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The Hate Society by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Disclaimer; The events and characters in this story were created by J.K Rowling and not by me. No infringement is intended. Thank you for reading.


Dedicated to AquariaJasmyne because I feel like you don’t know just how much you mean to me, that and I want everyone to know how skilled you are at stalking.


The end of second year was when it all really started for Tiana Rivers, she’d had a crush on the famous Harry Potter from the moment she saw him in the boats as they were led to the castle. At that point she didn’t know that he was the reason the Wizarding World was safe from You-Know-Who, he was just a cute boy but from the moment he was sorted into Gryffindor, he became a bit of an obsession for Tiana. She was sorted into Hufflepuff, although she tried desperately to convince the Sorting Hat she belonged in Gryffindor with Harry.


They shared a few classes, Tiana was grateful for this and within the first week she knew his entire timetable. She would sit as close as possible to him in class just to be able to catch a glimpse of those emerald green eyes of his laced with excitement, even if only for a second. The year passed without many words spoken between the two much to Tiana disappointment she found that Harry always spent his time around the know-it-all Granger and was never alone for long enough for Tiana to even say hello.


For the entirety of her holidays, Tiana spent her time doing things that somehow related to Harry. Everything from thinking about him every second of the day, from cutting out newspaper articles and sticking them on her walls, to reading every single book about Quidditch just so they’d have something to talk about the next year. By the time September 1st came around and Tiana was ready to begin her second year, she knew absolutely everything there was to know about Harry, except where he lived which upset Tiana slightly.


She said goodbye to her muggle parents and ran through the barrier without even looking back for a second. Tiana walked around the platform, searching everywhere for a sight of her one true love. At ten forty-five, she guessed that she must have missed him and hopped onto the Hogwarts Express, settling down in a compartment with a blonde haired first year that she came to know as Beatrice Barker; Beatrice came from a pureblooded family and therefore knew everything about Harry Potter. As it turned out Beatrice liked Harry almost as much as Tiana, and so their friendship quickly flourished and they spent the entire train ride talking about how they were going to marry the one and only Boy Who Lived. Tiana was up to telling Beatrice the names of the five children she and Harry were going to have together when the Hogwarts Express arrived in Hogsmeade, they both got off and went their separate ways- Beatrice towards the boats and Tiana onto the carriages. Much to Tiana’s demise, Beatrice was sorted into Ravenclaw.


The year was much like the one before, she tried to talk to Harry but he was always busy with saving the school, and the red-headed freak. That was the year it really all started for Tiana, the year she started hating Ginny Weasley.


Authors Note; A few of you may know that this was originally a one shot that focused only on Ginny Weasley, I don’t want to give too much away as to what the scene was as it will appear later on in this story.


This chapter is obviously, incredibly short but the next chapter- which is when the story really starts will be much longer! I hope you guys will hang around for that. Thanks for reading and please review.

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