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The Walking Dead by Riya Potter
Chapter 4 : Talking about the party
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There was a knock on the door. Pia went to receive it. Hermione and Ginny were out in the city, shopping with Ron for Christmas and Harry was helping Pia in the kitchen.

 “Hey Abhay!” Pia gestured him to come in. “Since when did you start coming in from my door, that too knocking? I thought you enjoy entering through windows.”

 “My dear, I would have loved to, had you been alone, but what with guests at your house...”

 “Abhay?” Harry came out of kitchen. “I want to talk to you alone, only if you don’t mind.”

 “Sure Harry, see you Pia,” Abhay followed Harry to his room. There was a questioning look on Pia’s face, but she let it go.

 Both boys (boys? Whatever....) sat on the bed, Abhay sat just as politeness. He enjoyed standing, but with Harry sitting on bed, he couldn’t ignore courteousness.

 “Look Abhay,” Harry began, “I want this to be clear. Ron and I are sort of going to party in this room at night as Ginny and the girls are having some ‘Pajama Party’ at Pia’s friend’s house. Would you like to join us? We are going to discuss some matters, which I think you should discuss with us. You know, like... let’s not spoil the fun. Abhay, I want you to join us.”

 “Err... I’m not sure if I would come if Pia’s not here, in fact I would like to go with her...”

 “Shut up!” Harry broke him mid-sentence, “don’t tell me you are going to gate-crash a girls’ Pajama party!”

 “No I didn’t mean that...”

 “Come on Abhay! Don’t act such a fool, when you’re not. We are wizards, I mean, I and Ron are wizards and you are a magical creature, so don’t say you can’t hang around us. And plus we are sort of friends, aren’t we? Don’t dare say no.” Harry said with as much command as he could probably gather.

 “Harry I need to, well, alright! I’ll come,” Abhay said with much hesitation.

 “So that’s done. You’re coming.” Harry was satisfied with himself, and was desperate to tell the good news to Ron. On the other hand, Abhay looked quite disturbed and deep in thought.

 He got up with full force, still engrossed in thoughts, when he forgot to take the appropriate measures and the bed cracked. He realized a second later that the bed had broken and Harry had fallen down.

 “Aaagh!” Harry screamed when he realized that there was a deep cut on his hand and noticed that warm blood had started trickling down his hand. And then he remembered that there was a vampire in the room. He quickly glanced at Abhay, whose face looked like he had swallowed castor oil, and who looked like he was struggling, ready to push himself forward with full force. Abhay had twisted his nose, stood frozen, not taking a breath.

 Pia had heard Harry scream and ran up towards the room. When she entered, she saw Abhay, shaking a bit, eyes tightly closed, hands clenched into fists, nose wrinkled. Then she saw the broken bed and then noticed Harry, lying on the floor, left arm red with blood. She realized what the situation was and suddenly removed her wand.

 She pointed her wand at Abhay and quietly murmured, “Stupefy!” Abhay stood there, knocked out. She then turned to Harry, who was now wiping off his blood with the sleeve of his shirt.

 “Harry,” she approached him, “I’m so sorry!” She pointed her wand at his arm and said, “Ferula!” His hands were instantly wrapped into bandages. “It’ll heal soon. Now just go down and put in your shirt into the laundry. Go to Ron’s room and take one of his shirt for now, I’ll clear up this mess.”

 Harry nodded, slowly got up and headed out of the room.

 “Repairo!” she pointed at the broken bed, which was fixed. She then pointed back at Abhay and muttered, “Ennervate!” Abhay moved a bit, taking in the scene.


 “It’s okay Abhay, I’ve sorted everything out. You controlled yourself really well.” She slowly moved towards him, gently hugging him. “But I was a bit scared.”

 “Scared of me?”

 “Scared for you Abhay.”

 “Really?” Abhay held Pia’s chin so that she could see into his eyes. “You taught me to control Pia. I’m around two hundred years old, but I learnt the most in your presence. But I must go now. I’m coming back in the evening, you’re going for a Pajama party?”

 “Yeah, at Prachi’s house.” Riya smiled.

 “Okay then, gotta go now…” and with that Abhay was out of Pia’s window. Pia just sighed, looking at the place he just existed a second ago.


A/N: This chap is a bit short but I guess that's all I had to include in this one. Thanks for reading, and I would love a review.

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