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Idol Riots by girly1393
Chapter 4 : What Women Want
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Well, here it is, much sooner than I had anticipated. It's over. I hope it was somewhat funny.

I'd sincerely appreciate it if you reviewed. We all like them, don't we?

Happy reading.

What Women Want

"I've decided that you need one more challenge," Lily announced at breakfast. It was the day before we left Hogwarts for good, and we were all a little sad. So James and I exchanged a look and nodded. We could use a good distraction.

"It's open to all four of you," she continued, and Peter perked up, Remus lowered his book. The two knew about the challenges we'd been having, but so far we figured they didn't need to be involved. This was a personal battle. Lily, however, saw it differently.

"Whoever wins this challenge wins it all," she added. "And you have to come back to this spot when you find the information."

"You have to find one girl at Hogwarts, and it can't be me, James, and figure out exactly the sort of person she finds appealing. No hitting on her, no asking her out, no charming attitude. Just ask, as a person."

"But why?" I asked, confused.

"Because I don't think any of you can do it."

James choked on his pumpkin juice. "What about me?! I figured it out for you, didn't I?"

Lily raised an eyebrow at him. "You did. After six and a half years." He winced. She could be harsh sometimes. Well, that was what he got for having a brutally honest girlfriend.

"All right," Remus said, his eyes a little foggy. He was the most personable of us; he'd win. "On one condition."

Lily shrugged, signaling him to continue. "You have to do the same thing."

She laughed. "I'm assuming you mean with a boy." Remus flushed a little and nodded. Being corrected made him uncomfortable.

"When do we start?" Peter asked.

Lily raised her infamous eyebrow. Peter cowered. Hell, if it was trained on any of us, we all would have cowered. "Now."

The four of us took off running. No use in pretending we didn't want to win.

I found a Fourth Year Hufflepuff reading in a window. I tried not to wink at her as I sat down next to her. She gave me the Lily stink eye, and I wondered just who she was.

"Hey," I said, clearing my throat nervously.

"Hey yourself," she replied.

I sighed, realizing I should just be straight up with her.

"Okay, so I was dared to go find a girl and ask what kind of guy she was interested in. Will you please tell me so I can win?"

She stared blankly at me, and I wondered if Lily knew she had a twin in Hufflepuff.

After a few moments, she told me in simple words and then said, "Are you happy?"

"Yeah, sure. Thanks," I stood to leave.

"I hope you win."

I grinned at her before turning away.

I knew I had won. I knew it, I had to have. I raced back to the Great Hall, but when I stepped in, Lily was seated at the table, a book spread out before her.

"How did you win?" I demanded, throwing myself onto the bench next to her.

"I went and talked to that Fifth Year Ravenclaw over there." She indicated him with her head. He was chewing on his quill nervously. "I never said you had to leave the Great Hall, you just assumed so."

I groaned. I gathered up my Gryffindor courage and asked, "What's he interested in?"

"A studious girl who likes to party," she said, a slight smile on her mouth. "With blonde hair and brown eyes. She's a Fourth Year Hufflepuff, actually."

I laughed out loud. "Well, he should know a Fourth Year Hufflepuff is into a quiet Ravenclaw Fifth Year with brown hair and a nice smile, who likes Quidditch."

Lily laughed and got up, walking over to the Ravenclaw. I think she just got the two of them together. That made me laugh, the thought of Lily as a matchmaker.

Remus came in just after Lily sat back down next to me.

He groaned. "Lily won, didn't she?"

"Hey, how come I couldn't have won?" I wanted to know. It wasn't fair they assumed Lily was superior to me just because she was.

Remus gave me a flat look, and I backed down.

"What did you find out?" Lily inquired, closing her book. Apparently with more than just me, a conversation could be interesting.

"She wants someone who doesn't want a relationship," Remus said, a disgusted look on his face. "If we weren't leaving, she'd be perfect for Sirius."

"Mm, yeah," I agreed. I was definitely into women who didn't want commitment from me.

Peter sat down opposite Lily and said, "She wanted someone who was interested in waiting until marriage."

We didn't have anything to say to that.

At lunchtime, we were still waiting for James.

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