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Sirius and Harry by GredandForgeRock
Chapter 9 : The Incident
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“As I was saying… where was I?  Oh yes,” Sirius said, “we became animagi to help Remus during transformations.  Sometime during our seventh year Peter changed sides.  I didn’t notice and I don’t think James or Remus did either.” 

Remus shook his head, “I didn’t notice any change are you sure it was during seventh year?”

“Yes,” Sirius said, “during his trial he said he had been a death eater two years less than he had been an animagus.  Like I said, none of us noticed.  A few years later James and Lily had gotten married and Lily had a beautiful baby boy, she named him Harry and they made me his Godfather.  Later when they found out he was in danger they asked me to be their secret keeper.”

“They asked in an order meeting in front of everyone in, including Peter.” Remus said, “We knew there was a spy in the order but not who, they hoped this would draw them out and they would try to take Sirius.”

“Of course I agreed,” Sirius said, “we decided to do it the next day.  Peter had been working on me for several months trying to convince me that Remus was the spy that we were looking for.  He pointed out that night that even James and Lily must think so to exclude him by doing it on a full moon.  I was stupid and listened to him.  The next evening when we were going to do it Peter suggested a switch.  He said everyone will be looking for me, everyone knew I was the secret keeper, including the spy most likely.  So they should have Peter do it and the secret would be safe even if I was captured.  He said it would be a great prank on You-Know-Who.”

“It was a perfect set up.” Remus said, “So a few days later when James and Lily were gone everyone knew Sirius was the one who did it.  We even felt sorry for Peter and thought he was very brave to stand up to Sirius.  We held a very nice memorial service for him.”

“He had cut off his finger,” Sirius said, “blown up the street killing thirteen muggles and he snuck off into the sewers with the rest of the rats.  Only to be found some months later by a nice little boy who wanted a pet rat.”

“Sirius was taken straight to Azkaban,” Remus said, “without a trial because we all knew he had killed them.  What I don’t know is how you knew Harry needed you Sirius.”

“My last night in Azkaban I had a dream.” Sirius said, “I was sitting in a hospital room and there was a small boy with black hair in the bed and he was in bad shape.  Then a nurse came in and turned off some beeping machine and said sleep well Harry we need you to wake in the morning you’ve been unconscious for three days.  Later a large man came in and threatened him.  Then the same man came back in with a woman and they sounded so concerned about the boy that if I hadn’t heard the threat I would never have known.  I realized it was my Harry and I vowed to escape and save him.  I woke up the next morning and set out.”

“And you succeeded.” Harry said.

“Yes but not without help.”  Sirius finished the tale of the boat up to seeing Harry in the Hospital room.

“I wonder who the fisherman was?” Harry asked

“I went to find him and tried to pay him for saving my dog, who had fallen off our boat during a pleasure trip and he refused my money.” Sirius said, “He said the dog had already paid him back many times.  He credits snuffles with saving all the lives of his crew and for saving his boat.  I’m not sure I did all that much.”

Just then the fire flared green and Albus’ head popped into the fire, “Good you’re all together, mind if I come through?”

“Come on,” Sirius said, “the more the merrier.”

Albus stepped through the floo and sat down, “Is everyone having a happy Christmas?”

“Yes sir.” Harry said, “I finally got one of my wishes.  I understand everything better now.”

“Sometimes information is enlightening,” Albus said, “other times it is just scary.”

“Is this one of those times where you come bearing scary information and want us little kids in bed?”  Albus nodded and Harry got up and stretched, “Fine but please bear in mind that I have more questions and the four of us will need to know if any of the scary information is about that thing or the others like it.”

Sirius hated it when Harry got in his leader mode like that.  He sounded like he was an adult instead of a five year old kid. 

“Well what other questions do you have?” Albus asked.

“The most important question I want answered is,” Harry said, “why did Voldemort choose me?”

Albus blinked, “You use his name?”

“I see no reason not to.” Harry said, “He is just another human after all.”

“Indeed he is.” Albus said, “I will see if I can get you an answer for your question.”

Harry and the other kids left to go to his room to play.  Bill said, “You left really easily what are you thinking?”

Harry smiled, “Kreacher.”

Kreacher popped in, “Yes Master Harry.”

“Just Harry no Master.” Harry said, “Could you do me a favor.  The adults are talking and it may be about something like the locket.  They think we’re too young to hear and we’ll get scared.  We need to know, you know we have to destroy all of the others like we did the first one.”

“Yes Master Harry, I knows you will.” Kreacher bowed, “I will let yous know at a safe time when they is not listening.”

Harry hugged Kreacher, “Thanks, you’re the best.”

Kreacher popped away and listened to the adults as the kids played their games.  Fred said, “I always thought George and I were the devious ones in the family.  But you have us beat.”

“Maybe but I’m not as creative about it as you two.” Harry said.

Back in the living room Albus said, “I know what were dealing with now.  I don’t want to tell you because I’d really like to be the only one who knows, less chance of a leak you know.  But alas your children are the ones going to be dealing with it.  It’s not secure enough here for me to tell you so I will have to set a location that is.  But I will be asking each of you to make an unbreakable vow not to tell anyone what I tell you.  Chris, Jane, that is a vow that if you break it you will die.”

Chris and Jane whispered for a moment then he said, “I think we would rather not know the specifics.  We cannot protect ourselves against wizards.  While we know Hermione will have to deal with this, she has shown to be able to handle it already.  We can’t help her, so we don’t want to hinder her.  We trust that you all will do what you can for all four of them.  I remember the prophecy a broken circle will be destroyed.  All we can do at this point is trust you to do your best.  We have done everything we can do just by moving here so they can stay close.  I wish we could do more.”

“We are all fearful for them.“ Albus said, “They have a dangerous path to follow.  I am endeavoring to keep them children as long as possible.  Too much information will end it for them.”

“Do you know why Harry was chosen?” Sirius asked.

“Yes,” Albus said, “I will let you know that later.  This is one piece of information I’d like to keep from Harry as long as possible.  Nothing will end his childhood as quickly as that will.”

Albus stood to leave and Remus said, “I would like to be included as a representative for Hermione.  Harry has Sirius, Ron and Ginny have their parents.  Hermione will need someone to talk too and vent too like the others.  I am volunteering for that spot since Chris and Jane cannot do it for her.”

“If they agree.” Albus said.

Chris and Jane looked at each other and nodded, “That would be very much appreciated.  I think you are a good match for her.  She’s a thinker like you.  She doesn’t have a Godfather and if it’s ok with you we would like to make you her Godfather.”

Remus was speechless, but he nodded and Albus said, “I’ll set up the paperwork do you want this only in the magical world or in both?”

“Both.” Jane said.

Albus left and the adults continued their conversation.

“You answered so quickly I feel like I have pressured you into this.” Remus said.

“Not at all.” Chris said, “We had been considering asking you because we want Hermione to have ample guidance in the Magical community and we can’t be that for her.”

“Then my first piece of advice is to reconsider me as her Godfather.” Remus said, “I’m a werewolf and that may affect her treatment at the hands of other magic folk.”

“We don’t care about your affliction.” Chris said, “We know you care about her and that is enough.”

Kreacher reported back to Harry, “They are not speaking of it here.  The Professor is setting up a safe place to talk.  But the Grangers are making Remus Hermione’s Godfather and he will represent her in all magical meetings that her parents can’t help in.  Also he will be her Godfather in the muggle world.”

“Thank you Kreacher.  Please get some rest, you’ve worked hard today.”  Hermione was nearly bouncing and had a huge grin on her face, Harry continued, “Hermione you must calm down and be surprised when they tell you.”

She nodded and tried to calm herself, “I heard Mum and Dad talking about doing this a few weeks ago.  I was afraid when they found out he was a werewolf that they would change their minds.  I’m glad they didn’t.”

“Did you already know he was a werewolf?” Harry asked.

“Yes, I read about them in the library and realized that’s what his scars were from.” Hermione said, “I haven’t known for long.  I was trying to decide whether or not to tell you because it was obvious that he kept it a secret.  Werewolves are badly treated in the Magical world.”

A few days later Sirius received a letter from Albus.  He had set up the place for the conversation and Sirius needed to make sure Remus and the Weasley’s could make it and then answer.   Sirius spoke with the others and the time was fine.  The letter said Albus would provide a portkey to the location but they would not be told where they were going ahead of time and he would provide for the children’s protection.

On the prescribed date Albus arrived with a portkey and a couple of people.  Albus introduced them, “Everyone this is Alastor Moody, Head Auror, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Auror, and Nymphadora Tonks, Auror Trainee. “

Tonks was aggravated and her hair turned red before she said, “Don’t call me Nymphadora, I go by Tonks.”

“The three of them will be watching over the kids and the Grangers while we are away.” Albus said.

Sirius came down the stairs and yelled, “Dora, what are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to babysit for you.” Tonks smiled, “I figured turnabout was fair play.”

They hugged and Sirius explained, “Dora’s my cousin.  How are Aunt Andy and Uncle Ted?

“You know she would hex you if she heard you call her that.” Tonks said, “By the way you’re in trouble for not calling as soon as you were freed.”

“Yes I know,” Sirius said, “I’ve been a bit busy here.  But I’ll have to get Harry over to visit them soon.  Tell them I’ve missed them next time you see them ok?  I should have invited them for Christmas.”

“What did you mean by turn abouts and fair play?” Harry asked.

“I said turnabout is fair play.” Tonks laughed, “Sirius would babysit me sometimes when I was young.  Now it’s been turned about and I’ll be babysitting for him.  Fair play means it’s nice of me to do it.”

“Dora, this is Harry.” Sirius said.

They shook hands and both said, “Pleasure to meet you.” at the same time.

Sirius finished the introductions around and the adults that were leaving gave out hugs and turned to Albus.  He pulled out a plate and started to say something when all four flame auras lit up.  He stopped and said, “What is it?”

The four started whispering finally Harry turned to Albus, “There is an extra person here that we can’t see.  This person means to do something we won’t like.  Ginny find them.”

All the adults drew their wands as the Grangers started looking around.  Ginny walked around the room her head cocked to the side like she was listening hard for something.  After one complete circuit she moved away from the wall and did another circuit.  Then she walked closer to the middle of the room and did it again.

Finally she said, “It has something to do with Mr. Shacklebolt.”

Moody walked around him and stopped, “Here, you have a bug on your back Kingsley.”  He reached for the bug but was interrupted by Harry grabbing his hand.

Moody turned his eyes to the boy in surprise; he couldn’t move any other part of his body.  Hermione said, “It’s not a regular bug.  I’ve never seen one that has blue specs around their eyes.”

Ron came over with a jar and scooped it off Kingsley’s back, put a lid on it and held the jar out to Moody.

“Ok, Harry,” Moody said, “you need to release me so I can get my wand.”

Harry released his arm and Moody reached for his wand and waved it over the bug, “It’s an animagus.  Want me to check it now or wait until you get back?” 

“Wait until we get back.” Albus said, “Did Harry have you in a bind?”  

Moody put several spells on the jar and sat it on the table, then said, “Yes I couldn’t move anything but my mouth and eyes.  His accidental magic is very strong.”

“It wasn’t accidental.” Harry said, “I told your body not to move, I didn’t want the bug to hurt you.”

“Harry we are going to have to talk about you using magic when I get back.” Sirius said.

“He could have been in danger.” Harry said, “We don’t know who that is.”

Tonks giggled and Albus triggered the portkey and the group of adults left.  Harry and the Weasley kids started to play games to occupy their time until the adults got back.

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