think is next to her in the chair? Hmmmmmmm.....

Thanks for reading and please review!



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