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Matters of the Hart by Flavia
Chapter 7 : Sabino
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I don't own anything you recognise, it's all the intellectual property of JK Rowling - All hail!


I do own Tabby and all my OC's as well as Sabino =)
Thanks to kaileena_sands @ TDA for the beautiful chapter image

"If my diary is going to have a name it will be something interesting and cool like Avery or Hadrian or Sabino!"   ~Annabeth Trevena

Tabitha didn’t go straight back to the common room when she left Professor Longbottom’s office. Instead, she headed back out of the castle and started to wander down to the lake. She found herself a sunny patch of grass and sat down, cross legged, facing the grey expanse of water. Only then, did Tabitha let herself look down at the book in her hands. Its heaviness still surprised her, even though she’d been carrying it for ten minutes now. She ran her fingers across the faded letters, feeling the pattern of the ancient embossing. This was hers. Tabitha thought to herself. She actually held this in her hands and wrote her own thoughts in it. She felt the tears prickling at her eyes again. Taking a deep breath, Tabitha opened the cover and began to read the first page of neat, loopy writing.

 November 3rd, 1994

 Dear Diary,
Well that sounds a bit stupid doesn’t it? I’m not sure I’ll start my entries that way! ‘Dear Diary’ like that’s its name! If my diary is going to have a name it will be something interesting and cool like Avery or Hadrian or Sabino! Ooh...I like that last one. Yes I shall call my diary Sabino I think. I suppose I should start again then!

Dear Sabino,
Well now what? What does one write in a diary? I’ve never kept one before but Auntie Beryl sent it to me for my birthday today and it is rather nice, so I should use it I suppose. Do I just write down what I do every day? That would be rather dull, because a lot of days all I do is go to class, eat my meals and then study in the common room with my friends. Oh, I suppose it is exciting about the Triwizard Tournament isn’t it? Cedric will do so well, and he’s rather gorgeous too! I still can’t believe Harry Potter is a champion too. It doesn’t make much sense though does it? I mean he’s only in our year – no way could he be ready to face whatever they have to face! Everyone is dead against him. Every night in the common room they’re all gossiping about how he cheated and it’s unfair on Cedric and Harry’s such a prat. I would never admit this to another Hufflepuff, but I don’t agree with them. I think Harry’s telling the truth. I mean come on, how could he have put his name in that cup? I know that Harry often seems to be caught up in the middle of all these dangerous things, but I still don’t believe it. 

 Anyway, enough about that guff. Guess what Mum and Dad sent me for my birthday? Three muggle magazines – the kind where the pictures don’t move – and a muggle toy called a “yo-yo”!!!!! It’s this little round thing with a string that goes up and down. Justin showed me how it works. I haven’t quite mastered it yet but it’s so great. Mum said Uncle Peter bought it at a muggle shop when he was doing some research. I simply adore it! Hannah gave me a silver bracelet with a badger charm on it (go Hufflepuff!) and Susan bought me an enormous box of chocolate frogs! I promised Hannah she could have any of the cards I don’t need. It has been a lovely birthday really. I miss Mum and Dad but Hogwarts is so much like home I couldn’t imagine not being here. Ok well Sabino, I’m going to go now because my birthday is nearly over and unfortunately I do have lessons in the morning! Nighty night!

When she reached the end of the page, Tabitha didn’t turn to the next entry. She decided that this diary was something she needed to take in small doses. She would pace herself and make it last as long as she could. She felt the tears rolling down her cheeks and wiped at them with the back of her hand. 

“Oy Hart, what are you doing down here all by yourself? The other girls ditch you did they?” James’s teasing voice made Tabitha jump. She looked over at him, annoyed. He was standing just behind her. Tabitha looked around for Rowan, but James was alone. When she looked up at him, his eyes widened in surprise. “Hey, Hart! I was just kidding!” He said. Tabitha realised that her eyes were probably red and puffy from the crying. Rolling her eyes, she bounded back onto her feet. She glared at James, clutching the diary in her hand.

“Potter, I would never cry over you. I know you fancy yourself the object of every girl’s thoughts, but I promise you, you don’t come anywhere near here.” She tapped the side of her head with one finger.

“If that were true Hart, I wouldn’t annoy you nearly as much as I do.” He smirked. Tabitha rolled her eyes again and laughed coldly.

“Oh, why do I bother? You’re so full of yourself, you can’t see past your own giant head!” Tabitha was proud of herself – she was on a roll today! James didn’t seem to pay attention to her last comment though. He looked like he was thinking about something. Tabitha considered making a third comment, something in the ‘thinking hurts when you have no brain’ genre, but these thoughts scattered from her mind in surprise when James took a step towards her. They were standing about a foot apart now. He wasn’t smirking anymore. He wore the same look he’d had when she was arguing with Annie about Muggle Studies the other night in the common room.

Are you ok though?” He asked. His voice was very quiet, almost a whisper. All of these things: his voice, his expression and his closeness, unnerved Tabitha. She didn’t like the softness in his voice. She didn’t like the way it made her arms tingle. Subconsciously, she took a step backwards, creating a more comfortable space between them.

“I’m perfectly fine thank you.” She replied icily. “Not that it’s any of your business. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go find my friends.” Without waiting for his response, Tabitha turned and marched back towards the castle. By the time she reached the portrait of the Fat Lady, she was sure her eyes weren’t as red anymore, but she still climbed through cautiously into the common room. There were quite a few people in the room, sitting around chatting, playing games of chess and exploding snap, simply relaxing and enjoying the weekend. She spotted Annie, Natalie and Rheydyn sitting on the floor near the fire. Annie had several pieces of parchment spread out in front of her and she was talking animatedly, her eyes alight. 

“Tabby.” Natalie called when she spotted her friend, still standing by the portrait hole. Tabitha crossed the room and sat herself down on the floor with the others. She could see the words ‘Hogwarts Winter Ball’ emblazoned across the top of the nearest piece of parchment in bright blue ink. Annie had drawn cute little snowflakes around the words as though to prove her point. They had been bewitched to dance across the page as though they were falling through the sky. “Everything ok?” Natalie asked. Tabitha showed them the diary and explained going outside to read some of it. She left out her conversation with James though.

“Well we’ve been busy planning our campaign for a ball.” Annie announced excitedly when Tabitha had finished her explanation. 

“I can see.” Tabitha replied, nodding towards the various notes and diagrams decorating the carpet.

“Here, you can sign the petition.” Annie said, picking up the page with the little blue snowflakes. Tabitha could see that it held three signatures so far: Annie, Rheydyn and Natalie. Tabitha raised her eyebrows at the last name, but said nothing. “Oh there’s a quill here somewhere.” 

“I’m just going to put this upstairs.” Tabitha said, jumping to her feet and holding up the diary. Annie, who was still looking under the blanket of parchments, didn’t seem to notice. Natalie however, stood up too, a look of concern in her eyes. 

“I’ll come with you,” she said, and the two girls ascended the stairs to the dormitories together in silence. The moment they were through the door, both girls spoke,

“Nat I’m fine really, you didn’t have to – ”

“Tabby, are you alright? Your eyes are all – ”

 They both stopped talking and laughed. 

"Natalie I’m ok. I just got a bit teary when I was reading the diary.” Tabitha explained. 

“Are you sure?” Natalie asked, the concerned look still glinting in her eyes. Tabitha rolled her eyes for the third time that morning.

“Why won’t people believe me about this? I’m ok! I promise!”

“Ok, ok…I’m allowed to worry.” Natalie smiled, raising her hands in mock surrender. “And what do you mean ‘people’? Who else is bugging you?” Tabitha froze, her mouth half open. Bugger.

“Oh I…um…” She muttered. Natalie continued to look intently at her. It was a look Tabitha had never been able to withstand for long. “James.” She finished with a grumble. “He saw me just after I’d read the diary. I’d been crying and he…” She let her voice fade away. She had been about to tell Natalie about James’ odd behaviour toward her, but she stopped. She didn’t want to think about it herself, how would telling one of their mutual friends help? “He was an annoying prat.” She finished. Natalie laughed.

“Is he ever anything else in your eyes?” She smiled. Both girls sat on Natalie’s bed. Tabitha was still holding the diary. “What’s it like?” Natalie asked, pointing to the book. Tabitha looked down at it.

“She’s funny.” Her voice was almost a whisper. “She thinks like me. I mean I only read one entry, but she sounds like someone we’d be friends with.” She added.

“Well if she’s anything like you, of course we’d be friends with her.” Natalie smiled warmly. Tabitha wrapped her arms around her best friend in a sisterly hug. They sat there in contented silence for a few moments, and then Tabitha remembered something.

“You signed Annie’s petition?” She asked, trying to keep the accusatory tone out of her voice. 

“Yeah well…” Natalie fumbled, “Not such a bad idea really…” Tabitha sighed.

“Well I’m not signing if I can help it. I think it’s silly.” 

“Good luck with that.  Annie’s like a signature gaining machine. I bet if we went down there now she would already have most of the Gryffindor’s signed up.”

Tabitha pulled away from Natalie and stood up. She walked over to her own bed and slid the diary under her pillow. She then turned to look out the window, watching the Forbidden Forest. She had always found the rustling green sea of treetops fascinating to watch, the forest seemed to stretch on forever. A lone black crow rose from a tree on the edge of the forest and circled in the air a few times before diving back down to perch on a branch. Tabitha wondered if her mother liked the forest too. Maybe she would find that out as she read the diary. Her fingers started itching to pull the book out again.

“Are you hungry?” Natalie asked suddenly. Tabitha looked away from the window.


“Do you want to go down and get some lunch? If we don’t go soon there won’t be any food left.” Natalie said, walking towards the door. Tabitha nodded and followed her. The diary would have to wait.

Mercifully, Annie wasn’t in the common room when the girls came down, so Tabitha didn’t have to make up an excuse for not wanting to sign the petition. She and Natalie wandered down to the great hall where several students were sitting at the house tables, enjoying a late lunch. There was a large group of students sitting in the middle of the Gryffindor table, and Tabitha noticed Annie in the middle of the group holding a very familiar piece of parchment. Her eyes still had that passionate glow and she was talking very quickly.

“Absolutely in her element.” Natalie grinned as they sat down with Rowan, Charlie and Mitchell.

“I think it’s a good idea. Especially the night-time Hogsmeade visits.” Mitchell replied. “She’s got my signature.” He glanced over at her dreamily. Natalie gave Tabitha and Rowan a knowing look. This reaction was quite common from boys when they were around Annie. Tabitha wondered to herself how Annie would ever choose a date if she was successful in getting a Ball. James swaggered over to them at that point and sat down. Tabitha became very focussed on the salad in front of her.

“Well she’s got my support so I think that should help a fair bit.” He joked as he helped himself to a glass of pumpkin juice. Tabitha stared at a piece of cucumber, trying desperately to block out James’ voice. Thankfully, he seemed pretty keen to avoid her too, striking up a conversation with Mitchell and Charlie. Tabitha looked up slowly, intending to talk to Natalie or Rowan. However when she looked at them, they were both smiling stupidly at each other. Tabitha stared at them, completely bemused. What on earth is going on here? Tabitha looked back down to her salad, not game enough to interrupt whatever was happening between her best friend and their Quidditch keeper. She ate the rest of her lunch in silence, and just as she swallowed the last mouthful, she saw Annie moving towards them. Putting down her fork, Tabitha jumped up. 

“I, uh, have something I have to go do.” She said, to no one in particular, and quickly made her way between the tables to the door. As she wandered back up to the Gryffindor common room, Tabitha suddenly realised that the dormitory would be empty and she could read some more of Annabeth’s diary. Smiling, Tabitha took a shortcut through a secret passageway that was pretending to be a solid wall and make it too the portrait hole very quickly. She dashed across the almost empty common room, up the stairs and leapt onto her bed, ready to find out more about her mother’s life.

A/N: chapter up!  Hope you liked it, pretty please review!

The next few chapters are written already but they might be a little bit in between posting because I've got family visiting and I won't be able to get on here a lot.  I'll do my best.  Thanks for reading!

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