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Only a Piece of Wood by daliha
Chapter 4 : Oliver Wood; Side-tracked
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July, 1989


His brown hair was currently stuck to his forehead as he continued in his feeble attempt to finish his summer homework. Oliver sighed as he looked outside the window.


The sun was shining brightly and the sky was clearer than it had been all summer.


He groaned as he laid down his quill. Oliver still had a foot left to finish his essay...


Tap. Tap.


Oliver took a glance noticed a small owl flapping it's wings outside his window. Opening the window he noticed the small piece of parchment attached to the owl's leg.


Oliver we're going to play a practice game! Hurry up and get dressed. I already asked your mom if you play and she said yes!




P.s: Please don't wear your stupid Puddlemere jumper!


Excited Oliver jumped up to his feet spilling his ink as he ran towards his closet to pull out his broom.


“Finally!” he said smiling as he turned the doorknob only to find himself facing a tall greying man. He raised his brow.


“Where are you going?”


“To Sophie's she invited to play a game” responded Oliver dryly as his father gave him a curt nod.


“Have you done your homework?”


The fourteen year old roll his eyes “yes, and Sophie already asked mum.” Walking past him Oliver heard his father sigh and begin to mutter sourly as he usually did.


He ran his fingers through his hair as he reached the bottom step, his mother sat in the living room with Mrs. Kerr both of them having a cup of tea. His mother wiped her face as Mrs. Kerr whispered to her.


Oliver shook his head as ran towards the door.


“Oliver dear!”


He cursed under his breath as he turned giving his mother a small smile. “Hullo Oliver it's been a while.”


He nodded turning the knob “it has been Mrs. Kerr...”


Oliver turned to his mother who remained calm though her eyes still had a glassy look. “Do be careful and if I could ask you to watch Sophia for me.”


The blonde woman held his mother's hand as he nodded. “Of course...I'll see you later..”


Oliver ran outside not bothering to close the door behind him. As he ran down the dirt road Oliver could only remember the look in his mother's eyes.


She was helpless, lost...


All thanks to his father, the successful ministry man. If only his co-workers knew what an awful husband and father he truly was. To him it was all money, and status.


He never bothered to write while Oliver was at Hogwarts, or go with his school shopping.


He smiled as he ran into the common room drenched in sweat and mud. “Calm down Oliver!” called Charlie Weasley laughing as Oliver jumped up and down.


“I still can't believe I made the team! I'm Keeper!”


“I know” Charlie took a seat “I'm the one who gave you the spot.” He chuckled as Oliver smiled.


“I can't wait to tell my parents!”


Oliver ran faster, it was foolish of to think his father would even care. The wind flapped through his hair. Ahead he saw a pair of young women come into view they were laughing at one thing or another.


He stopped already drenched in sweat watching as girls now pointed at him. One ran towards him apparently excited.


“Oliver! Oliver!” she called her blonde hair flew behind her.


It was Sophia dressed in a pair of torn trousers and a blue jumper. She wrapped her arms around him “finally! Are you okay?” She asked her blue eye full of concern.


“Er..” he stared taking a glance over at the girl behind Sophia. It was a brown haired girl who gave him a disgusted look.


“Good! This Penelope Clearwater?” Sophia pulled Penelope closer. Oliver stretched out his hand but she simply smiled.


“Oliver Wood right?”


He nodded. “You're awfully calm Ollie” said Sophia tilting her head “I mean I'd freak out if I found out my dad cheated on my mom-”


Oliver dropped his broom his eyes widened as Sophia suddenly closed her mouth realizing what she had just said.


“Oliver you didn't know?”


He blinked several times before shaking his head “no...take the broom...”


“Oliver I'm so-”


“TAKE THE BROOM!” he bellowed as he turned his back on them. “Tell Elliot I'm sleeping over!”


As he began to walk away he felt her take a hold of his jumper. “Oliver please.” Sophia's voice broke as he took a deep shaky breath.


His eyes itched as he put his hands into his pocket.


Sophia walked in front of him her blue eyes looked up at him. Without another word she threw her arms around his neck causing him to finally break down.


It'd be the first time any one every heard Oliver Wood cry.



August 1989


A month had passed and the Wood's household had remained in silence. Oliver was mostly in his bedroom writing letters back and forth to Elliot Ashdown. Sophia came over at least once a week to check up on him with Penelope Clearwater who turned out to be a sweet girl.


Oliver smiled as he watched Sophia speak to him. Today the topic was school shopping which they'd have to do soon rather than later.


“I can't wait to get a new quill” Sophia clapped her blue eyes shining “I saw this beautiful peacock-”


Oliver's eyes began to drift away as Sophia went on, Penelope though had suddenly stood up making her way towards the window.


“Penny?!” yelled Sophia scandalized, Oliver tilted his head as he watched the girl jump up and down.


“It's a Hogwarts owl!” Penelope opened the window letting the barn owl fly in dropping a thick envelope onto Oliver's bed.


He stared picking it up lightly, it was probably just the supply list. Sophia stared at him awestruck.


“What?” he asked as she ripped the letter from his hand.


She opened it letting a small object drop onto Oliver's bed, he stared at the small gold badge. His heart dropped.


“You're captain!” yelled Sophia laughing “You're captain!”


Oliver lifted the gold badge as the girls patted his back in congratulations. He felt himself begin to smile as Sophia hugged him.


“I'm Captain...” he whispered now staring at the badge. His eyes were now staring at a large Gryffindor flag which had pinned to it a small picture.


“C'mon you lot” called Charlie as his team walked into the common room. Oliver trailed behind his messy brown hair stuck to his forehead. No one had seen their captain so happy at least not for a while.


“What is it Charlie?” asked a blonde chaser as she took a seat the others sat around except for Oliver who stood next to Charlie Weasley who smiled despite the fact they had lost against Ravenclaw.


“It's my last year-”




“I want a picture!”


His team stared at him. Charlie Weasley had suddenly gone mad. “I want something to remember you lot by, so-” he pushed Oliver towards the couch as he called over a young woman who held a camera.


“We're taking a picture and that's final!”


Oliver smiled. Charlie had been an amazing captain. He was kind, and hard-working. Though none of that was what Oliver had admired him for.


Charlie had talent, he was an amazing seeker yet he wouldn't play professional Quidditch. Instead he went of to research dragons.


Brave, and stupid typical Gryffindor behavior as his father would say.

And that of course was what Oliver Wood admired most, that brave, reckless, and stupid behavior.


September 1989


He pulled his trunk behind him wearing his badge proudly on his jumper. Oliver looked around, so far all the compartments had been filled to capacity. As if this the first had been much more than before.


Something slammed into him from behind causing him to fall onto his face. He heard someone mutter a string of curses.


Oliver turned over, she was on her knees picking up her fallen books. Her red hair feel over her shoulders, she was wearing a fading black jumper and blue trousers. Snapping our his daydream he helped her pick up the contents of her now torn bag.


“Dammit, I can't believe-”


“Er... I could repair that for you” said Oliver pulling his wand out of his pocket. For the first time she looked up at him.




He nodded pointing his wand at her bag “reparo.”


Oliver ran his hands through his hair as she stared at him tilting her head slightly. “Thank you...”


“Of” He watched her stand her cheeks now slightly pink.


“Well I'll see you around then?”


“ what's your name?” asked Oliver quickly standing to take her now outstretched hand. She giggled.


“I'm your classmate” she said smiling “and housemate Robin Watson.” He smiled shaking her hand.


As Robin released him form her grip she winked “congratulations Captain.”


Oliver put his hand on his badge and smiled. Robin walked past him slipping her heavy bag over her shoulder. He couldn't believe that the girl that had just spoken to him was the same one from the robe shop. The cute muggle-born he had met then had just turned into the prettiest girl he had ever seen.


“Oliver there you are!” called a voice.


“Elliot” said Oliver relieved as his friend picked up his trunk.


“Where the hell were you?” asked the blue eyed boy flashing one of his trademark boyish smiles.


“I just side-tracked I guess...” Oliver took his trunk from the boy.


Elliot smirked “of course.” He then walked away with Oliver at his heels.


“...Robin Watson...”










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Only a Piece of Wood: Oliver Wood; Side-tracked


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