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Bright Bright Bright Green eyes by Hermionniny9
Chapter 1 : Petunia
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There was a tap-tap at the window; I glanced up from the magazine in my hands. It was late, or early depending on your outlook of the day. Upstairs the thundering snores of my husband permeated the floor and somewhere up there my child was sleeping.

I had a sense of trepidation from the start of the day, the sun never peaked its head round the unnaturally chilled sky and there were no birds. Even the other mothers knew that there was something wrong about this day; they hurried their children from door to door and when one enquired why they were hurrying they didn’t know.

The night was dark and still; yet there was a huge amount of movement in the sky. It was them, they were communicating and in such a number that I was sure that something had happened.

There was a tap-tap at the window again; I rolled my eyes. It was always like my sister to shove responsibility to others. Only a week ago she had written pleading for me to take her son into hiding.

I put down the copy of Good House Keeping and opened the window, letting the pesky bird swoop into the front room and drop its letter on the coffee table and swoop out once more.

I casually picked the thick yellow envelope and looked at it. It was not the same frantic scrawl that my sister had sent; no it was a formal envelope with large loopy green writing crossing the front.

Mrs P. Dursley,

The Front Room,

4 Privet Drive,

Little Whinging,



I had seen the handwriting before, many years ago, but that time the letter was not for me. I opened the letter and pulled out the yellowed parchment inside.

Dear Mrs Petunia Dersley,

I regret to inform you that you sister has passed away, she and her husband were murdered this evening by the feared Lord Voldemort who had subsequently vanished. As his closest living relatives their son Harry, your nephew, will now come into your care. He will be arriving tomorrow in the early hours of the morning. More information will be sent.

I am truly sorry for you loss, and my deep condolences are sent to you. Lily and James Potter were truly lovely people and an example to everyone. We at Hogwarts will miss them dearly and their close friends too.

All my sympathy,

A.  Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Which Craft and Wizardry


The ink was blotched and tear stained; this man probably had strong feeling for her. A tear escaped and rolled down my cheek and splashed on the paper.

I had lost her, it had started when she was ten and that boy showed her tricks and she used to spend her time with him and leave me to be the odd one alone and longing to be one of them. Then the school took her from me; all she would ever talk about was how wonderful school was and how amazing everything was. She never asked me how I spent my time. Then she fell in with that scruffy boy, and she fell in love and all she would ever talk about was him. Then she moved out and I never saw her again; occasionally I was sent letters but I didn’t want to know. Then on this day of All Souls I had lost her finally, she was gone from this world and I would never see her again, I would never have a chance to tell her that I was jealous, never a chance to tell her that I loved her no matter what I said and that even if she died there would always be a part of her with me.

I was a horrible person and I hated her for it, I was shrewd and cold and I didn’t have a chance to fall in love like she had.

Now I was laboured with a burden that would remind me every day that I had never said good bye to my only sister. She had sent me a photo; one of those stupid magical ones. He was so like both of them; the ratty jet black hair of his father and her bright bright bright green eyes. I would see that every day and I would break in side.

But in the mean time I tore the letter into pieces and let them fall to the floor. Then I realised that maybe the letter was my last grasp on her, on my sister. I gathered the pieces of paper up and placed them in the envelope. I pulled out the family bible and stuffed the envelope inside. No one ever used the bible and so no one had a cause to search it.

I left the room with a final glance to any incriminating evidence and flicked off the light at the wall. That night I had lost a sister and I gained a burden that would never leave and would torment me for never saying good bye to my sister.



I’m sorry Harry I should have looked after you like a proper guardian. You will never understand why and I’m not sure why I never treated you like I should have done, like my own son. I suppose that you represented everything that my sister got and I didn’t. I’m sorry I hope that one day you will forgive me for everything I have done and the countless injustices I put you through.

I am sorry,


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