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The Secret by couldyoureallyknow
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three.
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 The portraits of Hogwarts hold many secrets and know many things. Most have been hanging in the same place for thousands of years. Some cover passageways or rooms and others just simply hang there. The students of Hogwarts take most of the portraits for granted. They do not stop for a minute and ponder over what life must have been like when the people in the portraits were alive. They do not realize the many secrets withheld in the portraits. The portraits have seen many things in the existence of Hogwarts and will continue to see many more.

Minerva pushed away the remains of her roast beef with a content sigh and glanced across the table at her glowing friend who was hand in hand with Prewett. Rosalind was talking animatedly to the grinning boy beside her, the aforementioned boy taking in every word that slipped out of her mouth.

After Herbology, Prewett had come up to Rosalind and pulled her away. She had come back grinning like a mad woman and said very rapidly that he had asked her to Hogsmeade. Gwen had squealed and jumped on her while Evangeline, Louisa, and Minerva added their congratulations and in turn gave her a small hug. Minerva did not trust Prewett. It was as simple as that. He was too much of a trouble maker and practical joker for Minerva. If Prewett showed one sign of dishonesty or wandering eyes, Minerva would curse him into next week and that was a promise.

The gold dinner plates vanished and were replaced with dessert. Minerva cut herself a piece of the chocolate gateau which had been placed right in front of her. Evangeline piled some trifle on her plate next to her.

“LOU! NOT AGAIN!” Gwen squealed.

“I’m sorry, Gwen!” Louisa cried.

Gwendolyn was covered in chocolate gateau. Evangeline stifled a laugh and Rosalind looked away from Prewett to gasp at the sight of Gwen.

“Louisa! You really need to learn to be less clumsy.” Minerva reprimanded.

“I’m sorry, Min. I’m so so so sorry!” Louisa looked down at her hands in embarrassment. Minerva sighed and waved her wand to clean up the mess on Gwen.

“What are we going to do with you, Louisa?” Evangeline laughed.

The three other girls started laughing and even Louisa managed to give a tiny smile.

“OI! Meadowes! Quidditch practice after dinner!” Seventh year Gryffindor Captain Ryan Wood (brother of Douglas Wood, a fellow Gryffindor in Minerva’s year) yelled across the table.

“Thanks for telling me at the last minute!” She yelled back.

“No problem.” He grinned cheekily.

She flipped him off and went back to her conversation with Prewett. After dinner, Rosalind walked to Quidditch practice while the rest of the girls headed back to the common room.

Evangeline awoke a few mornings later with a start. She was shaking and she knew it was because of the dream she had. She had been having the same dream for the past few days. All she could remember it was a male’s face but she did not know who it was.

She slowly slipped out of bed, dressed, and went down to the common room quietly. Evangeline strode to the portrait hole and pushed on it to leave the room. Her mother had always told her to take a stroll when you have a bad dream. She walked around on the seventh floor for a bit before going down the main stairs. Evangeline went through the Entrance Hall and pushed open the main doors to the outside.

She sat beside her favourite tree and watched the dark sky become brighter as the glowing sun began to rise and spurts of reds, pinks, and blue streaked on the endless sky. She was nearly asleep again when someone shoved her forcefully.

“Evangeline! What are you doing out here?” Minerva asked curiously.

“Oh, I just decided to take an early morning stroll around. Sometimes, I just fancy them.”

Minerva gave her an odd, piercing look but did not say anything more.

Evangeline followed her friend back into the castle, wondering why she did not just tell Minerva about her dream. The unrecognisable male’s face swam into her mind again and she shook it out as she entered the Great Hall with Min.

After breakfast, the girls went back up to their Common Room to retrieve their things for their respective first period class. Gwendolyn and Louisa grabbed their Numerology and Gramatica books for Arithmancy, while Rosalind, Minerva, and Evangeline got their cloaks and notebooks for Care of Magical Creatures.

“Meadowes! Wait up!” Lyle Prewett ran down the stairs leading to the boys’ dormitories and grabbed Rosalind’s hand. 

Evangeline smiled as Rosalind pecked Prewett on the cheek. She loved when her friends were happy. Evie glanced over at Min, whose mouth was in a firm line after seeing the little display of affection.

Evangeline nudged Min and whispered,
“Be happy for her, Min! I know you do not trust Prewett but we will deal with him if he hurts Rosie.”

Minerva sighed.

“I know, I know. I apologize.”

“Good girl.”

Professor Kettleburn was a young teacher, only in his mid-20s. He was considered to be very reckless by his colleagues but fun loving and spirited by most of his pupils. He made a great many girls swoon at the sight of his bright blue eyes and brown wavy hair including Evangeline herself. Besides being handsome, he was also one of Evie’s favourite teachers because he made Care of Magical Creatures a lot of fun while teaching the subject accordingly.

“Right then class,” Professor Kettleburn said as the last of the students walked into the class. “We’re going to be studying Crups today. Raise your hand if you know what a Crup is.”

Everyone except for two Muggleborn girls in Hufflepuff raised their hand. Kettleburn nodded and then pointed at Evangeline.

“Miss Jones, would like to explain to these two lovely ladies what a Crup is?”

Evangeline blushed at being addressed and cleared her throat before saying,
“A Crup is a wizard-bred dog that greatly resembles a Muggle-bred dog known as a Jack Russell terrier. There is one major distinction between a Jack Russell terrier and a Crup: a Crup has a forked tail while a Jack Russell terrier does not.”

“Beautiful explanation, Miss Jones! 10 points to Gryffindor!”

Evangeline grinned.

“Alright class, Crups are simple domestic pets so this class will hopefully be very easy although I think rather dull. Each of you will pick a Crup and take care of it over the next couple of weeks. You will train it, feed it, walk it, etc. Are these instructions clear?”
The class nodded.

“This is swell!” Rosie said, “I love Crups but my father is allergic!”

“Well at least you get to take care of one for a couple of weeks.” Evangeline commented.

They went over to join the line forming in front of the big cages filled with Crups. For the rest of the period, the students played with their Crups and then put them on leashes and led them back to their respective common rooms.

“Nice animal, Jones.” A male voice said snidely as Evangeline, Rosalind, Prewett, and Minerva reached the main staircase since the Care of Magical Creatures was on the bottom floor.

“Beat it, Black.” Evangeline glared at him. He smirked and walked around the bend to follow the path down to the dungeons. Minerva gave her a curious look but Evie just shook her head. Black was getting on her last nerve...

Lucretia Black examined her reflection in the mirror. She was always very pleased with what she saw and yet was constantly looking in it to make sure it was kept that way.

She heard the dormitory door open and slam shut as footsteps stomped across the room. Lucretia took her gaze away from the mirror to see her second cousin once removed and very close friend, Walburga, flop down on her bed in a manner of distress.

Lucretia sighed. For the past few days, Walburga had moaned and mumbled about how she was completely over Lawson Flint. It was bollocks of course, otherwise she would not be complaining about it. Lucretia did not like to see her friend in such distress and sadness. It was not like the snide, sarcastic Burga Lucretia knew and loved and Lucretia could not stand it.

“Burga.” Lucretia muttered in a rare soft way.

“Luce?” Walburga questioned, lifting her head from her pillow.

“Uh huh.” Lucretia came and sat down on Walburga’s bed. “I have decided you musn’t whine over this stupid boy anymore. We’re finding you someone new.”

Walburga sniffled and then nodded slowly.

“I reckon I know the perfect match.”

 “You do?”



"Ah. It's a secret. Don't worry, he's a great match for you."

"If you reckon so, then I believe you Luce."

Orion Black was going to be the happiest second year alive when he finds out who his older sister was setting him up with. 

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