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Twelve Step Program for Romance: Weasley Style by Lucy Weasley
Chapter 12 : Step 12: The Flirty One and Bored Love
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Pretty CI made by bellatrixx @ TDA.

Disclaimers: I own nothing except my OC Quidditch players.

You're so hot
Teasing me
So you're blue but I can't
Take a chance on a kid like you


"I think you've got an admirer, Maggie," Lucy called from her place on the ground where she was bouncing a Bludger against the wall, waiting for her fellow Beater to show up.

"Maggie, vous regardez aussi magnifique comme toujours." Maggie, a seventh year and Gryffindor's Keeper, sighed and turned to look at the edge of the Quidditch pitch. A few feet away, and below her, was a tall, blonde boy, leaning against one of the stands. At the sound of their cousin's voice, Lily and James both spun around to stare at him.

"I've told you before, Louis, and I'll tell you again. I don't care how much French you speak to me! You are still thirteen, and I won't go out with you."

"Mais je suis un quatorze matures." Maggie glared at him and swooped down to land her broom almost on top of him. Louis didn't even flinch.

"And stop with the French thing; it's annoying!" He tried to push past her; even though he was taller, Maggie didn't move.

"Fine. But it's my best tool with the ladies."

"You have got a lot to learn about women, Louis Weasley." Hoping that was the end of the conversation, she turned back to her team.

"Right everyone, as we are waiting on Finn we'll start with chasing. James, I swear if you make that face again I'll-"

"The third and fourth year ladies of Hogwarts would disagree with you. And a couple of fifth years too," Louis cut her off. Maggie made a face, choosing not to say anything. "Face it, Wood, I'm the best looking guy in school; you can't resist me forever."

"Watch me! You really aren't my type, you know."

"What's your type?" She looked sideways at him.

"For one thing, older; less blonde, for another."

"What's wrong with being blonde?" She shrugged and studied her notes.

"Nothing, I guess. I just don't like blondes."

"But they have more fun; therefore, you would have more fun by association." Maggie shook her sandy braid and spun to look at him.

"You couldn't handle my kind of fun." The other girls on the team landed to stand behind her. Lucy and Lily were both looking at Louis with expressions of disgust. James, still in the air, let out a whoop.

"I believe in you, Louis!" All four girls looked up to stare at him.

"Potter, I'm captain, and I told you to start practicing."

"But Dahlia isn't." Louis took this form of distraction to flick his wand. The Gryffindor Quidditch team froze as waltz music blared from nowhere.

"That's impressive," Lily muttered as her cousin grabbed Maggie's hands and began to lead her around the field. She was so surprised that she actually followed for a minute or two before jerking away roughly.

"No! No! No! No! No! No! NO!" Louis smiled at her, looking annoyingly cute.

"C'mon, Maggie, dance with me."

"You think this is funny, don't you?" Maggie snapped, but she was fighting a smile.

"I think it's the best practice we've had all year!" Finn yelled as he started to come down from the stands.

"Finnigan! Get over here and dance with me!" Lily called, pulling him onto the pitch. Lucy and Dahlia exchanged eye rolls but grabbed Colin and James, pulling them into the dance. Louis took Maggie's hands again, and this time, she didn't pull away.

"Ah, so you'll dance with me. How about a date to Hogsmeade then?" Maggie shook her head.

"Has anyone ever told you you're really tall?" Louis, already a head taller than her, grinned.

"Is that a yes?"

"You're a cute kid, Louis; keep it up, and you'll make someone very happy." Maggie closed her eyes and swayed to the music as her team laughed and danced around her.

"Like you?" He asked, looking hopeful.

"Don't push it, Weasley."

A/N: Song-Does Your Mother Know-ABBA (but I used the Mamma Mia lyrics)

This was the last chapter, no more Weasley romance. Let me know what you think.

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