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Fred & George Vs. The Marauders by leannemariesnape
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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George Weasley woke with a start from a sudden noise coming from a room somewhere in Grimmauld Place. This house made him and his twin brother Fred feel very uncomfortable at night. In the day time, it was brilliant- full of Doxeys and a slightly senile house-elf. But, He was more used to being the cause of the random noise rather than being unnerved by it. Fred was also woken by the noise.

Fred began to half-heartedly look around the room. Then, as though he realised the bang wasn’t his fault he began to scan the room more critically, as though expecting to see the source of the noise.

The twins had somehow fallen asleep at the kitchen table. They had been secretly making plans for the business that they were going to start once they had left school. There were plans all over the table about putting a "Golden Ticket" in some of their products, giving the winners the chance to win anything from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes that they wanted. They got the idea from a book that Hermione, their younger brother’s friend had left in the living room. They asked her about it and she just shrugged, saying it was just a children’s book, leaving the twins to form a cunning plan from it.


George looked at the small clock over the cooker which was saying it was quarter past four in the morning. Then suddenly, they heard talking. Two people were coming downstairs. They were talking in whispers, so who it was and what they were saying was unclear. Both of the twins stared at the kitchen door, mildly alarmed. Both clearly worried about who (or what) may see them in their pyjamas. Then, the door was flung open. For a fleeting second they were relieved.

It was only Sirius Black- the alleged mass murder escaped from the most secure prison in Europe, Azkaban… But wait- he was with… Both twins went bright pink in unison. Sirius was holding the hand of his girlfriend. And now they noticed this, the twins also noticed the two were wearing minimal clothing. Sirius was only wearing a pair of dark pyjama bottoms, and she was only wearing a short nightdress. Her name was Zara, and both twins had regularly noticed how pretty she was. She was petite, yet curvy, with olive skin and dark hair and eyes.

For a brief second the couple didn’t notice the twins, and they carried on whispering. Then they saw Fred and George. Instead of looking embarrassed, Sirius and Zara found it quite amusing. Zara made her way over to the taps and got herself a glass of water. “Nice Jammies” she said to the twins, addressing neither in particular. It was Fred who replied.

“Wish we could say the same about you…” making Zara snort into her water and made Sirius make a dissenting noise.

Sirius sat down at the table next to Fred and used his wand to turn on another light. Sirius got himself a bowl of cereal and began to eat it contently. “I didn’t know you two were morning people” Fred said, saying the last two words as though they were a bad taste in his mouth.

“Habit” Sirius said through a mouth full of cornflakes.

“Yeah, ever since…” Zara stopped suddenly, after catching Sirius’ eye. “School” she finished.

This was not missed by the twins. “Since what?” asked George.

Sirius and Zara looked at each other as though unsure of what to say. “Spoilers...” Sirius said, smirking slightly. For a fleeting second, both twins had the impression Sirius and Zara knew more than they were saying.


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