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Je T'aime by xxpetrapan
Chapter 2 : The Call
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Fear washed over her as she watched in terror as the Sorting Hat was set aflame, on top of Neville Longbottom’s head. The boy could not move and Hannah Abbott felt the tears falling from her eyes as the hat burned bright. Others around her were screaming but the blonde girl had lost all use of her voice, fright had frozen her. She had an urge to run out and smack the hat off of Neville’s head but she knew something would happen to her as well, and they both would be in mortal danger. She looked down at the ground, unable to watch the scene in front of her anymore and whispered ‘I love you, Neville’, but then she heard a cheer and she rose her sky blue eyes up and saw that Neville was able to move once more and he had a sword. How did he obtain the Sword of Gryffindor? But, she knew, she knew that the sword showed itself to a brave Gryffindor, in need. She smiled as Neville ran towards the giant snake floating in mid-air and sliced it head off.

Lord Voldermort was angry and tried to come at Neville but he was unable to because somehow there was a barrier. Hannah was confused and the confusion intensified when that half-giant, Hagrid, asked where Harry had gone. Dead bodies could not just leave and walk away, unless they were charmed too. The Hufflepuff looked around the scene and then saw Harry Potter appear out of thin air and then it was on between Harry Potter and The Dark Lord.

The Battle was over and everything was calm, at Hogwarts. Hannah sat at one of the tables in the Great Hall, watching as everyone comforted each other. She had no one to comfort, as her mother had been killed earlier that year and her father was a muggle, so he was not there. She let out a sigh before laying her head on the table; she was tired from all the action that had happened that day. She closed her eyes, she needed to sleep.

“Hannah?” A voice asked, making the Hufflepuff raise her head and look right at Neville Longbottom. He looked horrible, well not in a bad way but in a ‘I was beaten up a lot, I just killed a snake, I was set on fire, and I could really use a nap,’ sort of way.

“Hello, Neville, you were brilliant tonight. You are as much a hero to me as Harry Potter is to everyone else,” the blonde felt her cheeks heat as the words she had just said sunk in.

Neville turned as red as the blonde, “Thank you, Hannah, but I will never be like Harry.”

Hannah shook her head, “You are, you are as great as Harry. You are amazing and I um….” She could not bring herself to say the last part.

The Gryffindor looked confused, “You what?”

Hannah looked down at the table once more and whispered, “I love you,” she looked back up to see Neville smiling at her, “What? Do you find what I said to be a jest?”

He did not reply, he placed his dirty hands on her chin and pulled her closer to him, before placing his lips on hers. The blonde was in heaven as she sat and kissed her crush for what felt like forever. He pulled away, smiling stupidly. “Hannah, I love you too. You are amazing, funny, and smart. I have wanted to say I love you since we bonded the day your mother was killed.”

Her mother  the mention of her made the eighteen-year-old solemn but then she registered what Neville had just said to her and a smile spread across her face, “You do?”

He nodded, “Of course, I have wanted to say that for a long time, I even feel like saying in in every language that I know!”

Hannah giggled, hoping that he would say ‘I love you’ in all the way he could, “Okay, then go, I would love to see this.”

“You are on my dear, Je t’aime, Te quiero, Ti amo, Ich libe dich!” Neville exclaimed pulling Hannah towards him once again and whispering in her ear, “I love you, and I will no matter what language that I speak. You are forever to be my one and only.”

Hannah could have fainted right then and there but she did not, she only smiled at Neville. The day had gone from horror to happy, and this was the most adventurous, scary, sad, happy day of her young life.


Note: Je t'aime/Te Quiero/Ti Amo/Ich Libe Dich-I love you


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