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Mirror|rorriM by In The Shadows I Dwell
Chapter 1 : Train|niarT
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Harry Potter awoke with a start, his heart beating wild and impulsively in his chest as he struggled to reign in his ragged breathing. He’d been having awful nightmares of late, nightmares he could not quite explain about magic and wizards, dreams so vivid he believed them to be real, but he was a smart boy, he knew that such things did not exist. However he could not help but smile to himself, once again he’d allowed his imagination to get the better of him.

He could not help but notice the small amounts of light peeping through the gap under his curtains, and glanced over at the small red glowing numbers on his alarm clock, in just a few moments it would ring to wake him up, but he was already awake, awake and already excited for his first day of school. He quickly pulled his uniform on and run down the stairs passing his Father leaving for work in a hurry. Harry called to his Father who smiled and waved quickly as he pushed his glasses back onto his nose as he closed the door, promising to meet him at the train station before he left for school.

As Harry ran into the kitchen he heard his Father’s car start and drive down the road towards the city to the Police Station where he worked. Harry’s Mother was busy preparing herself for work as he entered the room she pressed her hands to her lips and sighed.
“Harry, you look lovely! Although you hair, I suppose it’s like your Fathers and won’t sit flat.” She said with a smile grabbing her camera from the study.

Harry smiled as he poured himself a bowl of cereal and walked about contemplating where would be the best place to take his first day of school photos. Once he’d finished and placed his bowl in the sink he stood against the backdrop of the wall containing the assorted family photos his Mother kept upon the wall. There were several of his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon and their son, Dudley smiling in their latest family vacation photo. Although Harry knew Dudley was forced to make an effort whenever the Potters visited the Dursleys, he could not help but sense that his cousin was usually a bully.
Although Harry had never seen a reason to believe this, the menacing look in his eyes he often caught sight of whenever Harry managed to beat him at one of his many video games scared him slightly. The two boys were of near similar age, although they’d school together but rarely spoke at school, they were on friendly terms and spent a considerable amount of time together during the holidays while Harry’s parents worked and Petunia cared for Harry. Both boys were the only children in their families and got along relatively well despite the occasional fight however this year had the potential to prove otherwise, Dudley would be going to Smeltings this year, a private boarding school outside London and Harry would be going to Howards, a private boarding school. The two cousins had said their farewells until Christmas a few days earlier and were expecting to spend Christmas Day together.
Harry finished smiling for these photos which would undoubtedly grace the wall until he left home and beyond, and ran upstairs to grab his trunk containing all his school things and clothes. He also grabbed the letter containing the information for new students he’d received several weeks ago so that he could be sure of all the details. The train he would board at 11 o’clock would take him directly to Howards station where he would be within walking distance of the school. It seemed rather simple but he was nervous nevertheless.
Harry’s Mother placed the trunk in the back of her small car and locked the house as Harry climbed in the passenger’s seat. He could barely contain his nerves, he was finally going to see Howards for himself, he only had the stories and the photos his parents had taken to go by, but he imagined it would be just as brilliant as they’d told him it would be.

The trip into Kings Cross Station was uneventful as there was very little traffic, however Harry could not help but feel a strange sensation in his stomach, a slight fear stemming from the unsettling dreams he’d been having of late. He’d placed it all down to nerves; however he could not quite place his finger upon why they worried him so.
His Mother waited by his side for his Father at Platform 9. Roughly ten minutes later his Father ran in, his uniform causing some of the young children around to point excitedly. He smiled at Harry and placed his hand upon his shoulder.
“Son, it’s your first day at Howards, so I will pass down the wisdom of my Father, and his Father for events such as these: Try to keep out of trouble, although I’m sure you’ll have the uncanny ability of finding it, try to avoid it if you can. Also your Mother told me to tell you to do your best and make her proud.”
“Don’t forget to give our love to Mr Hagrid, Mr Dumbledore and Mrs McGonagall, and tell them we’re sorry we’ve not called.”
“I will, Mum.” He replied hugging his Mother tightly.
“Good luck, son. I know you’ll be just fine…” He Father said hugging him.
As Harry took his place in the only empty compartment left he waved to his parents who smiled happily at their son. His Mother was teary and emotional but his Father simply smiled, it was easy to see the resemblance in their appearance. A knock on the door interrupted Harry and he turned to see a young boy with bright red hair smiling at him.

 “Do you mind if I sit here? All the other compartments are full.” He asked.
“Go ahead.” Harry replied.
Once the boy had taken his seat opposite Harry he extended a hand, “I’m Ronald Weasley.”
“Harry Potter.” Harry replied shaking the boy’s hand.
“Are they your parents?” He asked pointing at Lily and James Potter.
“Yes,” Harry replied, “are yours out there?”
 “Yes, they’re down there,” He replied pointing, “they had to make sure all my brothers got on the train without destroying something.”

 “Really, apparently they have quite the reputation. The school is always ringing Mum and telling her that they’ve done something wrong, they’re quite the pranksters apparently.”
Harry smiled at how easy it was to talk to this boy, he was friendly and offered Harry one of his sandwiches which he politely declined. They were interrupted by the loud whistle signalling the movement of the train from the station. As Harry glanced out the window he waved one last time to his parents, glancing along the Platform at all the other parents pushing their children onto the train or waving.

Harry Potter was just an ordinary boy in a sea of other ordinary children who were boarding the train to school, whether one would grow up to be a famous scientist or actress was another matter, but for now they were simply ordinary children. Harry Potter found himself smiling in spite of the dreams that had worried him so, he was glad to simply fit in. There was no such thing as magic, of that he was sure.

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