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Hate/Love by dramionerules
Chapter 3 : Confusions for All
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Wow, it's been awhile, a whole other book came out since then so obviously none of DH applies here.


I don't own the characters but they are fun to play with.



There was one thing that neither of them was thinking of in that moment. The rest of the student body. She felt him and he felt her and for those brief moments, where it was just them together, that was all they cared about. However once the commotion really started and she could hear the whispers she pulled away from him. She looked up at his face, a slight smile planted there and she slapped him as hard as she could. 

"You bastard!" she yelled before pushing through the crowd and running onto the grounds. This was not how her year was supposed to be going. Why did she keep letting him kiss her, better yet why did she like it? She had so many thoughts rumbling around her head that she was getting a headache. She didn't know what the hell was going on; she paced around as she imagined Harry and Ron were picking a fight with Malfoy. This was all too much, too confusing for her to really be able to think. She could feel the rain start to come down so she headed back inside but didn't move too quickly. 

Draco was dealing with crap of his own as Harry and Ron came to stand before him. "What are you playing at?" they asked, glaring at him. He sighed, his hand still rubbing his cheek where she slapped him. How dare she? He thought to himself. Everyone was still staring at him; in fact the great hall was getting backlogged with people because there wasn't any room. He looked back down at the two people who were probably hoping to kill him and laughed. He laughed at how ridiculous it all was. At how his 'friends' were glaring at him like he was a traitor. At how people couldn't get out of the great hall because he kissed her again. 

"I'm not playing at anything. What was it that she said? Oh's not my fault I'm a better kisser then you." he pushed himself through the crowd and went to the common room. He wasn't about to deal with the slytherins and at this point he wasn't even sure he could pull of the lie properly enough. He liked kissing her and he knew that she liked kissing him so what in the hell were they going to do about it? He heard the portrait hole open and there she was. 

She didn't want to speak to him, she wanted to do what he did to her which was completely and utterly ignore him but he had this look on his face, this slightly pleading look that made her sit down next to him. "You keep kissing me." she said simply. 

"Yes." was all he said. He wasn't really sure there was anything else that he could say. That was a fact, he kept kissing her. He knew it wasn't right but a part of him wondered why it couldn't be. The war was over, his father was rotting in Azkaban, and so what was keeping him from being happy. The fact that she hated him probably had a little something to do with that. 

"Why?" she asked. Her eyes were locked on the fireplace, she was surprised that he didn't try and blame her in some way. She finally looked over at him and sighed. Why did he have to be so good looking? She had always had feelings for Ron. With his disheveled hair had is crooked smile. They had kissed during the war and she had thought that maybe it would have sparked some kind of relationship but nothing ever happened. She had resigned herself with the knowledge that she’d have to make the first move and she didn’t think that was fair. If Ron had wanted her he should do something about it. He knew how she felt, how could he not? She took her mind off of Ron and focus on Malfoy who had yet to answer her.

"Because, I wanted to." he said. She huffed and flopped all the way back on the couch. That wasn't the answer she was looking for. 'I temporarily lost my mind. My apologies' was more what she was hoping for. Any other reason for why he did it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to her. She and he were not two people that kissed. They weren't two that dated, or even two that were friends. It just didn't happen. Now however, she was seen kissing the one person that she's supposed to hate about as much as she hated Voldemort. It was odd thinking about it like that because she didn't really think she ever hated Draco that much. Oh it's Draco now? Stupid voices. 

"I don't get it. hate me. You call me a mudblood every second because you know that it bothers me. Why on earth would you want to kiss me?" she turned on the couch to look at him properly. She could see his mind working double and she smiled. She never thought about him as being like her in a lot of ways. They were the top two with grades, they excelled at every subject, though she was sure he was better at potions and she was also sure that was because Snape had been teaching it. 

"Because..I don't really know. There we were, yelling at each other in front of everyone. And I just did it. And then just a moment ago, I felt...I felt..." he sighed and shook his head. "I don't know exactly that either. You were so upset and I just, I just kissed you. But I enjoyed both." he finished and she could see that it wasn't some lie to use against her, he was honest with her and she smiled. 

"Alright. Well..if we are being honest, I enjoyed both too." she felt herself blush. She bit her lip as he looked at her, with a look that made her knees weak. He shifted slightly to get close to her, his hand lifted up to caress her face before grasping gently at her neck and pulling her into him. He kissed her once again. Deeply, but slowly and softly. She wasn’t sure what was happening. She knew that this would mean more talking, more sussing out what was going on. Two people who were on opposite sides don’t do this, she kept repeating that to herself and wondered why it should matter now. Maybe there had always been something there, they just didn’t see it.

Here they were alone in their common room. Away from prying eyes, or at least that was what they thought until they heard a noise coming from the portrait hole, effectively ruining that moment. "Bloody hell!" it was two voices and Hermione didn't want to even look because she knew exactly who it was going to be. She broke away from Draco,  their foreheads touching for a moment. He knew what this meant, a fight, because of him. He didn't want to cause her pain, which was a fact that didn't seem obvious to him until now. He didn't want her friends to hurt her either, so he wasn't sure whether he should stay or go. He had no right to try and protect her, he had spent so long being the person she needed protecting from, but things changed.

"Harry..Ron..." she sighed. She spoke and he froze. If she wanted him gone she'd tell him to go, but he wasn't going to leave now. Not after this.


This has been edited and spell checked. I even tried adding a little to make it longer :)


Read and review please and thanks!

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