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Twelve Step Program for Romance: Weasley Style by Lucy Weasley
Chapter 10 : Step 10: The Loyal One and Scary Love
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Chapter image by bellatrixx @ TDA

Disclaimers: I own nothing.
I'm not sureif the writers of the original wrote the Response or not, I'm assuming they did. Instead of posting lyrics like I did on the others I sugest you look the song up on YouTube.

Lily and Louis

"Lily, can I ask you something?" The redhead looked over at her cousin.

"Sure. What did you do?" Hugo's ears went pink.

"Nothing! Why would you think I did anything?"

"Because you have this ability to always be doing something. Even when you're doing nothing, you're doing something," explained Louis, the Ravenclaw in the group. Lily nodded in agreement.

"He's right. You are a bit accident prone."

"Oh, shut up both of you. I'm trying to ask you for advice."

"Sorry! We're listening."

"There's this girl-"

"Ooo!" Lily cut him off, "if it's a girl problem, you should talk to someone else."

"Speak for yourself. I give great advice and have plenty of experience," Louis declared loudly. Lily rolled her eyes.

"With who? Your pillow? C'mon Hugo, you can talk to Mum and Dad."

Harry and Ginny

"DAD! Hugo's got a girl problem, and he wants to talk to you!" Harry jumped at the sound of his daughter's voice.

"Lily, please try not to yell in the house, especially when you're right behind me."

"Sorry, Dad." He turned in his chair to look at the three twelve-year-olds, all standing in a neat row.

"Girl problems, huh? You're obviously your father's son, although you're getting interested earlier then he did. So who's the girl you've got a crush on?" Harry asked as Ginny came in from the other room.

"Hugo's got a crush? Our Hugo?" She cut in before her nephew could even answer Harry.

"No, I don't have a crush on her. She has a crush on me, and she won't leave me alone." Ginny covered her mouth with her hand as Lily and Louis laughed. Harry glared at them, but his own eyes twinkled with laughter.

"Who is this girl?" Ginny asked, once she got herself under control. Hugo went red.

"Her name's Erica, Erica Finnigan. She's Meg's sister." All four jaws dropped. They knew Meg quite well since Al starting to date her a few months before, but they only saw the rest of the Finnigan family once or twice a year.

"Not Seamus and L-" Ginny began, but Harry cut her off.

"I think she is -and Hugo- you should talk to your dad about this girl." Hugo sighed, wondering if he would ever get help.

Ron and Hermione

"Dad, I'm having problems with this girl."

"Talk to your mother."

"Her name is Erica Finnigan."

"For the love of Merlin, don't talk to your mother!" Ron looked slightly panicked, especially when his wife walked through the door.

"Don't talk to me about what?" She asked. Hugo shot his father an apologetic glance and opened his mouth.


"Nothing." They both spoke at the same time. Hermione looked back and forth between them.

"All girls or one in particular?"

"Erica Finnigan," Hugo said, despite his father's wild head shaking, "she keeps following me around and won't leave me alone."

"Erica Finnigan? Seamus and Lavender's youngest?" Hugo nodded as his mother turned to smirk at her husband.

"Well, Ron, what do you think he ought to do? Hide behind the nearest person when he sees her coming? Or pretend to be asleep when she tries to talk to him?" Ron opened his mouth as Hugo ducked out of the room and down the hall. If that was what his sensible, smart, cool-headed mother thought, he didn't even want to hear what his father thought. Even he knew those ideas were bad.

The Great One (A.K.A. Rose)

Hugo trudged up the stairs; he'd asked everyone he could think of and still didn't know what to do. He paused outside the door he had dubbed 'The Gates of Hell', otherwise, known as, 'Rose's room'. He could ask her, if he was feeling brave; but he wasn't. Before he could continue down the hall, however, the door opened.

"Quit standing outside my door! I can hear you breathing, and it's creepy." With her standing there glaring at him, Hugo was reminded of the time he compared his cousins to things in his head. Dom was fire; Lucy was light (candle light to be exact); Vic was honey; and Rose was an apple. Not just any apple, but the apple from the Muggle story their mother read them when they were little. It was called Snow White. It was a deep red, deceptively sweet-looking apple but deadly under it all. Hugo loved Rose, but she terrified him.

"Uh, sorry, Rosie. Hey, you know about girls right?" Rose rolled her eyes but nodded, "well, there's this girl, Erica, that won't leave me alone. What should I do?" Rose looked at him scornfully.

"Tell her to leave you alone."

"Does that work?"

"It should! If it doesn't, I'll take care of her." Rose had a dangerous glint in her eyes as she pushed him away and started to shut the door. "Now, leave me alone." Hugo left her alone. He really hoped Erica would listen to him and stop following him around. If she didn't, he would really hate to have to go to her funeral.

A/N: Song-Taylor The Latte Boy, Taylor's Response-Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich(I think)


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Twelve Step Program for Romance: Weasley Style: Step 10: The Loyal One and Scary Love


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