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After the Mistletoe... by nightingale14
Chapter 2 : James: Midnight Wanderings
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Midnight Wanderings

The moment I saw Quinn Taylor, I knew she was going to be a tough one to figure out.
See, with other girls, you just gotta throw them some alluring grins, say something sexy, remember to give them presents at the right time, tell them they look hot, and kiss them a whole lot, and they’re happy! Quinn was different.
For one thing, she seemed to hate her good looks. Every guy I knew wanted to go out with her. I mean, she was hot. But her values for totally different. Even if I shot her my most sexy look, the kind that made girls faint, she just gave me her most withering glare, the kind that was usually reserved for me, and turned away. She thought I was shallow and conceited and full of myself. And she wanted a nice, sweet boy.
Good luck finding one of those, honey.
And that was just so weird! I’d lived a full sixteen years with everyone I met falling over their feet to please me. I had a very loving family, a great sister and funny brother; tons of awesome cousins, cool aunts and uncles, and my friends were great! All the teachers adored me, and everyone I met liked me. It just came naturally. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m very charismatic.
I’d always been intrigued by her. And when she joined our ‘Spin-the-Bottle’ game, and spun the bottle, I was just wondering what it would be like to kiss her. And guess what? The bottle landed on me.
It was super awkward, having to stand under the mistletoe, but then I decided to help her and give her the plan: two seconds: we go in, we come out. Done. Easy.
But the minute our lips had touched, my brain melted through my body and I felt like a shaken can off coke; exploding all over the place.
Everything and everyone around us seemed to disappear and the urgency in her kiss seemed to show. Trying to calm down the roaring beast in me, telling me to grab her, to kiss her like there was no tomorrow; I reminded myself to be gentle as my left hand was on the small of her back, guiding her closer and closer to me. My right hand was on the side of her face, tugging her face up to meet my lips, while my tongue explored her mouth.
She seemed to feeling the same way too, because her hands were thrown around my neck, and then playing with my hair, curling up and fisting it as we kissed.
I guess it got pretty heavy, because Lily interrupted us.
Immediately the magic had ended, but I was left wondering and confused: what was it about this girl that did this too me? Why was she, the one person who hated me the most (or hated me at all) have to be the best kisser in the world? Why did she make my brain go fuzzy? Why, why, why?
And after that, I got into a fight (on purpose) with Lily, so that the attention would be taken away from us.
But as Lily began to retaliate, Quinn hurried out of the circle and away from the crowd. She stopped only to whisper a few words to Rose, her best friend, and then rushed towards her dormitory. Her face was flushed a delicate shade of pink, making her look even more beautiful, but she looked confused and angry as she hurried out of the common room.
And I was hurt. Was I really that bad a kisser? I hadn’t seemed that way when she had been kissing me with all the urgency in the world. Did she really hate me that much? Then what had happened back under the mistletoe?
I’d quickly excused myself after, rushing to my dorm, saying I’d forgotten to pack for tomorrow. Christmas hols started tomorrow after all. And apparently Quinn was staying with Rose for the holidays, as her parents were off on a cruise for their wedding anniversary. And since we always went to Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron’s for Christmas, we were definitely going to run into each other.
That should be interesting.
Now it was three am, and I was still wide awake, listening to the snores of my friends around me. Realizing that I wasn’t going to get any sleep right now, I sighed and slipped quietly out of my bed and dorm, thinking that I could at least head into the kitchens and get some apple pie and a warm glass of milk. That always calmed me down.
I grabbed the invisibility cloak and Marauder’s Map as I headed out. They always came in use. I was glad it was my turn to use them; my dad had gotten them when he had come to Hogwarts, and now he’d passed the cloak and map onto us. To keep it fair, we had a time table thing: one week with me, one week with Albus, and one week with Lily.
I let myself out of the portrait door (the Fat Lady squawked in confusion behind me) and set of down the hallway. It felt good; it felt normal to be wandering around the school after curfew. It took my mind off other pressing matters. A guy could only take so much, right?
As I studied the map for anyone else approaching the painting, I spotted footsteps on the map. I immediately stopped in my tracks and studied the name above the steps on the map. It said…
Quinn Taylor
A shiver of either excitement of foreboding (maybe even both?) ran down my spine. I hastened to where she was standing. She was already reaching out to tickle the pear. I ran and saw her figure in the dim candlelight.
I couldn’t help admiring her beauty. Even in her pink bathrobe, pajamas, and bunny slippers she looked beautiful. But a little tired. And she still seemed confused, though maybe not as angry.
“Hi!” I said, startling her as I whipped the hood of the cloak. She opened her mouth to scream, but I clamped a hand over mouth to silence her as I grinned.
Quinn got a mischievous look in her eyes, and I felt her lips part. Soon enough, her tongue pulled through and she poked my hand with it.
“Hey!” I said, wiping her saliva off on my cloak. She shook with silent laughter; we both knew we couldn’t be too loud, or we’d be caught.
“I never knew I had a stalker,” She said, giving me a small, tired, but cautious smile.
I grinned. “I should catch you in the night. You’re much more agreeable.”
“Shut up,” She said snapped, though there was still a hint of a smile on her face. Why did she have to look so pretty? It wasn’t fair. “Why are you down here?”
“Probably the same reason as you,” I said. “Couldn’t sleep.”   
“Mhmm,” She said, turning back to the painting. “I believe you stalker-man.”
I decided it best not to argue with her, as she was probably the one person (besides my mom) who could snap my head off. Literally.
There was a silence around us as, and I watched her in a slight reverie as she tickled the pear. Was the candle light playing tricks, or was she looking at me too? I felt a gnawing feeling at the pit of my stomach and palms started getting all sweaty; my brain going completely blank. What was happening to me? I never felt this way around any other girl. What kind of spell had this bewitchingly beautiful female cast over me? Was this the aftermath of the kiss? But I’d kissed plenty of girls before; why hadn’t this happened then? No, come to think about it, I didn’t want this to happen with other girls. Right now, I was overcome with a sudden urge to please her. Prove that I was worthy.
Worthy for what?
“Strawberry strudel and some tea?” She asked as the portrait swung open and we entered the kitchens. My hand brushed against her bare leg. Suddenly, I was quite aware of two things:

1) She was only in a gray tank top white boy shorts and a pink bathrobe




2) My cheeks had turned very pink as my hand had brushed against her leg. I pulled my hand to myself, and saw that she looked slightly pink herself..

I shook my head as I snapped out of my reverie. My hand was burning and so was my face. “I’m more of an apple pie and milk person.”
“Okay,” She said. There was an awkward silence. I suddenly wanted to say something funny, to make her laugh. She had the most beautiful laugh; it sounded like several different layers of music that were weaved into each into each other.
“Sir? Miss? What would you like?” An elf came up to us, breaking the silence between us.
“Oh, hello Bubbles,” Said Quinn smiling as she greeted the elf. She reached down and patted ‘Bubbles’ between her ears. “I’d like my usual, please. And ‘sir’ here will have some apple pie and a cup of warm milk, thank you.”
As Bubbles bustled away and started commanding the other elves, I stared at Quinn in surprise.
“You come down here a lot?” I asked.
“I’m not an early sleeper. I function on late nights and early mornings. Very few of the worlds population is like me.” She smiled, looking proud. Her cheeks had turned a shade of pretty pink. “That’s why I come down here a lot; especially the nights I’m studying. If I’m studying in the common room, late into the night, usually whatever elf is cleaning the common room will bring me something to eat.” She shrugged. “Besides, I love coming down here. The elves are awesome.”
The four elves who had suddenly appeared before us carrying a table and two chairs grinned at us. Well, at her. She was the one who had said that they were awesome.
The elves hurried away and immediately two more hurried forward with our food. Yum.

I bit into the apple pie and melted. It tasted like home. Mom would always make the best apple pie, and Albus, Lily, Dad, and I would all hang around her like moths to a light as she took it out of the oven and cut it up and gave it to us. The warm home memory brought a rush of nostalgia with it. I actually couldn’t wait to see Mum and Dad. Though I’d rather cut of my right heel than tell anyone that.

“Good, isn’ it?” Quinn said, smiling slightly in a half ‘you-like-an-idiot’ way as I downed half of my glass of milk and came up with a milk mustache.

“I’m a boy. Deal with it.” I said, wiping the milk on the back of my sleeve. Quinn giggled and swatted me.

“Ew! It’s called using a napkin!”

“It’s called I don’t care,” I responded, grinning.

“Ugh, you’re so disgusting!”

And you’re so beautiful! I wanted to yell. But I didn’t. I stuffed more pie in my trap before my mouth could betray me. Some apple slime dribbled down my chin, as if to prove what Quinn had just said. She giggled, half amused and half grossed out at the slime.


There was a silence over us as we both worked on our food. I noticed that she didn’t really eat like a princess-all table manners, unlike all the other girls at Hogwarts-save a few. Instead, she didn’t seem to mind taking large bites and having so much in her mouth to chew that she couldn’t talk at all. But she did wrinkle her nose when I slurped as I finished my milk and wiped of all the apple crumbs on the sleeve of my robe.


Well, then again, so did all the other females in the world.


After we were done we headed back down the corridor to the common room. The Fat Lady wasn’t too happy about being awoken.


“I saw you coming out,” She said to Quinn. “But I didn’t see you.” She turned her beady little gaze to me. With a gulp, I thanked myself for slipping the clock and map into my robe pocket.


“I was there,” I said innocently.


She finally let us through, and we walked into the empty common room. The dying fire started up immediately the moment we walked through. I smiled to myself. I would have to thank Rose later for putting the charm on it in her third year.


“So, um, good night then,” I said with, rocking back and forth on my feet. I immediately stopped after she gave me a weird look, as if to say ‘what-is-up-with-you?’, and inwardly slapped myself.




Shut up brain.


“Right, then, good night,” Quinn said glancing out the window. Wait, why was she glancing out the window? Nobody ‘glances out the window’ when James Potter’s around! Was I that boring?


“Well, it’s really like morning though,” She laughed and pointed out the window. “The sun’s coming up.”


I turned and looked through the window and indeed it was.


“Right then,” I nodded, an we both made to step forward (our dormitories were in the other direction! Stupid, stupid, stupid!) and ended up bumping into each other.


I found myself staring into those beautiful eyes of hers. They sparkled and glimmered and I found myself wanting to run my hand through her silky, sweet-smelling hair and...

Okay, screw this. I’m kissing her.


I leaned forward to close the centimeter worth of space between us, but before our lips could make contact, I found myself being slapped on my cheek (wait, where else can you get slapped? Oh...wait...never mind!). Hard.


“What the hell?” She said before I could say anything. Granted, I was still reeling from the sting of the slap (alliteration! see English teachers! I listened in elementary school!), but still. “You bloody idiot James! Just because we shared a midnight snack, doesn’t mean you go ahead and kiss me!”


She turned and marched to the staircase leading up to the girls common room. “You bloody better stay away from me, or I’ll jinx you within an inch of your life!”


And with that, Quinn marched up the staircase and away to her dormitory, her nose up in the air.


I collapsed into a chair by the fireplace, and magicked an ice pack, holding it up to my cheek. As I’ve said many, many times; Quinn Taylor is a bloody mystery.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for all the positive feedback I’ve been getting! Granted, only a few people have read (or at least bothered to review), but the fact the fact that you’re not throwing tomatoes at me (or slapping me like Quinn) is good enough for me!


Oh, yes, the next chapter is in Quinn’s point of view and is about the holidays! Where Quinn and James might have a few run-ins....sigh...I’m torturing those two. Well, Quinn. Not sure about James though... ;)

Next chapter will be up soon! Please review!!!!!!!!! I will say it again: review!!!!!! Tell me what you think! That way, I can make the story even better!


Heart ya!  


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