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Safehouse,Horses,Music by slyth_girl_456
Chapter 3 : Ronnie and Free Muggleborns
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First off I want to thank MamaBear and CutieKaren126 for favorite my story. And thanks to HorseBabexoxo for my first review.

By the time Hermione got done showing Draco around behind the barn it was starting to get dim. Hermione turned the horse around and started back toward the barn. It was more quickly than when Hermione was showing him around. Draco had to grip a little tighter than before around her wrist.

“Granger, what’s with the rush?’ Draco asked.

“I was supposed to be back already. I’m late.” She said.
When they made it back to the back of the barn Hermione hopped off the horse and ran out the front of the front of the barn. And while Draco was taking the saddle off the horse he heard a male voice yelling. Draco rushed toward the house. He walked through the door and seen Hermione holding a little girl and a light hair boy sitting at the couch closet to the door. The male stood up and looked at Draco with a cold look. Then looked back at Hermione.

“I’m serious. I’m sick of having to sit and wait on you every damn time I bring her home.” The light hair boy said.

“Watch your language around Ronnie.” Hermione said.

“Ummm Granger?” Draco said slowly.

“Oh umm Draco this is Allen. Allen this is Draco. He is the boy that is going to stay here for a while.” Hermione explained.

“Oh nice to meet you.” Allen said losing the coldness in his eyes.
The boys shook hands and Draco moved over to Hermione’s side. Allen walked over to the door and opened the door. He went to head out when she turned back around and looked at Hermione.

“Ronnie just woke up from a nap so she may want something to eat in a little while.” Allen said and walked off.
Hermione sits the little girl down and helped take off her jumper. After that the little girl took off through the family room into the hallway.

“Granger, you have a sister?” Draco asked dumbfound.

“No Malfoy that’s my child. I had her before our 6th year.” She said sitting down on the couch.
Draco was taken back. He always thought that that Hermione was the type who waited till she was married to have sex. She just was so goody two shoes at school. It was hard to believe that Hermione “Bookworm” Granger would do something so unlike her.

“But at the end of 5th year you didn’t look well you know.” He said.

“Magical spell to hide it. I didn’t want people around school to know. So I put a charm on me to hide the truth.” She explained.
Draco nodded and the little girl came running back through the house with a cookie in her hand and a huge smile plaster on her face. She looked up at Draco with dark brown eyes.

“Mommy who is this?” she asked in a soft voice.

“Sweetie this is Draco Malfoy. Remember mommy telling you a boy was coming to stay with us?”
Ronnie nodded and clapped hopping up and down.

“Well Ronnie this is him.”

“Oh hello mister.” Ronnie said and waved.
Draco crouched down beside the couch and smiled. Ronnie took a bite out of the cookie and laughed. She climbed up into Hermione’s lap and hugged her.

“Mommy I had fun with daddy. He took me to the park and the zoo.” She said grinning like a cat that just caught the bird.

“Well that’s good. I’m glad.” She said, “But you better get to the table and eat that cookie before Nanny gets back home.”
Ronnie nodded and hopped down from her mom’s lap and went back through the house skipping. Draco looked at Hermione shocked.

“What is it?” she asked.

“I just I can’t get over you having a kid, Granger.”

“Shocking isn’t it?” she joked.
Draco nodded and sat down beside her.

“I was shocked when I found out I was going to have a child. I didn’t know what to do about it. I was only 16 when I had her. But now I wouldn’t change this for anything. Even after what happen during the war. It just made me stronger.” She said staring out into space.

“What happen during the war?” Draco asked.
Hermione shook her head and they grew quite. The only noise was of Ronnie and the clicking of her shoes on the floor. Hermione’s mom came through the door followed by her father.

“Mom, Allen dropped Ronnie off. So I would hide the cookies if I were you.” Hermione said.
Hermione’s mother nodded and her dad walked over to Draco. Draco stood up while Hermione’s dad stuck out his hand. Draco took it and Ronnie came running back through the hall.

“Nanny!!!!” she shouted and jumped in her arms.

“Hello Ronnie sweetie.” Jan said in her soft voice.

A few days Hermione was on her bed lying down. Draco walked over to her bed and sat down beside her. Hermione pushed herself up onto her elbows.

“I let some mud bloods; I mean muggle borns, free during the war. That’s why they are after me.” Draco said looking down at the floor.
Hermione sat all the way up and put a hand on his shoulder. Draco looked at her and she smiled. She noticed how different his eyes were. A nice bright blue color like a husky dog’s eyes. She closed her eyes and opened them back up and Draco’s face was closer than before. To her surprise it didn’t make her jump back. Their lips were a few inches away when Ronnie ran into the room. Hermione jumped back face turning a slight pinkish color.

“Mommy can I go look at the ponies?”

“Sure honey. Let me get my shoes.” Hermione said and grabbed her shoes at the end of the bed in the floor.
Hermione slid on her boots and stood up. She turned when she got to the door and looked at Draco.
“You can come.” She said.
“Um no thanks. I think I may just stay here and take a nap.” He answered.
Hermione nodded, still pink in the cheeks, and followed Ronnie down stairs. Draco heard the door shut and walked over to the window. He saw Ronnie run over to the barn’s doors and Hermione opening up the doors.
He couldn’t believe he had almost kissed Hermione Granger. Bookworm of Hogwarts. Gryffindor’s Queen. Pothead’s and Weasel’s friend. Yet to his surprise he hoped that he would have had the chance to kiss her. He wanted for some strange reason to feel her lips on his own.

“Bloody hell. I’m here for only a week or so and I start falling for her.” He said to no one.

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