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In the Eyes of a Serpent by 802betty
Chapter 2 : The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall
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A/N: Hey you guys! Thank you so much for the super nice reviews you left me! It totally made my day!Also, I apologize for the delay, I had some problems getting this through validation. :( But it's here now! :D Sadly though, this chapter is yet another sad one. :(  I hate the climax, (you’ll know it when you see it,) and I seriously wonder if I should change it… Maybe… But just keep in mind I do NOT enjoy what happens, but it must. :( Also, you’ll notice that the scene that the sad part occurs in actually happens in Order of Phoenix, even though this story occurs in DH. So just ignore that for me! :) Please don’t come over to my house and beat me for this! :0 Anyways, I hope you still enjoy chapter 2 of, In the Eyes of a Serpent!

I sadly own nothing but the plot, everything else is owned by the amazingly awesome J.K. Rowling*

The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall


Over the next two weeks, the man whose name I now know to be Voldemort trained me vigorously in many different skills. I became faster than ever before, stronger, and utterly unstoppable. He had also taught me many spells that made my heart race like adrenaline was actually a part of me. But probably one of the most useful skills that I had finally mastered was the disguising of my image. I didn’t quite fit in anymore compared to others; my eyes always glowing a brilliant blue and my skin seemed to almost radiate a pale light. At those times, I would concentrate all of my mind and soul at becoming ‘normal.’ My eyes would then dim until they became a pair of stormy, grey orbs, and my skin would quit gleaming bright. Disappointingly, when I was disguised, so was my powers. I was just an ordinary wizard. Control was essential though; if I had ever lost control or accidentally called out my powers, the disguise would fade, leaving a powerful boy.

The Dark Lord told me all of what was happening in the world today, informing me of who to trust, and who to despise. But no one would I ever despise more than that one boy, Harry Potter. The Dark Lord had told me so much about him, and it almost pained me to not be the one to destroy him. But somehow, and for some reason, I felt a tug at my heart every time I had thought about that. A tug at my mind; a feeling that I shouldn’t think those things.

Overtime I became more and more obedient to the Dark Lord, becoming what I presumed was his most faithful servant. I smiled as I remembered what my master had told me not to long ago after a very tiring training session,

“The world will be ours one day Draco, I promise you that. Together, you and I will be unstoppable!”

I panted heavily, finally remembering the feeling of being tired. I had almost forgotten, what with my ever growing strength and speed. I had just finished what was more than likely the most demanding training yet. After throwing multiple Cruciatious Cures my way, I had successfully dogged all of them by darting to the other side of the room at breathtaking speed. Well, all but one. I had stopped in the corner of the dark room where we train, letting myself recover, when I felt one of the curses graze my arm. It was enough. I immediately screamed as the pain that continuously gave me nightmares returned to me. The feeling of needles and endless torture reigned free on my body once more. I fought the curse back with all of my might, trying so hard to shove it off as I had done so many times before. But this time it was stronger. I heard Voldemort cackle above my screaming, believing me to be a weakling. I felt a surge of anger blended with power wash over me, I was not a weakling! Calling forth all of my strength and control, I shoved with my new found strength and energy. That was when everything went wrong for my master.

I watched in amazement as a red glow formed all over my body as it slowing began to leave me. The stabbing pain almost seemed to leave slowly as the glow left me too. Finally, the pain was completely gone from me, and the red glow had become a floating and spinning orb. The red orb was shimmering in a faint red smoke, and its core was a deep, blood red. I gasped as I realized what was floating before me; it was a stilled Cruciatous Curse! Not letting my strength relax, I continued to shove the orb slowly away from me and stole a glance at Voldemort. His face seemed to morph between many emotions; shock, confusion, pride, then horror. If this wasn’t such a dire situation in which I used all of my concentration, I would’ve smirked at his face.

The glowing, red orb continued to slowly glide across the space between my master and I, almost as if it was on ice. Once it had finally reached the pale man, his red slit eyes widened in horror. Curious, I gave one last shove of energy and watched as the orb jerked upon Voldemort, the red light immediately fading into him. I winced, waiting to see what would befall Voldemort. To my shock though, he only gave a slight shudder, then straitened himself out and glared at me with his merciless eyes.

In two great strides, he had reached me and barked at my form, still lying on the cool floor, “Get up Draco.” I immediately stood and hung my head, awaiting my punishment. “Look me in the eyes boy.” He hissed cruelly. Hesitantly, I obeyed, and let my glowing, blue eyes meet his red slits. To my shock though, he only smiled at me, “You’re ready my boy. You’re finally ready for your first mission,” he breathed in that soft, raspy voice he had.

Excitement raced through my pores and my face broke out into the hugest of grins. Elated, I bowed multiple times to Voldemort, thanking him profusely. He only shook his head and ordered, “Stop it boy. You may thank me if and only if you actually succeed.” I immediately straitened once more but I still had that slap-happy grin blazing across my face.

Voldemort continued, “This is your mission, you shall hunt and destroy one of the helpers to the Order of the Phoenix. Now, he is one of their very close friends, so destroying him will eventually result in the weakening of them. “He smiled a cruel smile and continued, “Now, don’t think this is an easy task, for this man is half- giant. His name is Hagrid.”

My hawthorn wood and unicorn hair core wand was gripped tightly in one hand, my other fist clenched, as I prepared myself to be squeezed and squished. To be spun senseless to the point of dizziness, and to feel as uncomfortable as was humanely possible. I prepared myself for apparition. With one more curt nod from Voldemort before me and my new knowledge about the half-giant swimming in my head, I quickly double checked that I was completely disguised and twisted on my heel.

I felt myself in my ‘normal’ body shiver as soon as I had landed in the snow. The wind whistled loudly in my ear as it whipped around my face; biting and stinging all along my body, too. I quickly pulled my scarf up and over my face to protect it, then began to trudge through the snow looking for a certain half-giant and his friend, Madame Maxime. Voldemort ordered not to deal with the female and to just deal with Hagrid though.

After hiking through the deep snow for about five minutes, I stopped for a moment and scanned the surrounding area. I quickly spotted a small cluster of bare trees shaking in the power of the win. I looked closer and saw two figures standing underneath the tree, both taller than a human, but smaller than a giant. I smirked, looks like I’ve found my half-giant. I squeezed my eyes shut and concentrated hard; a cruel smile on my face as I opened them once more. My eyes were glowing a bright blue.

I began to trudge through the snow towards them.


I felt a huge grin spread across my face as I looked over at the beautiful giantess beside me. The French half-giant felt my gaze on her and turned towards me with a smile. “Vat are you staring at, Hagrid?” Madame Maxime asked me with a slight smile on her plump lips. I felt my face go beet red and I looked down at my feet. “Oh nothing.” She only laughed at my lame excuse. I cleared my throat and looked up at her once more, “So shall we head off then to try to change the minds of some of the giants?” I watched with sadness as Madame Maxime’s face immediately twisted into fear. Sensing her apprehension, I quickly walked over to her and took her hand, giving it a slight squeeze, “It’ll be all right m’ dear. I promise.” She smiled at me, “Thank you, Hagrid. You’re a vunderful man, you know that?” I blushed again and turned my head away, fully embarrassed.

I looked out into the swirling snowflakes, blowing fiercely around like angry, white pixies. But then something caught my eye out in the distance. I squinted to try to make out what it was, and realized it was a man, or rather a teenager. However, the blazing snowflakes prevented me seeing the boy clearly. I could see the boy’s silhouette though, and he was slightly tall and lean, but seemed to be very strong. As he neared though, I had to blink a few times in confusion; the boy seemed to be radiating a pale glow! Not only that, but his eyes were glowing a bright blue! I glanced over at Madame Maxime to see if I was the only one who could see this, but she too had a look of shock on her face. The boy was now close enough for me to see who it was, and I turned back to face him.


I gasped and quickly took a step back, realizing immediately who it was, Draco Malfoy. But, there was just something, different about him. I couldn’t figure out what exactly it was, but I knew one thing for sure; Madame Maxime and I were in trouble.

Turning back to her I shouted, “Run Madame Maxime! Run!” Her face broke into sadness and she took a hesitant step towards me. I shook my head, my bushy beard and hair swishing around me, “No! Turn around! Go back! But promise me one thing; don’t tell anyone what happens to me. Now run!” Tears in her eyes, she finally turned and dashed out into the snow. But I saw her dash behind a rock and hide; her eyes peeking over to watch the scene. I reluctantly turned back to Draco, who now stood before me, and awaited whatever he had in store for me.


I smiled as the giantess ran off in fear, but focused my thoughts at the task at hand. Voldemort was counting on me, I couldn’t let him down. The half-giant finally turned back towards me shaking in fear. Suddenly I stifled a gasp as I felt a tug at my heart, much like the one I received while thinking about Harry, but this one was much stronger. My heart for some reason was telling me not to kill this man, to let him live. I shook my head, trying to clear the pesky thoughts, but they persisted. I finally made my decision.

I ran towards Hagrid at the speed of light; making no sound but a breath of air. Hagrid gasped once more and whipped around towards me with horror, “What has he done to you?” he cried. I smiled, "everything that is for the better,” I whispered to him and whipped out my wand, pointing it at him. His eyes widened, but before he could say anything, I whispered one spell, then yelled out, “Avada Kedavra!” A burst of green light shot out of my wand.

Madame Maxime-

I gasped in horror as I watched Hagrid fall to the ground after the pale boy shot out a green spell at him. My eyes began to tear up and I quickly stood to apparate out of there. I sighed as I remembered my promise to Hagrid though, I couldn’t tell anyone. A single tear slid down my face, carving a trail in my makeup. I looked up one more time at the horrible scene before me, and saw the wonderful man who enchanted my life lying on the ground, never to get up again. Right before I turned on my heel though, I noticed a small flower that was on the tree nearby where Hagrid once stood. It was ashy colored and wrinkled.


I let my eyes slowly flutter open from underneath my bushy eyebrows and take in my surroundings. I was lying in very deep snow, and small snowflakes floated down upon me from all directions, speckling my body. I slowly sat up, my head spinning. I took a large handful of snow into my hands and lightly pressed it against my forehead, trying to clear my mind. Suddenly, my memories came flooding back to me, almost knocking me over back into the snow. I remembered Draco standing before me with his wand pointed at me. He whispered a spell, making me fall to the ground. I finally realized what it was, Petrificus Totalus. I must’ve been petrified and had fallen. I stood up from the snow and brushed off the cold powder from my back. Once I had finished and looked up, something caught my eye. A small flower that had been growing upon the tree nearby where I had been standing. It was ash colored and shriveled up. A sudden realization hit me; Draco had killed the flower, not me.

*                                              *                                                    *


That week had passed by very quickly, as I remember, after the incident with Hagrid. Voldemort had beamed with pride when I returned with the news that the great man had fallen; he never suspected a thing. Shortly afterwards, he assigned me various wizards and ministry officials that refused to cooperate with him. None of them created that strange tug at my mind and heart, so they were given a quick and painless end. Which brings me back to today. I ran using my super speed to Voldemort, knowing he was impatient. Once I had reached him, I gave a low bow, “You called me my Lord?” He smiled down at me, “Yes my boy, I have some very exciting news for you and I both.” He began to pace around the room, glancing every once in a while at me, “Now, you know how much I despise that horrid Harry Potter, right?” Voldemort practically spat out the boy’s name. “Well I have realized that the boy has gotten stronger throughout the years right under my nose. Because of this, it would be rather easy for him to luck out of death once more during the final battle, whenever that is.” I nodded in full understanding. “So, I have discovered a way to weaken him down; we must take down what’s closest to him, his best friends. This is why your new assignment is, my boy, Hermione Granger.”

A/N: DUN DUN DUNH!!! Yes! Hermione is finally introduced! So yes, we will finally get some Hermione point of view next chapter for you guys! :D It’s almost Dramione time!!! XD

Haha, I’m so evil!!! You guys thought Hagrid was gonna die didn’t you??? Nope! I could never kill off Hagrid, he’s way too awesome! :D

Also, if you guys have noticed, every once in a while throughout the story Draco will have these, ‘tugs at his mind.’ What these are are memories from his past and parts from the old Draco threatening to come through. I hope that cleared that up! Thankfully, the next chapters will NOT be as dark as these first two! :D So please, rate, review, and tell me what you think! Thank you all so much! :D


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In the Eyes of a Serpent: The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall


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