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Harry Potter:- Head Boy (OMFCGR, WGM) by magicmuggle01
Chapter 1 : A Hero's Return.
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It was exactly a month after the great battle of Hogwarts had been fought. He who must not be named is dead and Harry James Potter was the one who had killed the devil. The Ministry for Magic wanted to heap awards onto him, but for the time being he was resting and (apart from his two best friends) he'd told nobody where he was located and he wanted it to stay that way. And as he lay on the beach of a Desert Island somewhere in  the Pacific Ocean surrounded by palm trees that were waving gently in a light breeze, he was (for the first time in seven years enjoying his life in seclusion and relaxation), aahhhh bliss. But he was soon to be denied even that.

When Ron and Hermione next paid Harry a visit they also brought with them a message from the Minister for Magic. They appeared a short distance from where Harry was, and has they walked towards him, both looked rather guilty and worried about something. Ron handed Harry the peice of parchment with the message which stated that they wanted him to come back and complete his magical education since he had missed out on his final year when he'd gone on the run during most of that time. But the three of them knew what he'd really wanted, and that was to dispel the rumours that were going about which were saying that the ministry for magic had hidden Harry away somewhere for his own so called safety (since there were still a large number of deatheaters about). But that in itself was a load of codswallop, and they they had just wanted to call him to try and get Harry to endorse some of the new measures that were being implemented, and Harry was having none of it. He refused to be treated like a puppet on a set of strings for the ministry to use at their beck and call.

Just before Ron and Hermione left they produced two small rectangular boxes and said that the 'Ministry had awarded these to Harry and they had thought it might have been a nice touch if the two of us presented them to you'.

Harry opened the first box and found an Order of Merlin First Class (with gold ribbon) medal and in the other box there was a Wizards Gallantry Medal. There was also a note included which stated that both medals were being awarded to Harry James Potter for exterme gallantry and outstanding courage in the face of the enemy. Harry took one look at both of the medals and the note and snapped the boxes closed and handed both of them back to Ron.

'If the ministry expect me to accept these medals and show the wizarding world that I have excepted the way that Dumbledore and myself were treated and how the then minister had the Daily Prophet bad mouthing both of us and also anyone else who believed and supported our cause, they're just as guilty of killing Dumbledore as Voldemort was. And for that I will never forgive them. But I will go back to Hogwarts and finish my education and that is all, I will not endorse anything that they have to say'.

'Ok Harry ok' said Ron taken aback at Harry's sudden outburst of anger, 'Here's your letter and a list of things that you'll need for your final year, we were given them to give you just in case you had decided to complete your education. Anyway most of your time you will be to busy catching up with the work that you've missed, so there won't be much time for anything else. Well you'll have to get a move on, there isn't much time for you to get your things together'.

'To late Ron' said Harry and he pointed to the window seat and on the seat could be seen all the books and other equipment that Harry was going to need for the new term at Hogwarts.

'When did you get all that and how?' asked Hermione.

'I'd already decided to go back to Hogwarts and I got everything I needed via mail order so that I didn't have to face the gawking crowds in Diagon Alley. So I'll see you both on the Hogwarts Express on the 1st of September at 11.00am'.




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Harry Potter:- Head Boy (OMFCGR, WGM): A Hero's Return.


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