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Normal? That's Weird... by Bookworm045
Chapter 37 : Wake-Up Calls [Part Dos], and Christmas Gifts
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Wake-Up Calls [Part Dos], and Christmas Gifts (37)

I was slinking around the boys’ room like a mental case, carefully covering every surface with alarm clocks that I’d hooked up to a magical amplifier. Above each bed was twenty balloons filled with water that was one degree above from freezing. Every inch of the ground was covered in yarn, stretching across the room and making it impossible to walk without falling over.

Lucky I started from the inside and worked my way out, or I would be in some serious shit.

I couldn’t help the evil snickers that left my lips as I snatched my wand from my back pocket of my shorts that I slept in (again, like a mental case. it’s like –12C) and swished it through the air, silently thanking McGonagall for making sure that I actually paid attention in the classes where we learned silent magic.

At once, the alarm clocks started blaring, and I could literally feel the house rumbling with the noise that came from the huge magically-amplified amplifier.

The boys shot up into sitting positions, their expressions all groggy and disoriented, some holding their heads as the shrill noise from the clocks drilled into their brains, and, with another swish of my wand, the balloons were all falling, drenching each of my cousins/friends who were there with freezing cold water.

There were screams and squeals of protest, and a few of them leaped out of bed to get out of the way of the range of fire for the balloons, their feet getting caught in the yarn and all of them toppling over.

I watched as Al’s feet got caught in a very special piece of yarn that brought the bunk beds all falling down, along with the bookshelf in the corner.

It was a few moments later when someone finally looked up at the hysterically laughing girl in the doorway and blew my cover, and then every soul in the room was bellowing my name with a furious tone of voice, and the rest of the house was finally dragging themselves out of bed as the alarm clocks’ shrillness finally died away, fading into my favourite song ever, Ye Olde Merry Hippogriff which is awesome.

“It’s Christmas!” I cheered happily as the boys started cursing my existence, and suddenly their cursing stopped and soon I was being shoved aside by the multitude of very large boys who were all darting past in efforts to get down to the lounge –the last person there always has to be the one to hand out presents.

“YOU LITTLE CONNIVING BASTARDS!” I roared, even though they weren’t conniving at all, and most of them were born within wedlock, and Hugo darted back up the stairs, grabbed me around the waist and threw me over his shoulder, not even breaking stride as he turned on his heal and quickly caught up to the entirety of our family, most of the girls whom were on the backs of our male counterparts, all of whom were going in the direction of the lounge.

When Hugo burst through the doorway, he launched me on the couch in between Dom and Al, before settling himself next to Lily.

Most of my family were standing, in which we all looked at each other blankly, before there was a flurry of scrambling for everyone to get a seat.

I don’t know how it happened, because he was next to me before, but Malfoy ended up next to me, looking incredibly smug, and Al was standing in the middle of the room, looking around futility for an empty seat, even though we all knew that there were none left –he was the last standing, after all.

“How very Slytherin of you,” I praised Malfoy and he grinned at me, throwing an arm over the back of the couch, ruffling Dom’s hair while he was at it.

“Prat,” Al muttered at his best friend before sighing and turning to the massive heap of gifts, picking up the nearest one and chucking it at his father who caught it with lightning fast reflexes.

Of course, then it became a test of reflexes, and most of us passed with flying colors –this is the Wotters Plus A Few Stragglers, after all.

“Ready?” Uncle Bill asked, and even the elder Weasleys and Uncle Harry were unable to contain their excitement, cheerfully ignoring their wives’ rolling eyes. “Go!”

Unlike most, I took my time opening my gifts, slipping my finger under the place where the Spell-O-Tape joined the two parts of the paper and carefully sliding it across, removing the tape with minimal damage to the enchanted wrapping paper, dumping out the gift from the wrapping and folding the paper neatly, setting it in between Malfoy’s leg and my own.

I took the lid off the box and grinned at the dramatic smoke that poured out of it –Molly may have been a stiff person at school, but she’s always had a flair for dramatics.

“Molly!” I called amidst all the other calls of ‘thank-you’s and ‘you shouldn’t have –no, you really shouldn’t have’s, “The smoke was definitely better this year!”

She winked at me before pressing a kiss to Louis’s cheek for the necklace that he’d gotten her –you know, the really cool one that shoots off the antler-giving hex to the person in front of the wearer when the wearer gets mad.

I swiftly darted up to throw my arms around my Uncle Harry who’d gotten me the newest Firebolt 780 that hadn’t even come out into the best stores –and wasn’t set to for the next ten months.

“I know you hate when we combine your birthday gifts and your Christmas gifts, but I figured we might try and get away with it,” He said, grinning as I hugged him and Aunt Ginny as hard as I could, my ‘thank you’s louder than most.

“YOU DIDN’T EVEN GET ME THAT!” Al yelled indignantly once he caught sight of the broom I was clutching as I continued to strangle his parents in thanks.

“Shut up, Al,” Aunt Ginny scolded as I finally released them.

“But that’s not fai–”

“You got me socks?!” Malfoy cut Al off indignantly, waving around the green socks I’d gotten him for Christmas. “Really?! I at least got you a book –I may not know if you’ll like it, but it’s a book.”

“You got me Goodnight Moon.” I said dryly. “I liked it when I was four.”

He grinned briefly before returning back to his indignation.

“I mean, Scor, dude,” Al began, snickering, his own indignation forgotten, “You should be so lucky. She got you something, and at least they didn’t explo–”

My cousin was cut off by a very large explosion to his right.

I glanced at Malfoy and let the smirk uncurl from my face.

“You speak too soon, dearest older brother,” Lily said in between gasps of laughter.

Malfoy was holding up the teeny remains of the socks in his fist, his hair blown back, and soot covering his face, the rest of the socks slowly raining down upon him like demented snowflakes.

“Charm invented and patented by moi,” I said happily, moving back to my spot next to the blonde now that I knew that he’d already opened my gift.

“You invented that?” Uncle Percy asked, sounding…dare I say it…impressed.

I turned to answer him, and found a condescending look on his face. He was disgusted that his niece wasted knowledge on a prank charm!

What the hell?! I’m awesome and Uncle Perce is such a stick in the mud.

“Yes I did,” I responded stiffly, and he broke into a spiel about how the children of today should be spending their time more wisely than inventing prank charms.

“And how would you suggest we spend our time?” I snapped, my good mood rapidly falling. The only person I hated when they scolded me was Uncle Perce, because he didn’t do it because he cared or because I caused disruption or was rude or anything, he did it because he genuinely thought that I was under him. “By telling everyone I know about my plans for when I run the ministry, even though I never will? By making sure my daughters are sticks in the mud like me? By memorizing cauldron widths?!”

There was a silence, as my uncle and I had a stare down, until I felt Dom’s hand grab my own. I broke away and looked down at her hand clutching my own before up at her worried face. She’d always hated when I fought with people –anyone at all. Dom isn’t very vengeful, despite what people think.

Dommy here thinks that one day I might actually escalate to killing someone.

Not that I will, but it’s a complimentary opinion anyway.


i don't own either harry potter nor goodnight moon (the latter of which was written by margaret wise brown). *sighs* life is cruel like that.

but i digress.

PS: i don't know if i've told this batch of readers yet, but, as of now, the chapter image-thing is kind of given up. sorry!(;


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