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Wall Flower by kirstenalanna
Chapter 20 : chapter nineteen: anything but ordinary
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   "To walk within the lines, would make my life so borin' I want to know that I have been to the extreme....I'd rather be anything but ordinary please."

Anything But Ordinary- Avril Lavigne

            “Lexie, stop fidgeting,” Lily said with a hint of humour in her voice.  I turned to her to glare. 

            “I’m not fidgeting,” I defended, just as James walked up beside me.  I smiled at him as he grasped my hand in his. 

            “Lily, why are you bugging Lexie?”  James asked.

            “I’m not bugging her!  She’s driving me insane, she won’t stop fidgeting!”

            “I am not fidgeting,” I said stubbornly.

            “Lexie, really- you’re worrying about nothing,”  Albus said.  I looked to him with surprise.  Since when did he start listening to this conversation.

            “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said in a sing song voice.  As I was growing accustomed to, everyone ignored me.

            “Yeah, I mean most of the first years think you and James are already married,” Lily said casually, mindful of the fact that James had just taken a gulp of orange juice.  At her statement, he spat the juice out, sputtering.  Lily smirked in triumph, high fived Albus then speared a piece of French toast with gusto.

            “W-what?”  James choked.  I rubbed his back.     

            “That’s not the half of it.  There were bets going on too,”  Albus said through a mouthful of food.  By the looks Lily and he were sharing, they were clearly enjoying James’ and my torment.

            “Bets?”  I asked uncertainly, glancing to look at James.  He looked just as dumbfounded as I did.

            “Yeah, like at the beginning of the year they were all betting on when would get together, but now the bets are how long you’ll be dating before James bends on one knee,”  Albus said with a grin before muttering under his breath, “not very long from now.”  Lily started to giggle.

            “That’s ridiculous.  We just got together,”  I said.  James bit his lip.

            “Well, technically you’re together now but you were close friends before you started snogging and cuddling and being a cute couple.  By Hogwarts standards you’re an old married couple.  The couple that all couples will aspire too,”  Lily said wisely.

            I gaped at her.  She was a bloody first year!

            “Lily, you’re a bloody first year!”  James exclaimed, mirroring my thoughts.

            “Just because I’m a first year doesn’t mean I don’t know anything.  Besides James, first years do date.”

            “Oh, hell no,”  James said, standing up.  “Under no circumstances are you to go near a boy.  Ever.  Do you understand me?”

            Bloody hell, I’d hate to see what he’s going to be like with our girls.



            I’m just going to pretend I didn’t think that.

            “What’re you thinking about Lexie?” a new, but familiar gruff voice asked.  I looked up to see Harry smirking while leaning against the kitchen counter opposite.  Was that a knowing grin?  When did he get here?

            “I don’t know dad.  James just gave Lily the third degree on dating and boys, then she sorta spaced out then looked all dreamy then looked horrified,”  Albus said in one breath.

            “Bloody hell Al, stop looking at my girlfriend.”

            “Language,”  Harry said absent mindedly.  He smiled at me again as if to say- I know all your thoughts.  Did that mean...oh my god...

            Was Harry Potter a legillimens?



            I sighed as i looked out the window of the Hogwarts Express.  We’d be arriving in a few hours time, so I contented myself by snuggling closer into James’ side.  He held me tighter.

            “James?”  I asked.


            “Is your dad a legillimens?”

            “Yeah, he’s shite at occlumens though. Why?”  Dammit.



            Walking with my smile hand encased in James’ significantly larger one was comforting.  I loved the feeling of his calloused, strong warm hands in mine.  It just felt hands belonged there.  It was natural.

            So, it bothered me a little when we walked into the Great Hall to complete silence as if we were some defect.

            “Is it just me, or do you feel like everyone is staring?”  I asked James quietly.  We sat down together at the Gryffindor table. 

            What happened next was nothing short of chaos.

            People stood, jumped up and down in triumph, while others crumpled in misery.  All around, money bags were being handed over to smug students.  Girls (namely James’ ‘followers’) began to cry while boys looked incredibly confused.  Even a few bloody professors joined in the “smug” or “depressed” facial expression groups while receiving galleons or giving them away.

            James and I, instantaneously turned to each other to gape.  Across from us Lily and Albus started to laugh.

            “We did tell you,”  Albus said.

            “It’s a good thing I had an in, I’m pretty sure half of Ravenclaw owes me at least 5 Galleons.  Each.  Stupid Ravenclaws, they can’t handle being wrong,” Lily said smugly.

            I turned back to James.

            “Seriously?”  I choked.

            “Apparently so,”  James replied before turning to me with a mischievous glint in his eye.

            “So, do you want to freak out the population a little?”  I smirked, I knew exactly what he was thinking.


            “Okay, I’m going to kiss you now,”  James said with a smile as he leaned closer and closer. 

            “I’d be okay with that,” I whispered against his lips with a smile.  James didn’t reply with words, instead his warm lips pressed down on my, a hint of a smile playing at the corners of them.  I kissed back eagerly.

            For the first time in my life, I was being seen and I wasn’t unhappy about it.  I had found someone who loved me for me, and I loved him back.  The Potter/Weasley family had made me an honorary member. 

            Sure I had faced hardship, but at least I was no longer alone.  I didn’t know what the future held, but I knew with all my heart that my life would never be the same again, and I was happy with that.

            “Hey Lex, come on let’s get out of here,”  James said after pecking me chastely one final time before pulling away.

            “Okay,”  I said, grinning.  I was aware that the entire Great Hall was watching us as we left....

            But I couldn’t bring myself to care.


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