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Sirius and Harry by GredandForgeRock
Chapter 10 : The Truth
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After a few minutes Percy asked, “Ginny how come you let Harry tell you what to do?”

Ginny looked up, “Because he’s the leader.”

“So why didn’t Harry find the bug?” Percy asked.

“Not my job to do that, its Ginny’s.” Harry said, “She gets to do the exciting stuff.  I get to make decisions and do the most dangerous stuff.  Hermione thinks things through and makes sure Ron know all facts.  Then Ron tells us our options and what should be the best course of action to take.”

“Doesn’t Ron or Hermione get to see any action?” Tonks asked.

“Yes they have our backs.” Harry said, “That’s a very dangerous position.  Say Ginny needs to get a cat out of a tree in a mean person’s yard.  I have to climb the tree behind her to make sure she doesn’t fall.  Ron and Hermione have to stay at the bottom to protect us from whoever wants to keep us out of the tree, while Ginny gets the cat.”

“Oh.”  Tonks turned to Kingsley and Alastor, “That is the best twin defense explanation I’ve ever heard.  Maybe you should use that in Auror training.”

Alastor said with a touch of sarcasm, “I must be doing ok in training if you recognized the type of defense it is.”

Tonks rolled her eyes as Kingsley chuckled.

“Ms. Tonks how did you do that color thing with your hair?” Jane asked.

“I’m a metamorph.” Tonks grinned, “That means I can change my appearance at will.”

“How much of your appearance can you change?” Chris asked.

“Once in training she became a forty year old, bald, fat man” Alastor said.

“I can’t really become a man but most of the exterior looks like it.  I always stay female.  I can do some animal features like my nose.”  She changed her nose into a pig snout.  The children spent the next hour laughing as Tonks changed her appearance for them.

Meanwhile at the meeting Albus made a few swipes with his wand and settled down to talk. 

Sirius was the first to ask the questions, “Ok, you said you know why Voldemort chose Harry, I want to know.”

“Because he heard the beginnings of a prophecy that claimed a boy born at the end of July would have the power to stop him.” Albus sighed, “Two boys were born at the end of July that year, Harry and Neville Longbottom.  We thought Neville was the most likely choice being a pureblood, but he wanted Harry who is, like Voldemort, a half-blood.”

“So all his spouting about pureblood…” Sirius started.

“He hates his muggle father,” Albus said, “I think he may have actually been the one to kill him.  But he framed a known pureblood muggle hater in the area, which was his own uncle.  I have started studying Voldemort’s back ground because of what I found with the locket.”

“What did you find?” Arthur asked.

Albus looked at each of his guests before saying, “It was a Horcurx.”

“Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t know,“ Molly said, “but what is a Horcrux?”

“I doubt any of you know, this is the darkest of dark magics.” Albus said, “I suspect Voldemort, his real name is Tom Riddle, killed his father and grandparents and used that murder to create a Horcurx.  A Horcrux is made when a dark wizard removes a piece of his own soul and places into an object for safe keeping.  As long as this item is not destroyed beyond magical repair the wizard cannot die.  He can lose his body, but his soul will remain here and he has a chance to get another body, it is not like a ghost.”

“Voldemorts immortal?” Remus asked.

“Only until we can find and destroy all his soul pieces.” Albus said, “Harry seems to think that there are more than just the locket.  I don’t know how he knows that though.  So I am making a study of Tom Riddle in an effort to find out how many he made and what they might be.”

“Is there another way to destroy these Horcruxes without the kids doing it?” Sirius asked.

“Yes,” Albus said, “but they are far more dangerous for everyone.  Basilisk venom and Fiend Fire are two of the nicer ways to destroy one.”

”Have you asked the kids why they think he has more than just the one?” Remus asked.

“No,” Albus said, “I didn’t want to without your permission and I couldn’t gain that without telling you what it is we are dealing with.”

“Thank you Albus,” Molly said, “I know I would have lost faith in you had you not taken us into your confidence.  I understand how important it is to keep this quiet.  If anyone finds out what we’re searching for they could make all kinds of problems for us.”

“The four children have to destroy the Horcruxes,” Sirius said, “but then we can take out Voldemort.”

“No,” Albus said, “I think Harry has to do it.”

“Why?” Remus asked.

“It goes back to the prophecy.” Albus said.

“What does it say exactly?” Sirius asked.

Albus recited, “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... Born as the seventh month dies... Born to those who thrice defied him...  That is all Voldemort heard the rest is;  And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal...  but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die and the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives... The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies.”  (exerpt from Harry Potter Books)

“Why do we have to believe in this prophecy?” Sirius asked, ”I’ve never thought you were one to believe in divination.”

“I don’t usually, but can you honestly imaging Voldemort stopping before either he or Harry is dead.” Albus replied, “Voldemort is making this prophecy come true and we have to combat it as if it were the truth.”

Sirius got up and started pacing and Remus asked, “What is the power that Voldemort doesn’t know about?”

“Love.” Albus said, “Voldemort knows nothing about love, I believe it was Lily’s love for her son that saved him from Voldemort the first time.  It was on that love that I based the blood wards at the Dursleys.  The wards fell the day Harry was hospitalized but I didn’t know why.  The Dursleys weren’t home so I thought they had moved or something like that.  I was in the process of trying to locate them when Arthur came and told me about Harry’s injuries.  I had no idea he was being treated so badly.  I was so worried about Voldemort or Death Eaters following me to Harry that I refused to check up on him and delivered him into another type of darkness.”

“Albus, I know you feel bad about that and we all understand your decisions, no one is questioning that.” Sirius said, “But I am questioning your logic on this prophecy.  For one if I can kill him after we destroy the Horcruxes I will take that and not leave it to Harry.  Second how can Harry use love to kill someone?”

“Ron and Ginny are the red flame.” Albus said, “They are siblings and love each other as such.  Harry and Hermione are the black flame and I believe they love each other as siblings too.  Harry and Ron share a similar bond as do Hermione and Ginny.  It is this love intertwined that is able to destroy the Horcruxes.  They are killing him with their love for each other.”

“You didn’t mention Ron’s relationship with Hermione nor Ginny’s with Harry.” Arthur said, “What are you thinking?”

“Harry and Ginny’s relationship is completely different.” Albus said, “Their link is different and their love for each other is different from their love towards the others.  Likewise Ron and Hermione have a similar bond to that between Harry and Ginny.  I believe these are the bonds of mates, soul mates to be exact.”

Molly, Arthur and Remus gasp but Sirius said, “I thought so too, Harry and Ginny remind me of James and Lily during our seventh year.  This four flame thing screams soul mate to me, Harry leads, Ginny dares, Hermione thinks and Ron moves.  That’s the roles they have and I think it pares them together, Harry with Ginny and Hermione with Ron.  They support and protect each other.”

“Are you sure?” Remus asked.

“Did you notice with the problem earlier Harry told Ginny to find it,” Sirius turned to him, “but he, Ron and Hermione moved into positions around the new comers, Dora, Kingsley and Moody were surrounded.  Hermione had Dora, Ron had Kingsley and Harry had Moody the leader.  It was not by coincidence that they were positioned that way and that Harry was there to stop Moody from touching the bug.”

Everyone sat in awed silence digesting what Sirius had noticed.  Albus started laughing, “No wonder Alastor was so aggravated; he was out maneuvered by four six year olds.”

“Do you mean one six year old,” Molly said, “two five year olds and a four year old?”

“No Molly,” Albus said, “they are all physically and mentally six years old.  I’ve looked at the school registry; Ginny will get her owl the same day as the other three.  Hogwarts is recognizing the age jump; you need to be prepared for it.”

“What about Harry’s scar, it’s just the same as when I first saw him months ago.” Sirius said, “Will it always be the same?”

“After finding out what the locket was,” Albus said, “I am worried about that scar.  I want to check it.”

“You think Harry’s a Horcrux don’t you?” Arthur asked.

“That’s nonsense,” Sirius said, “why would he make Harry a Horcrux and then kill him, it would be counterproductive.”

“I think it was an accident.” Albus said, “But the good thing is, if he is indeed a Horcrux the four flames should be able to rid him of it without killing him.”

Sirius collapsed back into his seat.  Remus put a hand on his shoulder and Molly cried into Arthur’s shoulder.  It took several minutes before a semblance of calm returned and anything more could be discussed. 

Remus was first, “What can we do?”

“I will be continuing to study Tom Riddle.” Albus said, “When I find another Horcrux I will be asking for one of you to come with me to get it.  I need you to find out what the children know.  Arthur I need you to find ministry records on Tom Riddle.  Sirius look through your family vault and see if you can find anything interesting.”

“Is there any spells to detect a Horcrux,” Sirius asked, “maybe if it’s close or if an item had been one?”

“Yes, I will teach you those spells now.” Albus said.

After the lesson concluded Sirius said, “What am I going to tell Harry?  I can’t tell him the prophecy, I just can’t face that.”

“I agree Harry should not hear that prophecy,” Albus said, “not until he’s old enough to do something about it.  But you can tell him that there was a prophecy.”

“He’ll want to know what it says,” Remus said, “he won’t rest until you tell him.  Don’t try to tell him he’ll understand when he’s older because when he gets into his leader mode he sounds like a thirty year old not a six year old.”

Sirius nodded and Albus said, “What would you have us tell him then.”

“Tell him whatever you want,” Remus said, “but just don’t expect him to take it and not push for answers.”

“Is there anything else we need to discuss here?” Arthur asked.

“That’s all I had.  Anyone have any more questions?”  No one did so Albus said, “Then let us go take care of our bug problem.”

When they arrived back at the house the children were surrounding Tonks and laughing.  Sirius said, “What’s so funny?”

Tonks turned to him and showed him the duck bill she had for a mouth and he laughed.  Kingsley said, “She has kept them entertained all evening.  Moody’s in the next room where it’s quieter, keeping an eye and ear open for trouble.”

“How is he taking it being out flanked by four six year olds?” Sirius asked.

“Better than I thought he would.” Kingsley laughed, “I think he is considering changing some of our training.”

“I still think he needs to use Harry’s description of the twin defense theory.”  Sirius raised an eyebrow and Tonks explained, “Harry was explaining to Percy about their rolls and used a cat up a tree as an example.  Ginny would climb the tree to get the cat, Harry would follow to make sure she didn’t fall, Ron and Hermione would remain on the ground to protect them from ground assaults.”

Sirius started laughing and Remus said, “Somehow I can’t see Moody using that analogy to explain anything.”

“At least someone can see sense.” Moody returned, “Shall we deal with our mystery guest?”

“I think we should take this to my office.” Albus said.

“No need,“ Harry said, “she isn’t dangerous just annoying.”

“How do you know?” Albus asked.

“I’ve been studying her,” Harry said, “she doesn’t have a lot of magic; she works for the Prophet and is trying to get a story about me and Sirius.”

“While you were gone he sat and stared at the bug for a long time.” Kingsley said, “If I didn’t know a six year old couldn’t do it, I would think he had been using legilimency.”

“Do you know what she looks like?” Albus asked.

“No I only looked at memories where she was discussing what she was going to do here.” Harry said.

“How do you know she doesn’t have a lot of magic?” Albus asked.

“Well maybe it’s the size of the bug,” Harry said, “but I just don’t get much of a feel from her.”

“What do you mean feel from her?” Sirius asked.

“Well when I feel you I know that you have an average amount of magic,” Harry said, “while Professor Dumbledore has more than average but not as much as Ginny.”

“Where are you getting your average from?” Albus asked.

“Everyone in this room.” Harry said, “If I take into account every witch or wizard I’ve met most everyone here is above average.”

“You said Ginny has more magic than Albus?” Moody asked.

“Yes,” Ginny said, “but not as much as Harry.  He’s got the most magic in this room, I’m just under him.”

“Then its Professor Dumbledore and Mr. Moody.” Ron said.

“Everyone else is hard to separate because they are so close.” Hermione said, “Then my parents have none.”

Arthur asked, “So all of you can do this… detecting of magical power.”

“We can’t but Harry tells us.” Ron said.

“So this connection you have lets you communicate?” Albus asked.

“Yes but not in words.” Ginny said, “Like when Harry realized someone was in the room we all knew he was stressed but we had to talk about why.  But when he wanted to find them none of us needed to be told where to go.”

“Harry what were you thinking when you realized someone was here?” Albus asked.

“At first I was just waiting to see what you would do about it.” Harry said, “Then I realized you didn’t know and I needed to tell you that was when the flames lit up.”

“We realized right away that he was stressed.” Ron said, “But until he got a reading on her intentions we weren’t going to do anything.  Then you were going to leave and Harry realized we needed to do something and the flames lit up.”

“Then Harry told Hermione that someone was here that we couldn’t see and needed to know how to find them.” Ginny said, “Hermione said we should be able to sense them using our connections to triangulate their location.”

“Then Ron suggested she move about the room while we placed our selves centrally more or less around the new people.” Hermione said.

“Knowing Mr. Moody is the strongest I went to him,” Harry said, “and I noted that Hermione was a match for Ms. Tonks and Ron matched Mr. Shacklebolt.”

“That was felt by us and we moved to them.” Ron said.

 “It doesn’t work unless the flame is involved.” Harry said.

“You keep talking about flames,” Moody said, “what do you mean by that?”

“Earlier just before we left did you see the flame aura’s around the kids?” Albus asked.

“I didn’t see anything.” Moody said, “Not even with the magical eye.”

“This is good,” Arthur said, “if we’re out in public and the auras happen no one will panic thinking the children are on fire.”

“Ok Alastor,” Albus said, “let’s find out who our guest is.”

Moody pulled the jar out of his pocket and did a few spells.  Then he dumped the bug on the desk and transformed it into Rita Skeeter.  He said, “Rita Skeeter, you are under arrest for being an unregistered animagus."

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