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What Even is a Squib? by music_love_fred
Chapter 6 : The New Girl
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"Are you Lily?" I turn around and see a girl tapping my shoulder. She is kind of bigger with thick curves and a pretty face. She's got really pretty hair. It has lots of blonde highlights, but the original colour is like this reddish-brownish. Her eyes are a beautiful blue with gold around the pupil. She's got a thick line of eye liner on her top eye with dark purple, gold, and lilac eyeshadow. Her eyelashes are long to the max and very big.

"Yes. Who are you?" I ask.

"I'm Gemma. It's short for Gemini. I just moved here from the U.S.," she explains. "That girl over there, told me you could help me." I see Gemma point to Bertie.

"That's my lockermate, Bertie," I say. She nods. I guess I do have a few minutes before Drake's going to meet me. It's been about a month and a half since the ill-fated party. We've been keeping up a nice relationship. "What do you need help with?"

"Do you think you could show me where my classes are?" Gemma's cheeks get red.

I smile. "Yeah. I might not know where all of them are, because I just started at this school this year, myself. Maybe my boyfriend could help?" I suggest.

"Oooooaoooh. Is he hot?" She asks this right when Drake walks up. He puts his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek.

"Who's hot?" he asks.

"You," I say. Gemma looks at the floor. "This is Gemma. She needs help finding her classes. Wanna help?" Drake nods his head.

"Hey. You're the guy who came out and asked if I needed help moving, right?"

"Yeah, that's me." he shrugs.

"You moved in next door to him?" I ask.

"Yup. I moved in with my aunt and uncle. My uncles getting old and my parents thought I should come and help out and stuff," she looks a little sad as she says this.

"Well, we should go find your classes," I say. We start with her first class and finish with her locker. She's got three classes with Drake. Her locker is also close to his. I have choir and gym with her.

The bell soon rings and we head to class.

"Did you see that new girl?" Kiki asks me when she comes into class.

"Yes. I showed her around," I tell her. Ms. Ebony tells us to quiet our talking.

"I think she's really pretty. And did you see those curves? She is so curvalicious," Kiki says.

"I think she's okay," I say.

"Out with it, Evans," Kiki demands.

"It's nothing," I say. I start taking notes and try not to think about all the flirting Gemma tried with Drake.

When its time for lunch, I sit with Kiki's crowd. I don't see her though. I eventually spot Kiki pulling a red-faced Gemma through the crowd and towards the table. I tell everyone to make room. They sit on either side of me.

"So, Gemma, seen any guys you like?" asks one of the more prissy girls, Abby.

She blushes and says, "No. I haven't met anybody."

Girls continue to ask her questions. She's never been kissed or had a real boyfriend. She moved here from Missouri, wherever that is. I'm not so sure if I like this girl. I get up to throw away my trash and Kiki follows. "Why do you hate Gemma?" she asks.

"I don't hate her," I say. I throw away my stuff and face Kiki. "Why would you think that?"

"You're ignoring her and acting like a sourpuss," she crosses her arms.

"Whatever. I'll be nice and talk." We go back to the table and I do my best at making small talk with Gemma.

"Gemma, Lily and I could give you a tour around town tonight. If you want?" Kiki suggests. Gemma's face lights up and she smiles.

"Yeah. I'd really like that," she says. "You know where Drake lives, right?" she asks me. " Well,
I live in the white house on the right of his. Just come by whenever and I'll be ready."

"Cool," Kiki says.

"Oh! But it must be after 5:30. I have dinner with my aunt and uncle every night at 5." She winks and leaves the cafeteria.

Kiki and I arrive at Gemma's house at 5:40. We wait outside for her. An old woman opens the door. "Hello, ladies," she says in a frail voice. She's skinny and has wrinkly skin. I can tell that she was pretty back in her prime, though. "Won't you come in? Gemma's just feeding our cat." Kiki and I step inside the house. It's small and old-fashioned. There's a couch and a few armchairs. A piano sits against a wall next to an arch that leads into maybe a kitchen. The wallpaper is of tiny blue flowers with a white background. It's actually quite pretty. In an old woman way.

We stand around for a few minutes. I can hear Gemma talking. It sounds like she's talking to a cat, because her voice is more high-pitched then usual. I hear hard cat food get poured into a bowl. I can't help but think how much easier and faster that would be with magic.

Gemma comes out of a small kitchen. "Hold on," she says. She scurries down a hallway and comes back wearing ripped jeans, some American band t-shirt, and a pink sweatshirt. "I'll be back in about in hour or so. I'll call you if anything happens. Bye." I hear her aunt say bye. We exit the house and walk past Drake's house.

"My Aunt Em and Uncle George," she says. "They're pretty cool." After she says this, Drake comes outside.

"Hey, sexy," he says. "Looking fine as always." Drake walks over to me. "Where are we going?"

"We are going to go show Gemma around. You are not coming," Kiki says.

"Damn," he says. "I was really looking forward to getting to know Gemma."

"In due time," Gemma says. That's so stupid. She talks like an old woman. What does she even mean by that? That's she's going to be hanging with him? That bitch better not touch my man.

I give Drake a small kiss and start following Kiki and Gemma down the road. "What was that?" Drake asks. He pulls me back and we kiss for real. Kiki starts making a noise like she's going to throw up. "I'll come over tomorrow night, okay?" I ask him. He murmurs a yes. I run to catch up to Gemma and Kiki.

We show Gemma all around town. The best places to eat. The park and the pool. We show her the theatre and the cinema. Kiki suggests we stop for a break. She said she's tired. She leads up to an ice cream shop where we all get a cone.


Everybody seems to think of Gemma as perfect and hilarious. Even Kiki has really taking a liking to her. I see through it. Even all the guys are falling for her. She's fat, for God's sake! How does that work?

I'll bet that the real reason she came here, is because of something terrible she did. Maybe she had a baby! Or she got kicked out. I'll bet she stole someone's boyfriend and had their baby and was going to get beat up. So, she moved away, but convinced her parents it was to help her sick and ailing uncle! It's genius. I 'd buy it.

Kiki's insisted on having Gemma over at her house tonight. It's Friday, and she's gonna be spending the night with us. I'm already at Kiki's. I pretty much had to beg mum to let me come. She says that Kiki is a terrible influence on me and she doesn't want Kiki to turn me into a harlet or pregnant. Yeah, right. We've been waiting for Gemma for a while now.

"Jesus, where is she?" Kiki asks. I shrug my shoulders. Kiki's about to cuss some more when we hear knocking. We run and scramble over each other to the door.

I open it and shove Kiki away. "Hey," I say winded.

"Hi, guys," she says. Her lips are the tiniest bit puffed up and her hair looks as though she was in a rush to make it look presentable. Well, we all know that her lips aren't virgins anymore. I wonder what else isn't.

"Holy shit!" Kiki exclaims. "Who were you with?"

"Oh, just some guy," she shrugs her shoulders and walks in. We settle down in Kiki's room and gossip.

"You must tell us," Kiki tries again. She's dying to know. "Is it Peter? I heard that you were kinda talkin' to him.

"Nope. I'm going to wait until it gets more serious or he's ready to tell," she says. "So, Kiki, who are you dating?"

"Nobody at the moment. I've got my eye on someone," she giggles. Gemma asks me how I am with my man.

"Drake and I are fine," I assure her. A look of shock flashes in her eyes. I think Kiki's too busy painting her nails to notice it.

"Y-you are still together?" she asks.

"Yeah. Why?" I ask her back.

"Oh, no reason. I've never seen you over at his house or anything," she says this and shrugs. "Come on. Let's watch The Adventures of Flip." She gets up and plays the movie.


AN: So, how'd you like this chapter? The next one will be from third person and about Gemma. I'm going to try to get it longer then the rest of these, but I'm really starting to not like it. So, who knows. It'll be called: A Secret To Keep Under Any Circumstances. Many of you will probably not like what happens, but that's okay.

Please review! <{:^)}>    <---- Santa

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