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The Spring Valse by Grumblebump
Chapter 7 : Releasing the Silver
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The room exploded in a flash of red light, showering the gazebo with glowing jets of red. A scream issued from under the blamket of sparks, 'Harry!'

Hermione tried to scramble out of her corner of the room but fell onto the floor again, still locked under a weakened Impervious curse.

As the sparks and smoke cleared, Hermione saw what had caused the loud blast. 'Professor Flitwick!?' she asked, dumbfounded.

Flitwick stood, wand poised and face solemn with concentration. His shoulders rose and fell as he breathed heavily, every inch of his four foot hieght seeming invincible.

'Stay where you are, Miss Granger!' he squeaked, his gaze locked in the center of the room.

Hermione was about to retort when a loud screech cut her off.

'You!' Muo screamed, hsi face contorting with what could only be described as pure rage.

Muo turned away from Harry's unmoving body, pointing his tiny wand directly at Flitwick.

'Hello, Henry.' Flitwick said as if he had known the tiny man quite well.

Confusion was clearly splayed across Hermione's face as she tried to make sense of what had been said while continuing to struggle against the spell.

'I'll kill you!' Muo screeched again, large purple veins nearly exploding onto his head.

'Miss Granger, take cover!' Flitwick yelled, raising his wand.

Muo began to launch powerful blasts, each shaking the pillars supporting the ceiling of the gazebo. Large cracks began to apprear after each earth shattering blast as Flitwick tried desperately to get to Harry.

Hermione struggled furiously, her body twitching oddly as she tried to fight the powerful spell.

Exhausted, she threw a pleading look at the large, horned man standing some ways away.

'Please, help! He's going to kill us all if you don't!' she shouted over the chaos.

The satyr glanced towards the fray, seeing Harry's limp body being swallowed by the maw of sparks. His gaze shifted suddenly to the bassin.

'Now the boy dies!' Muo screamed suddenly as Flitwick was catapulted backwards.

Muo pointed his wand at Harry as he bagan to scream the words to an incantation. 'Spirita Volai!'

A long beam fired, but was cut off suddenly as Piddel leapt directly in front of the spell's path shouting, 'Use the pipes, girl!'

The wide beam richocheted off the large satyr, explodin in a burst of light. Piddel was hurtled into a pillar, breaking it clean in half. The ceiling quivered as the pillar tipped over with a crash.

Hermione burst free of the spell, her control flooding back to her. She scrambled up to the satyr's unmoving body, rummaging around quickly. Muo turned around slowly, his eyes bulging with fury. He started to walk towards Hermione when she pulled out a set of golden pipes.

'No!' Muo screamed as Hermione put the instrument to her lips and blew. A shrill blast echoed through the forest, peircing Hermione's ears. Muo clamped his hands over his ears, screaming in pain. Still blowing, Hermione fainted.

Harry stirred, his eyes fluttering as the room came into focus. He sat up and surveyed the destruction. The entire gazebo had almost collapsed, the only moving figure was the little man with his hands clamped over his ears, Rubble lay about, strewn about the dust and broken branches.

Muo released his hands from their grip on his large head, glaring wildly at Harry.

'You...' he muttered ferociously.

Harry looked around, his gaze falling on Hermione's fallen figure. Immediately, his resolve stiffened. He stood up, withdrawing his wand.

Muo face seemed to darken. 'Yes, enjoy your moment, boy. It will be your last.'

The little man backed away towards the bassin behind him, bumping the bowl and tipping some of the silvery liquid out. As Harry gazed at the pool of silver, he saw what looked like Lavender Brown's face, pleading at him from inside the puddle.

Harry looked at the bowl and raised his wand, hoping against hope his plan would work. 'Expelliarmus!' he yelled at the top of his lungs.

'Nooo!!' Muo screeched as the bassin tipped over, spilling the silver liquid all over the ground.

One after one, silvery forms of all the zombified students floated out of the bassin and out of the gazebo. Harry started to face the little man when he heard a loud crack.

'The roof!' he cried aloud.

Harry rushed to Harmione's limp body, grabbing her in one arm and Flitwick in the other. He rushed out of the gazebo just as the ceiling collapsed. He heard Muo issue a loud scream as the gazebo toppled over.

(Okay, that was a bit confusing, but I'll explain EVERYTHING in the next chapter. So...hold on!!!)

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