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Facing Fate by Secret Passion
Chapter 22 : Intelligence
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Draco was made to stay in the hospital for over a week and by that time the story of what Astoria had done and why she had done it spread and twisted around the school. It started off with the truth but soon all sorts of wild stories were floating around the school.

“Malfoy was having a secret affair with a muggle and Astoria was angry he cheated on her.”

“Astoria was aiming for Potter but she missed.”

“Draco really was attacked by wolf in the forest and they are covering it up from the ministry.”

“It’s a cover up so Malfoy can leave the school on special ministry business.”

“It’s a cover up because Malfoy’s been locked up in Azkaban.”

They went on and on and on and Hermione was grateful that Lavender was sorted, even when Ginny and Harry had a huge argument in the middle of the common room, it didn’t appear in the paper the next day. Without the leak Hermione and Draco didn’t need to worry as much as they had been. But Hermione couldn’t shake a horrid feeling that Astoria knew about her and Draco. The look she had given her in the hospital wing sent shivers up her spine every time she thought about it.

So Hermione was grateful when Draco was finally let out, could resume lessons and everyone realised that he had really just been in the hospital wing all along...though it didn’t stop some of the rumours… But Hermione had someone to sit next to again and the year started to fly by quickly. For some reason that no one quite understood Lavender disappeared half way through February and no one knew where she had disappeared to. Not even Privati. This disappearance led to an end to the rumours about Draco and sparked up new ones.

“She’s gone home to look after her mum because she’s ill”

“She’s gone home to look after her mum because she’s dying.”

“She was so distraught about Ron that she killed herself and the school is covering it up.”

“She was so upset over Ron that she transferred to durmstrang.”

“She’s moved to London to be an unspeakable.”

“She’s part of a secret experiment in the ministry and its gone wrong so they have had to quarantine her.”

So with the limelight off Hermione and Draco, they were able to relax completely. She spent the spring term with Ginny, Harry and Ron, meeting up with Draco in secret corners of the castle whenever they could snatch a few moments. She hated that they couldn’t be together completely but she understand why they were doing it this way. They had no choice.

There were days spent in secluded spots of the school grounds and the rare night spent in each other’s rooms. It was so easy. Only Ginny and Harry knew and no one else even guessed…not even Ron. Whenever he got suspicious of where she was she would just tell him she was in the library studying…which some of the time she was, but Draco was there too.

But though it started smooth as February ended and March came along Harry began to be less than helpful. He would only reluctantly cover for her and begrudgingly lent her his cloak once or twice, always with a warning. She was starting to get sick of it all. He was being so stubborn and stupid.

“Harry this has to stop!” she hissed as she dragged him into an empty classroom not long after the final bell had sounded. She slammed the door behind them, put all manner of spells on the door before turning to him with a glare. Harry wasn’t stupid, he knew he was in trouble but he stood his ground.

“What does?” he asked.

“This!” she replied, “You are meant to be helping me!” Harry’s anger boiled over as Hermione stood looking lost in front of him.

“You know what he’s like Hermione! You know who he is!”

“He has changed even you can see that.”

“It’s not that simple. I’m sick of lying to Ron and I’m sick of running around after a death eater!”

“Ex death eater,” Hermione snapped, annoyed that the label was still running around in the forefront of Harry’s mind.

“Supposedly!” he shot back. Hermione’s mouth gaped open.

“And what, Harry Potter, is that supposed to mean!”

Harry Sighed and ran his fingers in his hair before looking up at her with, what Hermione could only describe as, sad eyes.

“You know Kingsley asked us to keep an eye on Malfoy.”

“Of course I know.”

“Well the ministry is occupied at the moment with rounded up any rouge death eaters and keeping an eye on anything that might look like death eaters.”

“Yes, well I gathered that,” Hermione huffed as she folded her arms.

“Well they have had some intelligence about a group that has been forming in the background and it was mentioned that together they might be just as dangerous as Voldemort.” Harry shuddered slightly and Hermione had to repress a large gulp. The ministry where onto them. “it’s the perfect time to form a group like that, people think they are safe now that Voldemort gone but this group is threatening that.”

“And does this have anything to do with Draco?” she asked fearing the worst. Harry looked a little sheepish as he spoke.

“No, we have no direct link between Draco and the group.” Hermione couldn’t help but laugh and raise her eyebrows. He had no reason to be accusing Draco of anything. She told him this but Harry just got angry.

“Well this has links to Italy and Malfoy was seen visiting Italy for a few days at Christmas and no one knew why.”

“Harry Potter you are an idiot!” Hermione cried, “if your precious ministry actually bothered to see where Draco was going they would see that he was there visiting his mother who moved there to get away from this kind of crap!”

Harry looked rather taken aback by this and Hermione knew he didn’t have a leg to stand on.

“Look just take the list,” he said shoving a piece of parchment into Hermione’s hand, “Astoria’s brothers on there, you might find it more interesting than you realise.” Harry twisted on his heel and stormed from the room leaving Hermione with a short list of names who could be in deep trouble.


“You are an idiot Draco Malfoy,” Hermione cried as she stormed into his room and slammed the door. Draco, who had been lying back on his bed reading, shot up and gaped at her.


“Because you idiotically went to Italy to visit your mother while the ministry is tracking possible death eater groups. They made a link to Italy!”

“All I did was go and visit my mother,” he protested.

“Look Harry gave me a list of names, there’s only five on there but Astoria’s brother is.”

“I don’t care,” Draco said flinging it to the floor. I’m not part of the group and I don’t want to be. The ministry cannot send me to Azkaban because I turned down their offer. Let the ministry catch them.”

Hermione nodded, Draco was rights. They couldn’t send him away because of that. As long as he wasn’t part of the group he would be safe. A sharp knock on the door followed by a small ‘I hope you’re not decent I’m coming in,’ caused both fear and bile to rise in Hermione’s throat.

Astoria walked in without waiting for an answer but stopped dead at the sight of Hermione.

“Oh Granger, what are you doing here,” she sneered with the biggest look of triumph you could have seen.

“Head Girl stuff,” Hermione answered not taking her eyes of the girl who had walked in.

“Hmmm, yes, well…” Astoria turned to Draco, “just thought I would come and tell you that my brother will be visiting fairly soon. You should be prepared.” She gave Draco a little wave before she sauntered back out of the room. Draco just sighed and crossed the
room to pulled Hermione into a quick kiss.

“Does she know about us?” Hermione asked.

“Not that I know of,” Draco replied, “but we do need to be careful, she wrote to my mother and my mother cannot quite understand why I would want to break up with someone as lovely as Astoria Greengrass.”


Ok guys this is is the last chapter i have written so i need to write some more, please keep this in mind and check every now and again for more...the next few chapters i have planned out and are going to be exciting and shocking...i'll give you a taste...Lav is back with a very big shock, we meet Astoria's brother and Draco needs Mrs Weasly's help...please read and review...hope you are enjoying the story, pleanty more to come, oh btw...when i have finished this story would people read a sequel? it would be set outside of hogwarts if i wrote it, tell me what you think...bye xxxx

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