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Once Upon A Summer Break by Storyteller
Chapter 3 : I Must Have Left My Brain Home When I apparated
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Lily gave him a look that was meant to kill him on the spot. Painfully. What was he doing in her dream house? The nerve of him!


“Ah,” said Mrs. Jenkins. “This rude young man is my nephew James. I believe you two might study together in Hog—”


“Aunt Jill?” interjected Potter, his eyes still ogling me. “May I talk to you for a second? Out in the hall?”


Mrs. Jenkins left with an apology, and James shut the door politely behind them. His eyes were still a bit unfocused.


Lily’s mind was running in over-drive. Had he somehow planned all this? The sneaky bastard! She was going to castrate him with a rusty spoon, she vowed. And after that she was going to…


“What the fuck is she doing here?” came Potter’s agitated voice from the hallway. Helena bristled at the profanity.


“You mind your language with me, young man. She is Dee-Dee’s new nanny.”


Lily waited for the smug satisfaction she was sure was on the cards. Instead, Potter led out a long string of profanities that Lily was sure would make an entire fleet of truck drivers flush violently.




“She can’t be here right now. No way. Uh-uh. No ma’am.”


“I have already hired her.”


“But—I am not ready for her yet. I—you can’t throw the work of the last two weeks in the gutter… you will ruin everything!”


What the hell was Potter talking about? Was he doing some experiments he did not want the prefect to see? Yes, that made a sliver of sense.


Outside, James’ voice turned wildly speculative. “Me and Padfoot could stay at Moony’s, couldn’t we? Or else we could stay in a tent in the village square. Or—”


Helena waved her wand at the door and all Lily could hear now was a faint buzzing sound. “No need to hear the boy rant,” said Helena wisely. “So, you know him?”




Mrs. Jenkins returned before Helena could ask for details, though. The no-nonsense woman straight-away asked, “You are in my sister’s house, the Potter Manor. My nephew, who will be living here in the summer, is James Potter, your school-mate. Do you still want the job?”


Of course not! Something nagged at Lily, and stopped her from saying the words out loud. Why didn’t Potter want her here? He didn’t want her around him now, did he? Well… Lily started remembering all those days when she would tell Potter—fruitlessly—to leave her all alone. He wouldn’t go away, would he? Well then, she could accept a month of his company just to see him squirm with her unwanted presence. Ha! The perfect pay-off.




“Wonderful! Now, let’s talk about other things…”


They talked for another hour, going over the rules of the household and her contract clauses. As Potter lived here, there weren’t many rules—unbroken or absolute, at least. After that, Lily talked to Diane again, and met Pinky, the little elfkin.


“Pinky is very pleased to meet you, Miss Evans. Enjoy your stay at Potter Manor.” The elfkin’s bow was so deep that she almost toppled over. Lily smothered a very unladylike oath. They made this tiny little elf work for them? How high-handed of them!


She met Mrs. Potter too, the woman of the household, who had returned from St. Mungo’s just to meet her.


“Good morning, Mrs. Potter,” said Lily. “I am the new nanny, Lily Evans.”


“Ah…hello,” Mrs. Potter shifted her dragon-hide bag to shake Lily’s hand. “Will you be staying here, then? I would love the company, trust me I will.”


Lily liked them all a lot. Well, other than a certain character, the family was quite wonderful. She was informed that Sirius Black usually had dinner with them all, as his own house was still being properly furnished.


Another pebble in her already hurting shoe. Sigh!


She was asked to shift in the next day, and Lily waited until she was safely back in her room in the Leaky Cauldron before doing a celebratory jig that rocked the floor below her.


The next day saw her dragging her school trunk and carrying her reluctant cat, Lilliput, out of the Leaky Cauldron. She paid her tab, smiled at the sense of freedom that seeped through her, and then apparated to the Potter Manor.


She met Mrs. Potter at breakfast, and talked a little about the horribly warm weather. Her son was nowhere to be seen. It was then that Pinky showed her to her room.


She did not know what she had expected the guest-room to be like, but it surely was not as grand as this.


The simple wooden door with the lion-head doorknob opened to a room thrice her own at home. The walls were covered in dusky rose-colored wallpaper, which turned darker as the light from the curtained window was reflected by the plush maroon carpet. A small fireplace adorned the wall opposite the enormous four-poster bed. The bed itself was a larger version of the one Lily was used to at Hogwarts, which was a blissful luxury.


There was electric lighting in the shape of artistically shaped cherubs and nymphs.


“You have electricity?”


“Yes, Miss Evans. Master thinks it his very serviceable and useful,” came the instant reply.


Lily jolted a little when she realized that James was not Mister James. He was the man of the house, the elf’s Master. And if the adoration in Pinky’s eyes was any indication, a very good Master at that.


She would reserve judgment on that.


Pinky asked if she could help with the unpacking, but Lily preferred doing that herself. It took her an hour to get unpacked, and as Diane was still sleeping, she allowed herself the luxury of a cold bath in the pearl white paradise that was her bathroom.


As she lowered herself into the tub full of bubbles, she thought, well, here I am.


For better or for worse.




AUTHOR’S NOTE: - Hi guys. Thanks awfully for your support. I still kind of get a jolt when I see a review.

Cheer up. Lily is in James’ house  lol!

NEXT: - Lily thinks of her life in the Manor, and thinks about James a lot…

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