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My Neighbour: James Potter by Hermionniny9
Chapter 15 : Fallen Obstacles
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 It was dark, very dark. There wasn’t much surrounding me, just darkness. I reached out to feel around and my fingers met a wooden post, I was rough and weather beaten. A sinking feeling grew in the pit of my stomach.

I turned and ran. Things kept hitting me in the face, they were wet and cold. I reached up to wipe them off, but there was nothing on my face.

A small figure appeared in front of me. I was a house elf, it had large brown eyes, similar to that of James’s.

“Who are you?” I asked

“James, mistress Rachael,” it replied.

My face contorted into a look of horror.

I looked down at my hands, they felt strange and numb.

My eyes darted back to the elf James.

James was no longer an elf, he was James and on a broom.

A whistle blew and my surroundings became lighter as I zoomed upwards. There were six other players on the field, they were all James. A shiver ran down my spine, James was a fierce opponent and not one to challenge on the quidditch pitch.

There was a loud buzzing noise from behind me, I turned on my broom. A swarm of Snitches were closing the gap between me and them at a rather fast speed. Following my intuition I sped off towards team James.

As soon as I was in his ranks, they started beating me with bats. One hit was very hard and cause me to flip my broom and fall.

This time I didn’t hit the ground, I was engulfed by a black hole.

Slowly my surroundings lightened.

This time I was in a small room, except there was one wall missing. The walls we clad with wooden boards and there was a small tatty rug in the middle of the floor. I was sat on this small tatty rug.

In front of me was a small child, she turned to me.

She had large blue eyes, and curly blonde-blue hair.

“Shia?” I asked, confused by her current state. Shia was not normally a small girl. Normally she was a seventeen year old girl with slight attitude problems.

“Yes?” she replied sweetly.

“Why are you here?”

“This is my tree house,” she said coking her head to one side.


“You wanted to say something?” she said, fiddling with a tea set.

“Umm...yes?” I said, I was a little confused.

“Here take some tea,” she said offering me a small tea cup full of pink liquid. Her little fingernails were painted bright bubblegum pink and had little daises panted on them.

I sipped at the cup, the liquid ran down my throat; numbing as it went.

“What was in that?” I asked feeling sleepy.

“A sleeping in potion,” She said in a matter of fact tone, a small smile curling on her lips.

“Righ...” I said drowsily, I led back on the wooden wall and closed my eyes.

I woke with a start, my eyes flashed open.

I groaned; my body ached all over. I suppose that landing on the grass from a great height doesn’t do good things for your muscles and joints.

I rolled over to survey the Hospital wing in all of its morning glory.

It was actually beautiful in some strange way; the winter morning light was slipping through the blinds and casting light shadows against the white walls. It made the room glisten with a clean light and look like it was icy.

The next few days are going to be hell I thought as I buried myself deeper in the blankets. Everyone would enquire after my arm, how I had fallen, what it was like and why James and I were not on talking terms any longer.

Its short I know, but its more of a filler chapter than anything else

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